One-Who-Sees shook his mate gently but she didn't move. The object in his clawed hands made a loud mewling sound and the others knew this was an infant S'alebacian. One-Who-Sees knelt down beside her still body crying silently. The infants were able to cry out at birth and then were silent for the rest of their lives.
Ahsoka saw what happened and went to help while Anakin was getting everyone else on board.
Another massive quake shook the shrinking landmass so hard it divisé, split in two with water rising to engulf both the TWILIGHT and everyone outside.
The firestorm changed directions and was heading right for them. Firey debris fell from the sky killing the rest of the S'alebacians except for One-Who-Sees and his newborn son. The alien kept on crying oblivious to what was going on around him.
"Rex," Anakin yelled over the increasing roar of the storm, "Get onboard and call Admiral Yularen for help!"
The clone captain ran up the ramp but not before One-Who-Sees handed him the newborn. The old S'alebacian smiled sadly and turned to help with an injured Sinube, bouvreuil, finch and Billy D. Ahsoka felt sadness engulf her and she began to cry. She didn't care if Anakin saw her.
What seemed like an eternity passed when everyone got onboard. That's when the wave hit.
The TWILIGHT lurched violently ad Anakin tried to feu up the engines. The small freighter's engines sputtered but started and she struggled to gain altitude above the water the cargo baie ramp still down.
Anakin saw his Friends fall from the ship and he felt a surge of sadness the likes he had never felt before. He ran to the cargo baie and with his gant covered prosthetic arm hung onto the baie door strut. With his other arm he extended it out to create a Force barrier around them so he could get them aboard but the wave was too strong.
"NOOOO!!!" he cried out in a voice deeper than his own. He held on tighter to the strut and closed his eyes calling on his extraordinary Force abilities plus than ever. Blood began to stream from his nose and he opened his eyes.
They were no longer blue but an intense red-orange. Bloody tears streamed from his eyes and down his cheeks. He gasped for breath and sweat drenched his shaking body.
Sinube looked up and saw what was happening.
No, child, he thought.
One-Who-Sees also saw the young Jedi's transformation and he reached out telepathically to calm Anakin's rage. The red eyes changed back to blue. The S'alebacian reached over and with the incredible strength of his people threw Sinube and Billy D up to Anakin's waiting arms. The alien grabbed ahold of bouvreuil, finch when the funnel nuage hit the wave. A huge explosion tore One-Who-Sees and bouvreuil, finch away from Anakin's grip and were whisked away. bouvreuil, finch let out a cry of terror and One-Who-Sees cried out telepathically making Anakin scream while grabbing his head. He fell to his knees. Sinube managed to get to get to the ramp controls and closed it.
"Ahsoka! Get us out of here!"
He heard the girl sobbing but knew she was capable of getting the ship airborne.
The TWILIGHT lifted off nearly engulfed par debris but Ahsoka's expert piloting got them to safety.
"Yularen to TWILIGHT," came the admiral's voice over the sounds of alarms.
"Admiral, this is Captain Rex."
"Did toi get everyone aboard?"
"No, sir," Rex a dit his voice shaky," I don't know how many are dead ou injured."
"We'll have medics waiting for toi in the landing bay....."
The RESOLUTE orbited around S'alebac's largest moon. All aboard were witness to the planet's firey demise.
Ahsoka sat crying on the landing baie floor cradling Anakin's head in her lap. She thought her Master was dead.
"He's not dead, Commander Tano, just unconscious," a medic told her.
"He nearly burned up his own nervous system with that burst of Force energy that he used," Sinube a dit helping Ahsoka get Anakin onto a waiting stretcher. She nodded sniffling having also felt her Master's incredible energy. She thought back to seeing Anakin's raw power on Mortis.
A few hours later the RESOLUTE readied to head back to Coruscant.
"Successful the mission was?" Yoda asked his holo-image wavering a bit.
"No," Sinube a dit sadly," The planet is destroyed."
"And the people?" Master Windu asked.
"Only one survivor, Master Windu," Billy D answered cradling the slumbering infant in his arms, "...this newborn child."
"What of the young ones, Ahsoka and Anakin?"
"Ahsoka is pretty shook up and she is down in the medical baie keeping vigil over Anakin..."
"The boy is injured...." Yoda said, "Felt great anger and sorrow from him as well as great power."
"That's not the only thing, Master Yoda," Sinube a dit as he swallowed hard, "I think for just a moment Anakin went to the darkside of the Force. The boy displayed power that I have never seen in all my years of the Jedi Order."
"Hmmmm, yes, felt it as well but he is resting is he not? plus rest he'll need in the Halls of Healing when he gets home."
"Master Yoda?" Billy D asked getting a stern look from Rex and Coric, "What will happen to this infant?"
"To the Jedi Temple toi will bring him."
Billy D frowned tears filling his eyes.
"Master Yoda...." the trooper a dit his voice shaky, "This child is the only survivor of his people. He'll be alone. He needs someone to care for him."
"Care for him, the Jedi will," was Yoda's answer.
"No," Billy D a dit standing up straighter, "I will take care of this child!"
Rex and Coric shook their heads.
"Discuss this when toi return," Yoda a dit in a no-nonsense tone that made Billy D flinch.
Admiral Yularen turned to the clone officer at the helm and gave the coordinates of the hyperspace jump when he heard the doors of the turbolift open. Out walked Anakin with Ahsoka guiding him. The young Jedi was weak but alert.
"Let's go home..." he a dit in a weak voice his eyes conveying a deep sadness that seemed to be eating away at him. Ahsoka held him tighter and nodded to Yularen.
"Yah....let's go home....."