Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Song (Start at 0:09): link

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A Sonic The Hedgehog fan Fiction

Life In The Fast Lane 2

Sonic: *Walks out of his house, and sings* Why the hell are we in a sequel? The fact that we have to sing is not cool. I'd rather be driving my Austin Healey. But no I gotta sing, gee!
Others: *Walking out of their houses, and going towards Sonic* Oh, no! I gotta sing in a musical! Oh, no! Why are we all here? Cause I gotta sing. Sing, in a musical. Oh no, I gotta sing in a musical! Yeah I gotta sing. Sing, in a musical. Oh no, I gotta sing in a musical!
Eggman: *Aiming a Kar98k at Sonic with a scope* Yes, Tails has arrived with Sean and Knuckles.
Decoe: Would toi like some Dr. Pepper, Doctor?
Bocoe: ou how about some Pepsi Cola?
Eggman: *Loses his temper, then turns around to face his robots. He begins to sing angrily towards them* salut toi shut the fuck up for just one second! I gotta kill Sonic and his buddy Tails. It would be nice if I could kill his cousin too. There's only one thing keeping me from doing that.
Others: *Surrounding Eggman, and his robots* Oh, no! I gotta sing in a musical! Oh, no! Why are we all here? Cause I gotta sing. Sing, in a musical. Oh no, I gotta sing in a musical! Yeah I gotta sing. Sing, in a musical. Oh no, I gotta sing in a musical!

Now we go towards Rouge, masturbating in her car because it won't start.

Rouge: *Turns the key, and continues to masturbate* Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!~yes...Well, I'll get y'all to start later. *Pats the dashboard twice* I got some flirtin' to do. *Steps out of her car, and farts as she runs down the road*

Sonic was still dancing when Vector arrived in his Mustang, followed par Espio in his '55 Chevy, and Charmy in his Jeep Wrangler.

Vector: *Looks at Espio, and Charmy* What is the meaning of this?
Charmy: *Shrugs*
Espio: *Sings* It seems like everyone is doing some odd movement. They're also chant together as if there's a song. Something's very odd, very odd indeed. We need to save these good people, once and for all.
Others: *Surrounding Vector, Espio, and Charmy* Oh, no! I gotta sing in a musical! Oh, no! Why are we all here? Cause I gotta sing. Sing, in a musical. Oh no, I gotta sing in a musical! Yeah I gotta sing. Sing, in a musical. Oh no, I gotta sing in a musical!
Charmy: Hey. It's over!
Vector: We need to find out what caused them to sing, and where it came from.

Back at Eggman's base.

Eggman: *Standing in front of a horde of Nazi's* I l’amour cloning toi guys! Find out what made us sing, and destroy it! I shall buy a new car to defeat Sonic.
Decoe: Are toi challenging him to another race Doctor?
Bocoe: toi also didn't answer our question about the Dr. Pepper. Do toi want any?
Eggman: No. Get my computer warmed up!
Decoe: Yes sir.
Bocoe: We're on it.
Eggman: Wait. Sonic's still outside. *Grabs his rifle* I may still have a chance to finish him off.

Sonic watched everyone leave after the song was finished. Then someone from the FCC arrived.

Sonic: Oh no. What do toi want?
FCC Man 43: toi need plus songs.
Sonic: What for?
FCC Man 13: Because we a dit so. We control everything whether toi like it ou not.
Eggman: *Aiming his fusil, carabine at Sonic* I got toi now. If I'm lucky, I could also kill one of those FCC bastards.
Decoe: *Arrives with a tray carrying Dr. Pepper* Doctor Eggman, I am here with the Dr. Pepper that toi requested.
Eggman: I didn't request that! *Fires a bullet* Shit, toi made me miss!

But the bullet hit both FCC members, and they were dead.

Sonic: Phew, thank goodness. Now this sequel doesn't have to be a musical anymore. Time to take my convertible out for a spin.
Bocoe: If toi would stop shouting at us, perhaps toi could still have a chance at killing Sonic.
Eggman: Oh, right! *Grabs his rifle* Where did he go?
Sonic: *Driving away in his Austin Healey*
Eggman: *Slams his fist on the wall* I'll get him suivant time.

