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Source: Rocky Ramirez' South Park Art
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south park mexican
posted by hernandezgyrl9
[Chorus: SPM]
I was 3 when my old man left in the wind,
Push me in the ocean,
Turn around and a dit "Swim",
That's what I did even though I was scared,
I kept kickin' cuz a person only floats when he's dead

[Verse 1: SPM]
If I had one wish,
It wouldn't be wealth,
It would be that if we could just l’amour ourselfs,
Cuz everyday it's like we kill a million dreams,
And it seem everybody on different teams,
I don't mean to get deep,
I'm just speaking the truth,
We in a 2 lit Trailer,
With a leak in the roof,
I ate potatoes everyway toi could ever make 'em,
When your hungry toi got to use your imagination,...
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They wipe tears while i wipe fingerprints off led.
They say shoot for the stars, I say shoot for the head.
I believe in good times having peace and fun.
But im still in my room tryna grease my gun.
Cant let it get rusty, if a shoot out breaks
The only thing i want jammin' is my screwed out tape.
And tomorrows the big jour gotta get my rest,
Fourty-Five G's outta town, late par tres.
Im all alone, my girl a dit that she could'nt make it.
Cuz she caught a damn cold and her whole body's aching.
And i feel kind of nervous, butterfly's in my stomach.
But i drift off to sleep, really thinkin' nothing of it.
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posted by hernandezgyrl9
I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't
Holla fuck the world with my chest full of smoke
I choke on my breakfast, the end of my necklace
Say Dopehouse Records, Screwston, Texas
The diamonds in my emblem is cut like a princess
You can keep the Lexus, cause I got two Benzes
I'm in your girlfriends' hot intestines
Cause I bought her two dresses and some contact lenses
Got a message in a bottle, hit the throttle in my carro
Click and clack my semi auto cause I'm trying to see tomorrow
Bought a condo for my haut, retour au début ho cause she working that taco
It's the haut, retour au début selling vato, twenty threes on the Tahoe
TV screens,...
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south park mexican
in my capuche, hotte
real gangsta