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Sonic fan Characters Question

fan character making ways of interest and fan character add ons of interest and plus

salut guys it's me shadowxcreamftw here.i have some new ways and other ways already used that aren't really being used at all.i only found 2 people that use the way of making sonic characters out of pokemon characters.that's 1 of the ways i'm including in this.and i have ways of add ons 4 hr existing sonic characters and not made yet sonic characters.

well here's way#1:pokemon sonic characters(already said.if u don't know what pokemon is then just chercher it up.same 4 all the other things i'm about to say.)

way#2:digimon sonic characters

way#3:have ur characters have halo sparton armor.

way#4:have ur characters have the red and blue wings when iska on "soul calibor:legends" used both soul edge and soul calibor.

way#5:make ur characters like luny toons

way#6:make ur characters have the armor that soldiers wear on killzone 3

way#7:have ur characters hold pistolets ou other weapons(already being used but still)

way#8:have ur characters have pets ou chaos(already being used but still)

way#9:have ur characters have make up ou scars ou hearts ou any other shape ou anything else(already being used but still)

way#10:have ur characters in a vehicle.

way#11:have ur characters have elemental qualities(already being used but still)

way#12:have ur characters have knight armor ou excalibor sonic armor ou holding a excalibor

way#13:make ur characters being spirits ou poupées ou mechanic(already being used but still)

way#14:make some of ur characters already made ou gonna make later ou ur characters with other peoples characters cheat on eachother and soon make up ou u decide 4 them to not make up.

way#15:make ur characters a wizard

way#16:make ur characters a king ou Queen ou princess ou prince(already being used but still)

way#17:make fake couples.like if u have 1 with a chara then make another 1 saying it is a fake couple.u can also fake couple rp as well

well that's all i can think of atm but i might think of some plus and post yet ano
at the end it was cut off i'll add back the other part:and post yet another of this.if u have anything else we can use to make sonic characters ou add ons and/or more.i really hope this helps
shadowxcreamftw posted il y a plus d’un an
(before the "i really hope this helps"part i a dit post it in the commentaire section
shadowxcreamftw posted il y a plus d’un an
like no-one reads articles much
shadowxcreamftw posted il y a plus d’un an
 shadowxcreamftw posted il y a plus d’un an
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Silvaze_Reborn said:
How about Extreme gear :3 it is already an idea in the FC design but still i havent seen much pics of that X3
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
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