Song: link

Sonic: *Driving his car at 70 miles an heure across a bridge*
Amy: *Driving her Ferrari 599, then looks at her rear view mirror, and spots Sonic coming towards her*
Sonic: Uh oh. *Passing Amy*
Amy: *Flooring it as she catches up to Sonic*
Sonic: *Sweating as Amy catches up to him*
Amy: *Next to Sonic* Hi Sonic.
Sonic: What are toi doing here Amy?
Amy: Following you. toi wanna go to the park? I know how much toi l’amour to run.
Sonic: Yeah, I do l’amour to run. Away from you! *Floors it*
Amy: *Continues to follow Sonic*

Both cars were now going over 90 miles an hour, but Amy's car was going slower than Sonic's.

Sonic: *Looks at his fuel gauge* Eh! I got less than a quarter of a tank left! I gotta stop soon. *Spots a gas station* A-ha. It maybe expensive, but at least I can try to lose her behind one of those trucks. *Drifts into the station, and stops behind a FedEx truck*
Amy: *Passes the gas station*

Stop the song

Sonic: *Sighs* It worked. *Gets out of his car* And it's self serve. *Grabs the gas nozzle, and fills his car up with premium*
Espio: *Arrives in his '55 Bel Air*
Sonic: salut Espio. Aside from my cousin's Corvette, toi got the nicest Chevy on Mobius.
Espio: *Gets out of his car* Thank you. Are toi heading for the drag strip?
Sonic: What for?
Espio: A special event is going on. First prize is $65,000!
Sonic: What could I do with 65 grand?
Espio: I don't know, but I do know what Vector could do with it. Our detective department could always use plus money for several occasions.
Sonic: I could share some of it with Tails. He needs plus tools to fix the Tornado. Plus, with Eggman, the extra dough could come in handy for supplies.

Eggman was on his laptop. He was looking at a big liste of fast cars.

Eggman: Hm, what do I want? *Looking at a liste of fast cars* Lamborghini, Porsche, ooh, perfect. An Audi. The perfect car for a person like me. I l’amour to run people off the road, and tailgate others for no reason while going over the speed limit.
Announcer: Audi. Arrogant, Uncaring, Dumb, Idiot.
Man 85: *Pushes a Cadillac off the road* That's what toi get for following the speed limit!
Announcer: The perfect car for douchebags.
Eggman: I found it's location, seven miles from here. Let's steal it.
Decoe: Doctor, are toi sure that's a good idea?
Eggman: Of course I am! Let's move!

Over at Sonic's place, Sonic was with Tails, Sean, and Knuckles.

Knuckles: *Showing everyone his new car* Hm, what do toi think?
Sean: The Acura's nice, but I am going to miss your Viper.
Tails: That's why he sold it to me.
Sonic: What for?
Tails: A spare car, in case my BMW goes faulty. Plus, I want to experiment with it, and see if I can make it transform into a submarine.
Knuckles: Now that, I definitely want to see.
Sean: Speaking of spare cars, I got my '69 mustang back since Eggman killed Sexy The Hedgehog last night.
Tails: *Gasps*
Sonic: What happened?
Sean: It was at her place. We were having sex when he arrived, and shot her.
Knuckles: Tough luck.
Sean: It was not a pretty picture. I'm just glad I had my 500 on me when he arrived.
Sonic: So about that event I was telling toi about at the drag strip, are toi guys gonna go?
Sean: *Nods* I'm not sure if I'm going to use my Corvette, ou the Mustang. I just did some changes to the transmission on the Corvette, and I want to see if I can hit 200.
Tails: Plus it's got plus control than the Mustang. toi should stick with the Corvette.
Sean: I think I will.

Two trucks stopped at an Audi dealership. Eggman, and five Nazis stepped out. They all had MP40's.

Citizens: *Running away from Eggman, and his comrades*
Audi Dealer: Hello. What can I do for - *Gets grabbed par Eggman, and thrown through a window* -you!!!!!!! *Lands on haut, retour au début of a truck* I hate my job.
Eggman: *Gets into the R8, and drives away*
Squirrel: Someone call the-
Nazi: *Shoots him*
Squirrel: *Falls onto the ground* -cops.

Eggman a volé, étole the Audi, successfully.

Eggman: *Admiring his stolen car on a golden carlift* It's incredible. With the upgrades I make, I will defeat Sonic in his convertible!

Speaking of upgrades, Sean was doing the same thing with his Corvette.

