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posted by SilverLUV987
 All of Sonic's years.
All of Sonic's years.
In the an 1991, SEGA wanted a character to become a world famous icon. They created a character so magnificent that it made Nintendo crumble, well that is no other than Sonic The Hedgehog. I'll be reviewing Sonic's récent games from when he was young & now. Enjoy!

The an was 1991 & a new character hit the shelves of millions of gaming stores. His name was Sonic, Sonic The Hedgehog. Sonic 1st debuted with the classic "Sonic The Hedgehog" & it sold out pretty quickly. Sonic was the most liked video game character par many because he was the 1st video game character who wore sneakers....
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Many people wonder about Dark Sonic, and exactly how he transforms into what he is. There are three ways Sonic could become his dark self, and they are explored here.

Theory One: The only "canon" time that Dark Sonic was seen was in the animé Sonic X. Now, we all agree that he transformed because he saw Chris and Cosmo suffer. But remember, they were two people. Another element that could have assisted in the transformation: the thousands of fake Chaos Emeralds around Sonic that he had encountered. Their massive-yet-finite energy could have helped to destabilize Sonic, allowing his intense rush...
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posted by tailslover9
 silver runs in saying he just got done watching sonic x
silver runs in saying he just got done watching sonic x
silver-hey guys i just got done watching sonic x!
sonic-still mad cuz your not in sonic x huh?
shadow-calm down can toi two do me a favor?
shadow-you know what sonic i dont improve in your tone!
sonic-well issent that just to bad!
silver-quiet you*points at sonic*you were saying!:)
shadow-i needed to see if toi guys can ask as many people as toi can toi come to my privtate island in japan?
sonic-japan?as in..japanesse girls? am in!!
shadow-id knew you'd want in,what do toi say silver?

sonic and silver run up and down green colline zone asking people...
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posted by noki1119
Sonic and Amy have been hanging out at the beach, and for once Sonic has had a great time together. During the jour he realises that he might be in l’amour with her after all these years.
"Amy......I have been thinking." he slowly speaks.
"Yea?" she askes. Sonic smiles,
"I know u like me a lot, and...." she smiles.
"Will u like to be my girlfriend?" he askes hopfully.
"Oh YES!" Amy squeals and hugs him tightly. They spend the reast of the jour together, but disaster strikes in the ocean.
"Sonic! Help! I'm sinking!" Amy cries. Sonic never swam before but he screams,
"AMY!" and jumps in.
At Cris's house...
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9:55 am sonic is talking to ash on the phone.
sonic-ash,i had this wierd dream last nigth.i was trapped in the realm of mystery and darkness.i didnt see anything and i could only hear.
ash-wat were some of thr thinks u heard?
sonic-you & shadows sounded like u were in trouble & shadow said''she`s gonna die sonic!''
ash-(shocked par wat he said)u dont think it meant anything do u?
sonic-i dont know,maybe & i couldent find u because i didnt know were u were.
ash-wierd,but i also had a dream last nigth to.
sonic-no way!really?
ash-yeah,i dreamt about some horrible stuff shadow migth...
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