Saber Beach. 6:50 AM

Franklin: Alright, onward!
Young Republic Soldier: This is it everyone! Let's get back at them for killing the Jedi!
Danielle: Did toi hear that Phoebe? He mentioned the Jedi. I bet he wasn't even alive at the time!

The ramp on the boats went down, and everyone started heading for the beach. Well, almost everyone.

Danielle: Come on ya bums!! *Holds onto part of the bateau while waving around her NB-49* Come on out toi Imperials, Flannigan's back! *Jumps into the water*

She did this on purpose, and even though no one was attacking her, she said..

Danielle: Ah, the evil of it all! Trying to drown someone before givin' em the chance to fight!
Phoebe: Let's go Danielle.
Republic Soldier: *Playing the bagpipes*
Imperials: *Waking up* Hey! The Republic's here!
Stormtroopers: *Firing at the Republic with E-11's, and DLT19's*
Republic Soldiers: *Returning feu with DC15's, DC15-A's, and NB-49's*

There were only ten Imperials versus the seventy five Republic Soldiers, so capturing the plage was an easy task. It was a good thing to, because the entire squadron had a tougher task to complete later on. Supplies, and vehicles were getting unloaded for the suivant assignment.

David White was in charge of getting all of the vehicles off of the beach. The Imperials were firing orbital strikes, and even though every shot was a miss, they couldn't risk getting their equipment damaged.

David: Yes, good, keep those tanks moving.
Franklin: *Standing suivant to a building with Martin*
Gungan: *Running over to Franklin* Meesa want to give toi this bottle of champagne for helping us liberate Naboo. *Gives Franklin the champagne, and runs off* Viva La Naboo!!
Martin: A lot of interesting people around here, huh Frank?
Franklin: *Nods*

Meanwhile, a soldier from Polis Massa's army was helping a soldier from the Republic.

Republic Soldier 75: *Writing a letter* We've no holograms, ou droids to communicate with the rest of our army. We've got to send them a message the old fashioned way. A letter on a carrier pigeon.
Polis Massa Soldier 76: I got the pigeon.
Republic Soldier 75: Good. *Clips the message onto the pigeon's leg*
Polis Massa Soldier 76: *Throws the pigeon into the air*
Pigeon: *Flies towards the Republic ships, but turns around*
Polis Massa Soldier 76: Where the hell is it going? *Looks at the pigeon* No! You're going the wrong way! Don't go towards the Imperials toi idiot! Turn around!
Republic Soldier 75: Damned traitors!
David: Keep moving the vehicles off the beach! The sooner we get everything off the beach, the sooner the Imperials will stop the Orbital Strikes. I need to go for a walk. Come Obi-Wan.

A silver, and orange R2 unit started following David as it beeped three times.

Republic Soldiers: *Pushing a tank, but it doesn't move*
David: Come on, put your backs into it! We have to get this thing off the beach! If toi can't push it, carry it! *Walks closer to the tank*
Rish: *Tries to start the tank, but the engine doesn't turn over*
Danielle: What's the matter? Got your foot on the brakes?
David: What's the matter with this thing? We need to keep everything moving off the beach.
Rish: We can't seem to get it started sir. The engine won't turn over. Most likely filled with sea water.
David: As my mother would always say, anything mechanical that doesn't run, sometimes needs a good whack. *Hits the tank with a stick* Try it now.
Rish: *Starts the tank*
Republic Soldiers: Yeah!
Rish: Thank toi Mr. White.
Danielle: I'll be Phoebe. This man's a real genius.
Phoebe: ou a magician.
David: That's enough chit chat, keep moving!
Danielle: Yes sir. *Walks away with Phoebe*

2 B Continued
Tara Strong as Danielle Flannigan
Teresa Gallagher as Phoebe Porter