Sean: Thanks to the extra horsepower, I should be able to go faster. Instead of 185, I changed the haut, retour au début speed to 223.
Sonic: That's a lot.
Sean: toi know toi can make some upgrades too. Your car is lighter than mine, so toi should have an easier time going faster with the upgrades toi make.
Sonic: Actually, I can't make anymore upgrades. 179 is the fastest I can get this thing to go.

The Chaotix were also checking their cars for the upcoming drag race.

Vector: My Mustang's good to go.
Espio: So's my Bel Air.
Mighty: They don't call this thing a Firebird for nothing, because I'm going to have those roads blazing hot when I pass through.

The big jour came when the contest was beginning at the drag strip. Over 500 Mobians arrived with modified cars. Some were custom built, a few of them being replicas of older cars.

Silver: *Arrives in his Huracan*
Sonic: Alright, Silver's here!
Silver: *Steps out of his car* salut guys.
Tails: Hey.
Knuckles: toi better watch yourself when I come towards toi in my NSX.
Silver: plus like CSX, because toi keep crashing! *Laughing*
Knuckles: *Angry* I've never crashed!
Silver: Okay buddy, anything toi say. *Looks at Tails' BMW* Don't toi think toi could have gone for something faster?
Tails: The 507 is the only car I got. Besides, there are different categories.
Sean: There's the roadster class which Tails, and Sonic are competing in. toi Silver are in the Super Car class with Knuckles, and me. There's a few other categories, but I'm not gonna go into detail about that.
Knuckles: You're not entering your Corvette in the muscle car class?
Sean: I got it to go over 200. It qualifies for the super car class.

International Raceway Of Mobius - Drag Racing categories (with a few contestants). All cars must have at least 500 horsepower.

Roadster Class - Any classic European ou Japanese convertible. Tails/Sonic ✓

Muscle Car Class - A classic ou modern 2-door automobile with a V8 (Usually American built. Examples include the Chevrolet Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger) Cream/Vector/Espio/Mighty/Shadow/Sally Acorn ✓

Super Car Class - A classic ou modern 2-door automobile capable of hitting 200 miles an hour. Usually has an engine stronger than a V8, including a V10, ou a V12. Knuckles/Sean/Silver/Amy/Eggman ✓

Sedan Class - Any car with 4-doors. This includes SUV's, ou minivans. Julie Su ✓

Truck Class - Pick-up trucks only. Very simple. Antoine/Bunnie Rabbot/Rotor ✓

Sean: Why didn't Charmy enter the contest?
Vector: His Jeep's old, and he's trying to fix it.
Sean: *Looking at Eggman in his R8* Speaking of old, look who decided to montrer up.
Espio: He's got Shadow with him too.
Eggman: The two of us are going to own those racers. Nitrous isn't allowed, but I hid some in our cars. They'll never find it.
Shadow: Does it work automatically, ou do I have to hit it with a button?
Eggman: I'll montrer toi after the inspection.
Rouge: *Shows up in her car. The engine is smoking. She steps out of the car, and goes to a judge* I would like to enter the drag racing contest please.
Judge: *Looks at her car* What is that?
Rouge: That there is a sexy beast. 1941, Willy's Americar.
Judge: How much horsepower do toi have?
Rouge: 63.
Judge: Yeah, no. That's not going to work. toi need at least 500 horsepower.
Rouge: 500? That is a lot. What's the grand prize?
Judge: $65,000.
Rouge: *Dollar signs appear in her eyes* I'll be back.
Judge: toi can't enter now though, it's too late.
Rouge: I didn't say I was gonna enter. I just a dit that I'd be back. *Farts*
Judge: *Choking, he soon becomes unconscious*
Rouge: *Chuckles* Time to sneak my way into the race.

Along with Sonic, his cousin, his friends, The Chaotix, Eggman, and Shadow, there were a few others involved in the drag racing. Julie-Su was using a brand new Cadillac CTS for the Sedan Class. Sally Acorn was using a 1975 Plymouth Roadrunner for the Muscle Car Class. Bunnie Rabbot was using a 2005 Ford F150 for the pick up truck class, and Antoine had a Subaru Brat, also being used for the pick up truck class. There were lots of other racers including...

