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First off, this is an OPINIONATED GUIDE. Don't take this as a troll threat ou anything stupid. I'm just informing toi all on how to make original and actually interesting fan-characters. If toi don't like what I'm trying to do here. Stop lire now, because I don't like your face.

Let's start off with a few simple rules.

1. If your fan-character has any relation with the canon characters AT ALL, that MUST be eliminated. Don't have your character become Shadow's 9001st girlfriend. It's been done before, and better, so cut that shit off. toi can have your fan-character be Friends and ou enemies...
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So I’ve been looking around for “What character would be your girlfriend” in personality quizz but I almost NEVER find any, so I thought I’d make one myself.

Note: For this I did not add any future-tense characters like Saber, Sissy, ou Relm, but if toi guys want I can make one about the future characters some time too.

Question one
What is your personality in a nutshell?
1.    Fun-loving, random, energetic.
2.    Calculating, aggressive, prone to anger issues.
3.    Friendly, patient, very outspoken about my beliefs.
4.    Anti-social,...
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posted by SpiritTheCat
Basic Info:
Spirit The Cat is an eleven-year-old turquoise cat. She has a long-standing relationship with Frostbite The renard , whom acts as a mother figure, despite Spirit's mature nature and independence. Her main weapon is 'Soul fire', the name of purple flame-like orbs she can summon that do not burn, but actually feel quite cold.

Spirit is a emotionless, mature girl, with a very disinterested attitude, regarding most matters. However, her distant attitude and reluctance to speak about her feelings can work against her, and she often finds that people do not understand her true intentions....
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posted by Evolia-Wulf
In regards to all the thievery going on:

I could go into detail about this, but the bottom line is, I'm officially on strike. I refuse to do all art requests from now on including those I've taken in. So basically any requests I a dit I would do? Canceled. Sorry. That's that.
Why? Easy. There's thievery afoot that no one seems to think it needs to be acted on. Which is crazy because its the same damn thing as art theft.
Art is an idea put into physical form. Art is your way of expressing yourself. Okay, so how's drawing something different than an idea toi came up with?
That's right, I'm...
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posted by Chuggarotex
 She is the one on the right!
She is the one on the right!
Name: Kitriane Firius
Nickname: Kit
Gender: Female
Physical Age: 16 3/4
Actual Age: 183
Species: Kitsune
Powers: Pyrokinesis
Forms: Normal, Kit the Nine-Tails, "The Nine-Tails"
Family: 8 siblings, Parents (Dead), Littlest Brother (Dead)
Home Dimension: Sonic Boom Dimension
Backstory: Kit lived a happy life, though she had to take care of her siblings herself since their parents died! And one jour upon hunting she finds some strangers (Sonic and friends) and invited them to her den! She then found out that her littlest brother was kidnapped par a bald man with a bushy mustache (Eggman)! The man kidnapped...
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 Shadow & Rouge; Night and jour Difference.
Shadow & Rouge; Night and Day Difference.
“… There might have been a time when toi actually thought about others, but now it’s just become, ‘Get the villain out of the way and be proclaimed as a hero once more!’ I just don’t want toi to become something that toi don’t want to be.”Lil the Cat from “The Misadventures of a Wandering Soul.”

Do toi remember the first time toi ever drew your fan character? When toi created him/her, toi had thought everything out; who they dated, what they wore, and if they had any powers. Believe me when I say that fan characters are the best characters in the world. Their stories...
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posted by unknown99
Born in the City of Wind, Nico is a lucky child to have such nice parents. He grown up to a happy child who is often mischievous. He played pranks on his father with a tray of water splashed at him when he come accueil from work. When Nico is 6, he was sent to the Andromedian Pyrokinetic Academy which he really enjoy. He realise he is special because the first time he sneezed he blew all the dead leaves of his garden and got it stuck in his neighbor's garden. par the time he entered the academy, Nico couldn't believe his eyes that it was just a small academy with 14 other people with special powers....
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posted by TakTheFox
Cam: Good...and yes. O.o...’
Cam: >.< YES.
Rin: YAY! *hug*
Cam: O.o...
Rin: Let’s go find a chair! *runs off with Cam* X{D

Rynk asks Donny "So how's life?"
Donny: Pretty good.
Rynk: Good to know. 
Donny: *NO commentaire xD*
Rynk: Wanna go do something?
Donny: Can't. Person won't let me. Me; *EVIL LAUGH. AGAIN.*
Rynk: Right. *drags him along* DIO, toi COMIN!?

