Two Tie Fighters were flying towards Champalla. Warek Goode, and Taylor Kamen were about to attack the Republic, and Polis Massa.

Warek: Listen up, do exactly what I do, when I do it. Alright, here we go. *Decreasing his altitude to attack the Republic, and Polis Massa*

Iffen/Eye Beaches. 6:45 AM

Warek, and Taylor killed over twenty soldiers from Polis Massa on Iffen Beach, and thirty Republic Soldiers on Eye Beach.

Warek: That's good. We've had our moment. Let's head back.

When they were heading back, they noticed four X-Wings at Omega Beach.

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Warek: They're trying to weaken our defenses. Let's take them out. *Flying towards the X-Wings*
Jyll: Tie Fighters, 9 O' Clock! I'll take them down. There's only two of them. *Shoots Taylor*
Taylor: Ah!! *Crashes into the beach*
Rebel 45: Perfect, we got plus cover!
Warek: Blast! toi may have killed my partner, but toi will be the one who gets shot down next.
Jyll: *Behind Warek, shooting at him several times*
Rebel Pilot 39: Go Jyll!
Rebel Pilot 42: toi got this Jyll!
Warek: *Gaining altitude as he heads away from the beach*
Jyll: toi can't run. I'm surprised he isn't trying to fight me. *Launches two Proton Torpedoes*
Warek: *Dodges the two torpedoes par flying between two trees*
Jyll: Hm. Amazing to see a good Tie Pilot for a change.

He saw an Imperial frégate preparing to leave after dropping off supplies.

Warek: Hey, maybe they don't know about the Rebels. I could get their attention.
Jyll: *Shoots the back of Warek's Tie Fighter*
Warek: *Turns around, and shoots Jyll's right wings*
Jyll: *Opens her cockpit* I gotta bail! *Jumps, but lands on the Victory 2-Class Frigate* Oh, this isn't what I wanted.

Stop the song

Warek: *Flying towards Jyll*
Jyll: *Pulls out a DL44, and shoots Warek*
Warek: Ah! *Holding his shoulder as he crashes into the Frigate*
Jyll: *Watching the frégate go down* I got a bad feeling about this.
Rebel Pilot 39: Jyll? Jyll come in! *Sees an explosion*
Rebel Pilot 42: I guess we know where she is now.
Rebel Pilot 39: I don't see those Tie Fighters coming back. She must have destoyed them. Let's finish helping our Friends on the ground.

Later, Captain Needa talked to Colonel Jörgenstien about the tanks they needed.

Captain Needa: Well Colonel? Any word from Lord Vader?
Colonel Jörgenstien: I just hung up on the phone with a Royal Guard. toi know what he said? Lord Vader took a sleeping pill, and he didn't want to be disturbed. The former Jedi, now a powerful Sith Lord, capable of destroying everything in his path, is too busy sleeping to help us get plus tanks. Sometimes I wonder if competence is something that people lack in Endor.

2 B Continued