Sonic: Rouge?
Knuckles: What are toi doing here?
Rouge: I entered the muscle car class.
Sean: toi don't even have a V8 in there. Let alone, enough horsepower to race any of the cars here.
Tails: Even Antoine has enough power in his car.
Rouge: Maybe toi could help me?
Tails: I'm gonna be racing soon.
Sonic: Good luck Tails.
Tails: Thanks. *Goes to the starting line in his car*
Sean: Why are toi even here Rouge?
Rouge: The same reason as the rest of you. I'm here to win 65 grand.
Sean: toi really think toi can do that?
Rouge: toi know it.
Sean: Right. *Walks back to his Corvette*
Rouge: *Opens the capuche, hotte to her car, and looks at the engine* Perhaps I can switch with someone who ain't payin' attention.

She looked at Shadow's Charger. No one was anywhere near the car, because Eggman was montrer Shadow how to use the nitrous.

Eggman: *Near his Audi with Shadow* Now this has the same setup as your car. Open the center console, and hit the red button. toi can only use it once, so try and save it for when toi really need it.
Shadow: Will do. I will buy a hot dog with potato chips. Unlike Sonic however, I'm not getting it with chili.
Rouge: *Opens the capuche, hotte to Shadow's car, and takes out the engine*
Sonic: salut Shadow, what was that I heard about toi getting a hot dog without chili?
Shadow: It tastes better without it.
Rouge: *Takes the engine out of her car, and places it in Shadow's car*
Shadow: Whatever Sonic, I don't have to listen to you. *Walks away, and looks at his car. The capuche, hotte is closed, and it looks normal* I probably don't even need nitrous. That car is the best in it's class.
Rouge: *Shoving the Hemi from Shadow's Charger into her Americar* There. Now Shadow's car will run on the engine from my Americar, and my Americar will run on Shadow's Hemi.

Tails drove back to the rest of his friends. They saw him win his first race against a Toyota 2000GT.

Tails: Did toi guys see that?!
Sonic: I sure did, well done buddy.
Knuckles: suivant up is Shadow. He's going against another car with a hemi, a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner.
Shadow: *Pushes his car to the starting line*
orange Bunny: *Admiring his orange roadrunner* So, you're Shadow The Hedgehog.
Shadow: And you're some bunny covered in fanta soda.
orange Bunny: Were toi expecting a real roadrunner to drive my car?
Shadow: I'm expecting toi to lose since I have plus horsepower.
Eggman: *Watching Shadow get into his car*
Rouge: *Watching Shadow with a smile* I'm next, so hopefully he won't be able to find me.
orange Bunny: *Starts his car, and revs the engine*
Shadow: *Starts his car, but hears the engine* Wait, that's not a hemi! Fuck if I get out of my car now, I'll be disqualified! Only one way I can beat this turkey.

The light turned green, and both cars quickly accelerated.

Shadow: *Pressing the nitrous button* Yes, I'm winning. *Passes the finish line first* As soon as I get back to the starting area, I'm going to find the person who swapped engines!
Rouge: *At the starting line against Espio*
Vector: Something doesn't seem right.
Sean: I know what toi mean Vector, Rouge has a plus powerful engine in her car.
Espio: *Watches the light turn green, and he floors it*

Despite the extra horsepower, Rouge still Lost to Espio. She was behind only par one quarter of a second.

Vector: Yes!
Knuckles: Now toi just gotta win your race Vector, and toi two will have a higher chance of winning.
Shadow: *Hears a hemi, and looks at Rouge's car* You!
Rouge: *Floors it*
Shadow: *Jumps on the capuche, hotte of Rouge's car* Stop!
Rouge: *Swerving to the left, and right*
Shadow: *Pulls out a Desert Eagle* I a dit stop!
Rouge: *Slams her foot on the brakes*
Shadow: *His head goes through the front window*
Rouge: toi were supposed to fall off.

The black hedgehog forced Rouge to switch the engines back into their original cars.

Rouge: Well, I may have lost, but I'm sure I'll find a butt load of money another way.
Shadow: You'll need it.
Eggman: So that's why toi used your nitrous early. She switched engines from your cars.
Rouge: *Looks at Eggman* Oh, howdy.
Eggman: I'm going to give toi a chance to redeem yourself. toi help us cheat, and I'll let toi live.
Rouge: What do toi want me to do?
Eggman: Refill the nitrous tank in Shadow's charger, and go on haut, retour au début of the crowd stands with a rifle.
Rouge: Okay.
Eggman: Sonic has a few Friends in the super car class, and I won't risk losing to them.
Rouge: I'll go get them supplies for you.
Eggman: Thank you.

