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Sean: *Sitting on his front porch*
Sonic: *Arrives in his Austin Healey*
Sean: *Watching Sonic walk towards him* What can I do for toi cousin?
Sonic: I thought you'd like to hang out. toi killed Eggman, and brought peace to Mobius.
Sean: What about Shadow?
Sonic: He's actually okay with Eggman's death. He doesn't give a damn.
Sean: salut if toi want to watch a movie, I got a few new films on Blu-ray.
Sonic: Sure. Let's see what toi got.

Later on, Tails and Cream were hanging out with each other.

Cream: What are toi going to do with your money?
Tails: I'm going to use most of the 65 grand to invest in some submarine equipment. Did I tell toi I was working on the vipère, viper that Knuckles gave me?
Cream: Now toi did.
Tails: What are toi going to do with your money?
Cream: I'm going to save it. I don't really need a whole lot for the time being.
Tails: Smart move.

A few hours later, Sean decided to visit Rouge at her car dealership.

Sean: *Looking at a rose Impala, and five Fiats*
Rouge: Hi Sean.
Sean: *Looks at Rouge* Just the lady I wanted to see.
Rouge: I wanna apologize for shootin' your window during the race last night. I tried to hit Eggman for you, but there was too much wind.
Sean: toi know, toi should really try to get a fast car, and replace that crappy coupe.
Rouge: Why? It's a sexy car, for a sexy lady.
Sean: Have fun spending 10 grand on your car trying to fix it. *Passes Rouge, and smacks her butt*
Rouge: *Blushing as she smiles at Sean*

Back at his house, Sean looked at his garage, and saw a '69 Mustang, which belonged to Sexy The Hedgehog, before her death.

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Sean: *Puts the key in the ignition, and starts the engine. He drifts to the right, going 65 miles an heure down the road. A big smile is on his face as he goes faster*
Espio: *Watching Sean drive past at 80 miles an hour*
Sean: *Overtaking a Porsche*
Mighty: *In his Firebird, watching Sean pass him at 100 miles an hour*
Sean: *Passing Silver at 106 miles an hour*
Silver: *Grumpy as he watches Sean go past. He floors it, and tries to follow him, but Sean's too fast*
Sean: *Laughing as he turns left at an intersection, and goes up a hill*

Several minutes later, he stopped at Tails' body shop.

Tails: *Watching Sean get out of his Mustang*
Sean: Let's get some upgrades done to this thing.

The End


Sonic The Hedgehog
Sean The Hedgehog
Miles Tails Prower
Knuckles The Echidna
Shadow The Hedgehog
Doctor Eggman
Amy Rose
Rouge The Bat
Vector The Crocodile
Espio The Chameleon
Charmy Bee
Mighty Armadillo
Cream The Rabbit
Sally Acorn
Bunnie Rabbot

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