Gator walked into a Republic officer's club. He looked upset.

Gator: *Sits at the bar*
Waiter: Your usual Captain?
Gator: Yes.
Michael: *Walks over to Gator* Hey, how did it go?
Gator: Our attack run?
Michael: Yeah, did toi kill lots of Tie Pilots?
Gator: I did, but we Lost Honday.
Michael: What happened to him? Where is he?
Gator: In the middle of space, floating lifelessly around the galaxy.

Another Republic officer started playing a song on a piano: link

Michael: I don't understand. What happened to him?
Gator: He put his mask on, and his oxygen tank when his cockpit was shot open, but he wasn't able to eject in time.
Michael: Oh, that's a shame. Honday and I have seen each other through lots of tough times. He was even one of your best mates.
Gator: Look, he was a great officer, but we don't need to talk about him over and over again. So will toi please shut up about it?
Waiter: *Arrives* Here toi go Captain.
Gator: Thanks.
Michael: So when do toi think we're going to Champalla?
Gator: I don't know, and I don't care. Send me out there within an hour. Half an hour! Fifteen minutes! Even five! I want to go out there now! *Looks at his drink, then smiles* I mean, as soon as I finish this beer.
Michael: *Smiling at Gator*

Meanwhile on Naboo.

Captain Needa: *Walking towards two Imperial Troopers* Have toi got him on the phone yet?
Imperial 53: Yes Captain, but he's in a rather foul mood.
Captain Needa: He won't be when I speak with him. *Grabs the phone* Corporal Goode, I hope you're feeling good.
Warek: Yeah, thanks for the wisecracks.
Captain Needa: I heard toi were giving some of my men a little bit of trouble.
Warek: I asked politely for plus missiles, plus pilots, plus Tie Fighters, but all I have is Kamen, and those two crates with limited fuel, and missiles.
Captain Needa: You'll get what toi need when the time is right. Until then, stay alert.
Warek: If the weather clears up. I highly doubt that'll happen however.
Captain Needa: Just wait for my call. *Hangs up*
Taylor: *Walks up from a bed* Can't anyone get some sleep around here?
Warek: Still haven't received our supplies yet, but we will soon.

2 B Continued
Jeremy Clarkson as Gator O' Donnell
Richard Hammond as Michael Rustay
Jeffery Itov as Warek Goode
Michael Schumacher as Taylor Kamen