Sally Acorn was going up against Cream The Rabbit, in her 1956 Bel Air.

Sonic: I haven't seen Sal's Roadrunner in a long time.
Tails: I wish she didn't have to go against Cream. It's not easy to choose upon Friends when it comes to challenges.
Sonic: Yeah, both our girlfriends, going head to head. At least one of them will win when this is over.

The light turned green, and both cars took off. Sally had better acceleration, but Cream won with her Chevy.

Cream: Yay!
Tails: Alright!
Sonic: Your clever ingenuity has worked again buddy.
Rotor: I could have sworn I'd do better than Tails.
Sally: Better luck suivant time Rotor. Tails is a tough egg to crack. He's the best mechanic in Mobius, without a doubt.
Rotor: Nothing wrong with being seconde best, I guess. Wish me luck. *Gets into his lincoln Mark LT*
Sonic: A lincoln pick up truck?
Sean: Rotor has class.
Knuckles: Who's he going against?
Antoine: *In his Brat* I will get an easy opponent to dominate. *Sees Rotor pull up suivant to him* O-o-or, not.
Rotor: I asked if toi wanted help, and toi a dit no. Now it's time to make toi eat my dust.
Antoine: I will make toi eat my dust, swine. *Watches the light turn green, and floors it*
Rotor: *Gets in front of Antoine, only doing 20 miles an hour* I don't even have to floor it.
Audience: *Laughing*
Antoine: UGH!!!! *Watches Rotor traverser, croix the finish line, and stops his car. He turns around, and goes back to the starting line*
Race Official: Where are toi going? You're not gonna finish?
Antoine: Who cares?! I lost!!
Sonic: *Laughing*
Sean: We've been watching a lot of great races out there, but that is one of my favoris so far.
Espio: Yeah, Rotor creamed him without even trying.
Cream: Yes Espio?
Espio: Oh, sorry. I didn't say your name. I a dit creamed.
Cream: Oh. *Walks away* Let's go buy some ice cream Cheese.
Cheese: *Very happy* Chao chao!
Vector: I'd like to see your Bel Airs go head to head.
Espio: If I'm lucky enough to beat that yellow Chevelle, I might have a chance to make your wish come true.

Rouge got the supplies that Eggman requested.

Rouge: *Gets into her car* I got a rifle, plus nitrous for Shadow, now it's time to head to the track. *Turns the key, but the engine won't start. She begins to masturbate* Oh yeah! *Turns the key, and continues masturbating*

Meanwhile at the drag strip.

Eggman: *Looking at his watch* She should be here in five minutes.
Shadow: I'm lucky that all the cars I've been going against are slower.
Eggman: I hope I can at least get Rouge to shoot out Sean's tires, if his Corvette can go against my R8.
Knuckles: *Racing Silver*
Silver: *Losing* AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Knuckles: *Wins the race*
Crowd: Yeah!!!!
Genji: Hooray for Knuckles!
Crowd: *Stares at Genji*
Genji: What?

Suddenly, a commercial started

Announcer: Introducing the newest car from Acura, the Genji. His mask looks just like the front end of all of our cars.
Genji: When did your logo get on my mask?

Back to Rouge, who was still masturbating, just because her car wouldn't start.

Rouge: *Farts while masturbating, and turning the key to make her car start* Come on sexy, toi can do it. *Continues to masturbate as her car won't start* I'm gonna cum very soon *Starts the engine as she cums* Oh yeah. Let's go. *Drives*

suivant up, Sean the hedgehog against a light blue donkey named Nagisa Furukawa, in a Toyota Supra.

Nagisa: toi are not allowed to win.
Sean: Excuse me, who told toi to make up the rules?
Nagisa: I have a Japanese car, if toi win, toi will be disqualified.
Sean: Yeah, right.* Watches the light turn green, and takes off*
Nagisa: Where are toi going?! *Looks at the green light* Goddammit! *Floors it, but he loses the race* I was supposed to win! *Slams his fist on the dashboard* I was! *Cries*

Sonic, and the others cheered for Sean as he came back.

