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Real Name: Unknown
Adopted Name: Sissy.

Age: 14

Species: Milen Banshee

Personality: Sissy is a friendly an somewhat naive young banshee. She has a bit of shyness about her, but is very playful. Sissy is easily entertained, and very patient, as well as fairly wise.

Backstory: Sissy was orphaned after the Refine, and became trapped in a strange cocoon at the age of four, which kept her from aging. When she awoke it was around twenty-five years later.
Sissy found herself in the Mercia of Mobocan (her dimension's Mobius) where she was adopted par a couple of explorers, searching for minerals and such....
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How to make a accurate fan character

Introduction:Hello,congratulations,you want to enter the world of sonic fan characters,GOOD SHOW!!!Now I know what your thinking,there is a bunghole of other fan character guide lines generated par other fans.but I refer to this one as the most updated version.(as of 7/4/12)

Now toi want to generate a equal fan character,equal as in power-wise(If he/she/it has powers).If toi make it to powerful without weaknesses and make it the "Oh,I'm so powerful,fear mah almighty immortality" character,then its considered a "Gary-stu" and toi DON'T...
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Amy is with scourge and it's a sad story
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Prizes: :3 sonic fc sketch, bragging rights, this cookie, and my respect. :'D Boredom killed 030'
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