Rynk asks Diomedes "... Wait what? Who am I talking to-... oh >__< ... uh... sup?"
Dio: *facepalm*...
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posted by MephilesTheDark
Just a liste of everything on this club I hate. Opinions/comments welcome. Flames will be used to melt kitten flesh. All of the following are things I see a lot of on this club.

1. Hypersensitivity to gore.
2. Hypersensitivity to swears.
3. Hypersensitivity to sexual references.
4. Hypersensitivity to bi/gay/lesbian characters.
5. Dependence on religion.
6. Using religion as a 'rulebook.'
7. 'Randomness.'
8. Irrelevant content.
9. Irrelevant comments.
10. All the stupid, irrelevant shit on the wall.
11. Spam.
12. Attention seekers.
13. People who can't take a joke.
14. People who don't understand sarcasm....
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posted by YeanMcQuean

Heeeey, me and Rachel-Savaya made a new club for those wanting back those old days of the Sonic fan Character Club. Help us work our way back to those times par joining up and posting some pictures of your characters!
And hey, doesn't even need to be Sonic characters anymore. toi can literally put up any character you've made. We'd be happy to meet them!

The Club comes with some simple rules and experienced members of the older club to help shape it and keep it drama-free. Just about anyone can rejoindre with whatever creative level toi have on you. toi can Mingle, Role Play, Trade characters, Chat, ou Post content such as videos, art, ou stories!
posted by Hellowittykitty
jour 144, an 3457

I have made it here. No one has found my savored doll. The people here at the recreational camp are nice and calm, like a feather in the wind. Quietly I stalk a lone cygne in its regal ponds territory, and it seems at peace. However, they have run out of good quality nourriture at the camps, and now I must hunt for some my self. This cygne seems so pure and innocent; it truly does feel like a bad shame to kill it. If I do, then I must protect the corpse from those who are scavengers and pick up the remains from others, plus lucky. My mystic doll surely would've granted me the luck...
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1.Draw A cercle And Guidelines
2.(if its a female character)Add A Bump Near The Head
3.Add Clothes With plus Style Not Plain Green Shirts ou Just Blue Pants Thats UNoringal
4.Hands Gloves ou No Gloves Mittens Braclets ANYTHING
5.Tail.Draw A Hedgehog Tail(like a chiens tail)OR A Cat renard ou Any Other Specie Mix
6.Legs:Easy Booty ou Something ou Leggings Strips Ankel Braclets Rings Tatoo
7.Feet:OBISVOSY add a little tiny curve so the feet toi cant see them because SHOES DUH
8.Shoes:Color Accerious Braclets Socks montrer Socks Flip Flops Sneckers High Heels
9.Head Tips:Add A Fringe ou Something Hair Spikes Shades(<---- that means sunglasses)0.0 BLOW THEIR MINDS WITH SEXY HOT fan CHARACTERS 0.0 O.O PEE THEIR PANTS OFF XD
salut guys so i did start to write a story called Lost hope but when écriture the story i never noticed it would hurt my Friends so i decided to write this story about my Friends still but a plus nicer story
hope toi like it and enjoy

it was goolmy evening in mobius as it began to thunder and lightning, the weather forcast told everyone to stay inside as there were a red alert for tornado warnings everywhere but that didn't bother many people since in this part of mobius it was always bad weather so most people had no choice but...
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{even ask Shadowfanlover7 this fanfic is terrible}

The soldiers were coming over the path and WE WERE STANDING THERE LIKE STATUES!!! whisper had tears in her eyes. i was holding on to dare, and misery was standing extemely close to tuesday which i found quite odd but also not that much after seeing them hug earler. flana and coral were balling their eyes out. truth looked plus scared that ever...or just her eyes did. arc tried to stay strong but ended up crying on dahsers shoulder. we were in trouble and we knew it. but rane seemed so calm, like...
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First Name: Drakero (Drai-kee-row)

Name Origin: His name comes for a portmanteau of "Drake" and "hero".