Tails: Good job.
Sean: It's easy when they're stupid.
Nagisa: *Driving away at high speed. He goes onto the main road, and gets pulled over par a cop*
Sonic & Sean: *Laughing*
Silver: I don't know which is funnier, this, ou Antoine's rage when he Lost to Rotor.
Espio: That's a tough choice.
Vector: I'm gonna go with that blue jackass.
Knuckles: Me too.

Rouge pulled into the drag strip, and stopped her car suivant to Eggman's.

Eggman: It's about time, where have toi been?!
Shadow: Her car's a piece of shit Doc. Where do toi think she was?
Rouge: My car is very sexy, thank toi very much. It is not a piece of shit.
Shadow: toi can't even get past 60 miles an hour!
Rouge: I at least got your supplies for toi to cheat.
Eggman: Good. Quickly refill Shadow's nitrous tank before it's too late.

They covered the engine with a tarp so no one could see what they were doing.

Announcer: The haut, retour au début eliminator for the roadster class will be decided after this final race. It's Sonic The Hedgehog in a 1963 Austin Healey versus Miles Prower, aka Tails, in a 1958 BMW 507.
Sonic: *Sighs* My least favori part of this contest.
Tails: May the best driver win.
Sonic: That's probably going to be you. *Chuckles* Good luck.

The light turned green, and both cars were off.

Tails: If I win, at least it's fair and square.
Sonic: *Watching Tails pass him* I know I'm gonna lose.
Announcer: With a slightly faster car, Tails has won the race. Now it's time to have Espio go against Cream the Rabbit.
Vector: Finally, this is what I've been waiting for.
Announcer: Both cars are off to a good start, but it looks like Cream is pulling ahead of Espio.
Tails: Yeah!
Cream: *Crosses the finish line first* Yay!
Cheese: Chao!
Announcer: With twenty plus races to go, we'll see who will become haut, retour au début eliminator in the Muscle Car Class.

Amy was going against Knuckles.

Knuckles: Time for my Acura to win again.
Amy: *Watches the light turn green, and takes off*
Knuckles: *Distracted* Oh shit! *Floors it*
Amy: *Crosses the finish line*
Knuckles: Dammit.
Tails: Aw man. Knuckles lost.
Sean: Looks like I get to race Amy.
Sonic: Beat her for me.
Sean: Sure.

After half an hour, Sean was up, against Amy.

Sean: Time to montrer that Corvette's are superior to Ferrari's.
Amy: *Watching the lights*

As soon as it turned green, they were both off.

Shadow: Looks like you'll have to go on haut, retour au début of the crowd stands after all.
Rouge: I'm on it. *Grabs the rifle, and flies away*
Shadow: He won.
Eggman: I'll beat him, and I know toi won't have any trouble winning the rest of your races.
Shadow: I only have to win three plus races.
Rouge: *Laying down on the roof* I can't believe Eggman actually trusts me with this. Wait a second. Instead of helpin' him cheat, I can shoot him, then if Shadow tries to stop me, I can use this fusil, carabine to stop him. I'm gonna wait till he goes against Sean. This'll surprise that bald prick.

It was dark now. Most of the races were finished. Tails won the roadster class, Cream won in the muscle car class, Julie-Su won in the sedan class, and Rotor won in the pick up truck class. Now it was time to have Sean go against Eggman.

Eggman: I'm surprised that car can even hit 200.
Sean: With toi behind the wheel of that Audi, I'm surprised toi can even hit 100.
Rouge: *Aiming at Eggman* Let's get his hopes up. I want him to die happy.
Race Official: *Turns the light green*
Sean: *Floors it. His car is side par side with Eggman's*
Rouge: This is so close, and yet....*Fires a bullet*

Despite aiming at Eggman, Rouge missed. The wind made her shot hit Sean's window.

