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 Strider and Esperanza
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Ok so I have an idea for spirit 2 movie-

It starts off with the same beginning, with the eagle and everything, but instead of Esperanza giving birth, it's rain giving birth to Storm. (Yes I think their son is storm, look it up...) it shows them all happy with their new poulain, colt like it did with 1. Meanwhile, at the cowboys' the chief is sick and very ill. His son has heard stories about spirit, the horse his father could not tame, and in revenge, sets out to capture spirit. But instead, he finds storm and holds him captive. He gives the poulain to his father. Spirit and rain set out to claim storm,...
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Rain was galloping and looking for hours. She ran into many obstacles,like fighting a mountain lion. She had to take a break from looking so she fell asleep. The suivant morning. Rain woke up and heard hoof beats. She looked around and sees nothing but she still hears it and it was getting louder. Finally she seen what it was. It was another mare! She was cantering gracefully. She stops in front of Rain. She looked like rain but different. She had Rains manteau but her main and tail was brown. "Is that toi Rain?" the mare said.
"Rose?" Rain said.
The both neighed happily.
"Can toi come with me and see someone special in my life?" Rain asked.
"Sure." Rose said. They galloped together all the way home,side par side. Finally they got home. "Now Rose i want toi to get cleaned up for us,ok?"
"You sound just like mom." Rose said.
"And yes i will." rose walks away and gets ready to meet rains boyfriend.
End of chapter 2.
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Spirit – l’étalon des plaines
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Spirit – l’étalon des plaines
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