Salope's only weapons were several charges in a bag. The others that came along with her hid in a buisson, bush as she tried to get rid of two stormtroopers standing on guard.

Salope: *Walking towards the stormtroopers*
Stormtrooper 69: *Turns around* Hey, what are toi doing?
Salope: Crossing the river. I'm trying to get back to my farm, over there.
Stormtrooper 53: That farm's been abandoned for years. You're under arrest for trespassing.
Salope: *Swings her bag, and knocks out a stormtrooper*
Stormtrooper 53: *Shoots Salope in the chest*
Republic Soldier 30: *Shoots the stormtrooper* Alright, get the explosives, quickly.

Without any hesitation, the explosives were set on the bridge. Imperial boats were on their way, but they would not reach Champalla.

Republic Soldier 10: Now.
Republic Soldier 30: *Detonates the explosives*
Imperial Trooper 52: Look out! *Dies*

The five boats began to sink. None of the Imperials survived.

Salope: *Stands up*
Republic Soldier 44: Are toi alright Miss?
Salope: No. One of those stormtroopers shot my breast.
Republic Soldier 98: At least it wasn't your heart.
Salope: Want to see the damage? *Takes her chemise off*
Republic Soldier 44: Uh, I don't think this is a good place for that.
Salope: Why not? Take off your pants.
Republic Soldier 98: We really must get going. Bye miss. *Leaves with the other Republic Soldiers*
Salope: *Sighs, then puts her chemise back on*
Underground Agent 99: Why does she always do this?
Underground Agent 56: She's a slut.

After the bridge invasions, it was time for the Rebellion to land their troops on Naboo.

Paul: Hey.
Anthony: Yeah?
Paul: This is your first time parachuting, isn't it?
Anthony: From a moving ship, yes.
Paul: Good luck kid.
Anthony: Thank you.
Pilot: We're in the planet's atmosphere, get ready to jump.
Paul: I'll see toi once this is all over.
Anthony: *Nods*
Pilot: Now!

Everyone jumped out of the U-Wings. There were a few good landings, but some were not lucky.

Paul: *All alone as he lands suivant to a stone shed* Where are they? *Looks at someone in front of him as he gets towards a small wall. He grabs his cricket, and clicks once*
???: *Clicks his cricket twice*
Paul: *Relieved, he starts walking towards him*
???: *Shoots Paul with a DLT19X*
Paul: *Puts his hands on his stomach where he was shot* no....I heard two clicks! *Falls down*

The person that Paul saw turned out to be a Scout Trooper. He killed another Rebel, a volé, étole his cricket, and used it to trick Paul. He threw his cricket onto Paul, watching it land on his head.

Rebel 49: *Lands on haut, retour au début of a glass house, breaking the ceiling, and getting a few pieces stuck in his leg. He lands on the ground near a table, tableau with plants*
Woman: *Walking towards the Rebel*
Rebel 49: *Smiles at the woman* Shh...
Woman: *Walks away from the Rebel*

Nearby, stormtroopers were fighting plus Republic soldiers.

Rebel 68: *Lands in a river*
Republic Soldier 45: Hey, cover him! He landed in the water!
Stormtrooper 50: *Shoots the Rebel*
Rebel 68: *Firing his A280 in the air as he falls back into the water*
Rebel 78: *Lands in a well. He tries to climb back up, but his parachute goes in too*
Rebel 71: *Lands on haut, retour au début of a shed, and falls down, hurting himself*
Michael: *Lands suivant to him*
Rebel 71: *Looks at Michael*
Michael: Are toi alright?
Rebel 71: Just my foot. I'll be okay. We better keep quiet though, I heard that this house belongs to an Imperial Colonel.
Imperial Officer: *Hears them talking* Rebels. *Puts his boots on, but they're on the wrong feet. He walks out of the house*
Rebel 71: *Hiding with Michael behind the shed*
Michael: *Watching him* He's going away, let's move.

But when they started walking away, Gator was coming towards them.

Colonel: *Spots Gator falling towards him, and shoots him with a SE14C*
Gator: Ah! *Holding his leg as he returns feu with a K16*
Colonel: *Gets hit in the head*
Gator: *Lands suivant to a greenhouse*
Michael: *Returns* Gator, are toi alright?
Gator: No, of course I'm not alright. My leg hurts, and I can't walk.
Michael: Well I'll find a doctor for you. *Runs away*
Anthony: *Falling towards the ground, but his parachute gets stuck in a tree* Fellas.
Rebels: *Walking away from Anthony*
Anthony: Hey, fellas!

No one heard him.

Rebel 26: *Takes off his parachute, and clicks his cricket*

He heard another cricket go off twice, but to be safe, this happened.

Rebel 26: *Clicks his cricket*
Rebel 87: Stop! You're gonna get the whole Empire down here to kill us.
Rebel 26: Sorry, but I seem to be lost.
Rebel 87: Well who ain't? Come on.

2 B Continued