Sean: Whoa! *Brakes*
Race Officials: *Running out onto the track*
Rouge: Oh dear, I gotta get outta here. *Takes the fusil, carabine with her as she goes to her car*
Race Official: toi alright?
Sean: Someone shot my window.
Eggman: *Going to the trophy to take it, and the $65,000*
Sean: Eggman! *Gets back in his car, and drives towards him*
Eggman: *Grabs the trophy with the money, and runs back to his car*
Sean: That's not yours! *Knocks Eggman onto the ground*
Eggman: *Trips Sean, and kicks him five times. He grabs the trophy, and money, and drives away in his car*

Song: link

Sean: FUCK!!! *Runs back into his Corvette, and follows Eggman*
Sonic: Come on everyone, after him! *Gets into his Austin Healey*
Eggman: *Drives out onto the main road*
Sean: *Follows Eggman*

After those two left, a big convoy followed them. Leading was Sonic in his Austin Healey, then it was Tails in his BMW 507, Knuckles in his NSX, Cream and Espio in their Bel Air's, Vector in his Mustang, Amy in her Ferrari, and finally Rouge, in her Americar.

Eggman: *Looking behind him, he sees everyone following him*
Sean: *Following Eggman, he passes through an intersection. A truck nearly hits him, and spins out of control*
Sonic: The road's blocked off. We gotta take a different route. *Goes right*

Although Sean was the only one following him for the moment, Eggman was sweating nervously as he stared at the headlights on Sean's Corvette.

Sean: *Loading his Smith & Wesson 500*
Eggman: *Opens the gant compartment, and sees his Walther .38, with five grenades*
Sean: *Gets suivant to Eggman, and hits the left side of his car*
Eggman: *Opens his window*
Sean: My car's plus durable than yours, toi better stop!!
Eggman: *Pulls out a grenade* We'll see about that!
Sean: *Shoots Eggman's arm*
Eggman: *Drops his grenade* Ah!
Sean: Now pull over and give me the money!
Eggman: Hell no! You'll have to kill me first! *Hits Sean's car, and goes right*
Sean: *Drifts as he follows Eggman*
Tails: *Following Sonic* Where the hell are they?
Sonic: No clue, keep your eyes open.
Rouge: *Following the others, but her engine breaks down, and she pulls over* Oh well, at least I get to masturbate again.
Eggman: *Going 125 miles an hour*
Sean: *Shoots Eggman's back window*
Eggman: Ah!!
Sean: *Shoots two plus bullets, breaking the front wind shield*
Eggman: That bastard is toying with me! He would've killed me par now if he wanted to.
Sean: Still going? *Aims at Eggman's head* I think we can change that.
Eggman: *Goes left*
Sean: *Getting closer to Eggman* Just five plus seconds, and you're dead.
Eggman: *Passes the billboard*
Cops: *Behind the billboard, they begin to chase the two of them*

Soon, they heard a sound that made them nervous: link

Sean: *Watching a Dodge Charger come towards him with two police officers*
Eggman: *Smirking as he looks in his mirror*
Sean: *Reloads his 500*
Cop: *Gets suivant to him* Pull over!
Sean: FUCK OFF!! *Shoots both cops with only one bullet*
Eggman: Oh fuck!
Sean: *Rams the back of Eggman's car*
Eggman: *Goes onto the freeway*
Sean: *Following Eggman. They both cut off a Hyundai, and make it crash into a Peterbilt*

Sonic and the others were heading towards the same freeway. They got on a ramp, and saw Sean ramming Eggman towards the edge.

Sonic: There they are! *Floors it*
Rouge: *Masturbating while cranking her car* This is so good! *Farts*
Eggman: *Getting towards the edge of the freeway. He tries to reach for another grenade, but his arm hurts too much*
Sean: *Hits Eggman's car again*
Eggman: *Sees another road to the right, and goes down the hill*
Vector: I see what you're doing. *Goes off road, and follows Eggman*

Everyone else used the off ramp to get on the same road that Eggman was on.

Eggman: *Uses his right arm to hold the steering wheel, and grabs his .38 with his left hand* Why didn't I think of this sooner*
Sean: *Shoots the gun, and makes it fly out of Eggman's car* That's why.
Eggman: *Tries to grab another grenade*
Sean: *Shoots Eggman's left hand*
Eggman: Why don't toi just kill me?!
Sean: Give me the money!
Eggman: No!
Sean: *Hits Eggman's car again*
Eggman: Stop tormenting me! *Sees an intersection, and goes right*
Sean: *Drifting, he nearly hits a Honda as he continues chasing Eggman*
Sonic: *Overtakes Sean, and gets close to Eggman's car*
Eggman: I wish I had the strength to grab one of those grenades, and murder that blue rodent along with his cousin. Is $65,000 really that much to them? I just want to run an evil army, and murder innocent people. Is that too much to ask for?!
Sean: *Sees another road go to the left. He turns left*
Eggman: What the-?
Tails: Where is he going?
Sonic: Don't know, but I think he has a plan.
Eggman: Oh god, I hope he doesn't plan on doing what I think he is.