Middle Name: Almaldo (Al-mall-doe)

Last Name: Bonsachei ( Bon-sa-chei)

~Family Relations~

Almaldo (Father)

Drei (Mother)

Draco (Older Brother)

Ku (Sister)

Drapy (Younger Brother)

Hercul (Grandfather from Almaldo's Side)

Jilgma (Grandmother from Almaldo's Side)

Lumina (Grandmother from Drei's Side)

Drahon (Grandfather from Drei's Side)

Darby (Cousin)

~Friend/Foe Relations~

Silver (Best Friend)

Blaze (Close Friend)

Marine (Close Friend)

Sonic (Friend)

Knuckles (Friend)

Tails (Friend)

Shadow (Acquaintance)...
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(October 3rd Friday)

That Night…

Spyro was sleeping well in his part of the dorm when he heard a large amount of stomping and banging sounds coming from the other room. It made his spines stand up with the annoyance it brought, and the lack of sleep it would mean.

“Ugh…OOF!” He hit his head on the bunk’s roof while he got out, and grumbled as he sored his way to the door. He knocked on it a bit saying “Rynk! What’s going on in there?”

A small yelp followed par a large thud went off before a weak-sounding voice called out “Nothiiiiiing.”

“Yeah right.” Spyro a dit to himself...
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posted by Evolia-Wulf
 What Penku looks like....
What Penku looks like....
Oasis- CH1 Part 2/5
“Speraitin’ kids from deir guardians…dat’s somethin’ ya don’t mention ta me!”

((The suivant Chapter 1 piece to Oasis. For a précédant update follow the link below.))

Flesh parted under the keen blade gliding with rapide, swift steadiness across an alarming red wound. A hiss rattled from the chest inches from her hand. The clink of a metal scalpel tapping a wooden bowl mixed in din of soft voices touching cool halls.
“Hrrgg…” The voice rose from its hiss, a growl now, choked with pain, “Vaccine…that…that hurts…!”
Soft rose eyes fell over the agonized...
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posted by virusw
well continuing from the last story here it is enjoy <3
elise: there we go all set now i just need to finish up the food. shadow: what are toi making anyways? elise: an old recipe i learned from my mom called luna noodles its called that cause of the secret ingrdient, oh and a small salad, and for desert some of my mother's favori sunflower cake tastyeir than toi think. shadow: sounds good. elise: it always is. shadow: also i had no idea your house was so amazing i mean it has everything plus one heck of a view. how did toi get this house?...
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John woke up when something flashed very brightly. “What the…?” He checked his cell phone, but it was too dark. John felt along the walls and floor to get to the light switch. He got to the general area of the switch. “Where is it?” John mumbled to himself as he fumbled for it. He found it, flipped it, and then closed his eyes since the light seemed too bright. Now that John’s eyes were adjusted, he put on his glasses and checked his cell phone. That was turned off. Then he checked his clock. It was 12:03. “Ok, now I’m officially creeped out.” John turned the light off, but...
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posted by kittiez12
First Off, This Is A Romance-ish Story...Just A Warning. Ok, Let The Story Begin!

A Path Of Petals Was All I Could Make Out, The Darkness Was Making Everything Fade. I Followed The Petals, And The Trail Ended After A Few minutes And A Few Meters In Front Of Me Was The l’amour Of My Life...His Figure Was Only A Silhouette, Somewhat A Dark Red, As If He Was Stained With Blood, And The Dark Made The Color Look Darker, The Petals Which Were A Rosy rose Turned A Dark Crimson. The Darkness Got Stronger, The Figure Faded Even More, Disappearing. I Ran, To Get A Glimpse Of Him, I Hadn't Met Him, Not That...
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