The road that Sean went on lead to another intersection with the same road that he was on earlier.

Sean: He's gonna go on a big left curve, and I'm gonna wait here for him.
Eggman: *Going left* Maybe I can take another turn, and avoid him. *Looks to the left, and right, but nothing is available* Fuck. *Prays* Maybe it won't be that bad.
Sean: *Grabs a brick*
Eggman: Please let me survive this one night, and I'll never do anything bad again.
Sean: *Grabs a rag, and a lighter* Hope there's something left in here.
Eggman: *Really worried*
Sean: *Looks at Eggman* He's coming. *Puts his car in 2nd gear, places the rag in his gas tank, lights it with a lighter, and places the brick on the gas pedal*
Eggman: *Looks at Sean's car* AAHHHH!!!!

In slow motion, Sean's Corvette hit Eggman's car, and on the point of impact, both cars exploded.

Sean: *Watching Eggman climb out of his car with the money, and trophy*
Eggman: *Dies*
Sonic: toi just Lost your Corvette.
Sean: Yeah, but I destroyed a bad guy in a bad car in the process.

Song: link

Sean: *Sitting on his front porch*
Sonic: *Arrives in his Austin Healey*
Sean: *Watching Sonic walk towards him* What can I do for toi cousin?
Sonic: I thought you'd like to hang out. toi killed Eggman, and brought peace to Mobius.
Sean: What about Shadow?
Sonic: He's actually okay with Eggman's death. He doesn't give a damn.
Sean: salut if toi want to watch a movie, I got a few new films on Blu-ray.
Sonic: Sure. Let's see what toi got.

Later on, Tails and Cream were hanging out with each other.

Cream: What are toi going to do with your money?
Tails: I'm going to use most of the 65 grand to invest in some submarine equipment. Did I tell toi I was working on the vipère, viper that Knuckles gave me?
Cream: Now toi did.
Tails: What are toi going to do with your money?
Cream: I'm going to save it. I don't really need a whole lot for the time being.
Tails: Smart move.

A few hours later, Sean decided to visit Rouge at her car dealership.

Sean: *Looking at a rose Impala, and five Fiats*
Rouge: Hi Sean.
Sean: *Looks at Rouge* Just the lady I wanted to see.
Rouge: I wanna apologize for shootin' your window during the race last night. I tried to hit Eggman for you, but there was too much wind.
Sean: toi know, toi should really try to get a fast car, and replace that crappy coupe.
Rouge: Why? It's a sexy car, for a sexy lady.
Sean: Have fun spending 10 grand on your car trying to fix it. *Passes Rouge, and smacks her butt*
Rouge: *Blushing as she smiles at Sean*

Back at his house, Sean looked at his garage, and saw a '69 Mustang, which belonged to Sexy The Hedgehog, before her death.

Song (Start at 29:34): link

Sean: *Puts the key in the ignition, and starts the engine. He drifts to the right, going 65 miles an heure down the road. A big smile is on his face as he goes faster*
Espio: *Watching Sean drive past at 80 miles an hour*
Sean: *Overtaking a Porsche*
Mighty: *In his Firebird, watching Sean pass him at 100 miles an hour*
Sean: *Passing Silver at 106 miles an hour*
Silver: *Grumpy as he watches Sean go past. He floors it, and tries to follow him, but Sean's too fast*
Sean: *Laughing as he turns left at an intersection, and goes up a hill*

Several minutes later, he stopped at Tails' body shop.

Tails: *Watching Sean get out of his Mustang*
Sean: Let's get some upgrades done to this thing.

The End


Sonic The Hedgehog
Sean The Hedgehog
Miles Tails Prower
Knuckles The Echidna
Shadow The Hedgehog
Doctor Eggman
Amy Rose
Rouge The Bat
Vector The Crocodile
Espio The Chameleon
Charmy Bee
Mighty Armadillo
Cream The Rabbit
Sally Acorn
Bunnie Rabbot

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