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Fan fiction by ameliarose2002 posted il y a plus d’un an
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SonAmy: New world: Chapter One: This new world is...


The new world is a bit strung, but here is the catch, my family. Dads in the army and brother is rob's dad. Mum is royal and Queen. I'm royal, have one older sister called Hannah, two older twins, Max and Amelia, and my triplets sisters, Rosy, Lynn and I. Rosy is older then me and Lynn is younger. And Rob is married! I don't know who because he married because he was married in the other world to an echidna, and had a kid, but here, an annoying red hedgehog called Elizabeth. I don't know anything anymore about my family. But there are some other changes in the freedom fighter. Sally was a robot to save Sonic but it made things woes. It made the King up-set about his sister, and made a new King. Anoten had to save them from Metal Sonic because when we where helping the King to his new accueil after being vansion from the new King. Bunnie was so up-set about Anoten so got her self re-robotasized. But here, everyone is good. So in the old world, my family was smaller, and good, and the freedom fighters where fulling apart. But here, my family is biger, and the freedom fighters are good. So, bad good in...
Fan fiction by CrescentHedgie posted il y a plus d’un an
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Sometimes, they say l’amour is blind. It can send your cœur, coeur to heaven, but then crush it in the end. This is not that type of love.

If toi don't know who I already am, let me introduce myself. My name is Amelia Rose. But my Friends call me Amy. And, though I don't want to admit it right now, I'm in l’amour with the most renowned hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. Oh, how I l’amour him so much! But, because of how I act whenever I'm around him, he always runs away. If only he knew how I truly felt. But, I guess now that I'm much plus older, I've learned that l’amour doesn't come to toi that easily. Especially when toi can't keep up with it.

I was having a walk through town, just getting back from shopping. I was walking along, holding my bags, until I saw something go par me so very fast. Almost a blur. A blue blur. My mind immediately clicked, realizing what that blur was. "Sonic...". My cœur, coeur started skipping every beat hearing the mention of his name. I followed to where the blur was going, picking up the pace plus and more. I was about to see my true l’amour again! After all of these years! Finally...
Opinion by shamy1000 posted il y a plus d’un an
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It's been 3 years since Amy seen Sonic.This was going to be the first time Amy's been to high school. When she came to the entrance, she found her old friends.They started comparing their classes.Amy had an itchy spot in her tight chemise that showed off her breast.When she scratched it some boys whistles."OW!" a dit a blue blur."Sorry,I wasn't paying attention"said Amy.Sonic eyes caught Amy's beautiful eyes."Amy?""Sonic?!".Then Scrouge came in and pushed Sonic and Amy making them kiss.They stayed like that untill the cloche, bell rang.By the end of the jour they were together. Smoooooooooooooooooooooccccccchhhhhh was all toi could here at Amy's house. THE END!!!!!!!

Fan fiction by shamy1000 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Amy and Sonic are together and they got in a fight cause Amy wants a baby but Sonic is not ready.Will Sonic be ready in a few weeks?"Tails what will i do, i want Amy just not the baby.""i would make one with Cream to complete my life happily..""ok."Amy was at her house looking at porn."There so lucky they get fucked hard" a dit Amy.Sonic was surprised what she was watching.He had a bulb appear in his pants."Amy!"Amy turned around quickly."Sonic!"She slammed the laptop."Amy i saw what toi were watching.""oh, um."She was hiding a pack of condoms."Amy toi don'T have to keep it a secret, i've made my choice, it is a yes.Amy took out the pack of condoms.3 hours later."OH SONIC!!!!" she moaned loudly."im going to com!!" sonic yelled so did Amy.And they com
inside each other.9 months later Amy had a baby named sunshine.THE END

Opinion by lili11p posted il y a plus d’un an
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First of all let's get some stuff out of the way first. I will be talking about some Amy couples like Shadamy, Silvamy ect. If toi are a fan of both of these couples, and do not want to see me hating them, toi should go back now.

Yes, I am talking about this subject now. I don't care what toi say, I'm doing it. Anyway, I would like to say some stuff about SonAmy to those who hate/dislike the couple. I've talked about a topic like this once, only it was about Amy Rose. Only this time I'll be talking about a very populaire couple among us Sonic fans: SonAmy.

I'm pretty sure toi know who Amy Rose is right? If toi don't, let me give toi some information.
Amy Rose is a 12 an old anthropomorphic hedgehog who has a huge crush on Sonic the Hedgehog. Now that's out of the way, let's talk about the couple itself: SonAmy is a very populaire couple among us fans of Sonic. The first shipping of the couple would be, if I'm correct, since Amy's debute in Sonic CD. Also, in Sonic X, episode 50, when Sonic meets Amy, after his Friends thought him to be dead, he gives her a rose. Then that's when everything kicked off.
Opinion by TakTheFox posted il y a plus d’un an
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Shields Up, Mr. Sulu, red alert!

But Captain why?

We’re talking about Sonamy and SonSal.

… Oh my…

YES, I am going into THAT territory. I’ll get right into that thing EVERYONE is going to talk about.

Sonic X, Episode 52. In the episode, Amy says “Just tell me that toi l’amour me!” after worrying to death about Sonic being gone, and such. Sonic then proceeds to offer her a flower, and the words “Oh Amy, I l’amour you.” Are RUMORED. Unfortunately (or… fortunately) the audio was cut out. I was told it was so that fans could discuss what he a dit themselves (which is stupid so I kinda still am suspicious. Why is it stupid? Because why would they want plus fan wars between those three? It’s not fun, it’s annoying.)

Now let’s go over what happens if we believe Sonic DID say that. Well Amy was under stress, and while, let’s face it, despite how annoying Amy is, Sonic can be quite mean to her when he wants to be. Such as when he pretended to be hitting on her when wanting to get off that ship, ou attacking Eggman in Sonic Riders when knowing Amy could have gotten...
Fan fiction by Lonegirl1990 posted il y a plus d’un an
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I do Care

salut there name's Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm the world's fastest hedgehog and well known hero. For the life of me, toi may think that I have the most awesome and dangerous life fighting villains, saving the world from dire peril and helping and protecting everyone there was something that bugs me sometimes whenever she's around. If you're wondering who I'm talking about I'll tell you…I'm talking about Amy Rose…

I know that she chases me ever since the jour we first met; on Little Planet but I have to confess that I have a little soft spot for that little hedgehog and why shouldn't I? Me and my Friends are practically her only family ever since her parents became missing for some reason…I remember it like it was yesterday…


Sonic was running towards the woods nearby Never Lake taking a little break from saving Little Planet, he was about to take a snooze when he heard fast pacing footprints coming towards him.
Fan fiction by Lonegirl1990 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Do toi even Care?

Hi there, my name's Amelia Rose the Hedgehog, but my Friends call me Amy Rose. I'm here to say that I'm also having a very depressing time right now because once again my love, my hero and my idol; Sonic the Hedgehog…Every jour since my blue hero saved me from Metal Sonic and Eggman. I was near Little Planet where my tarot cards a dit that I would meet my true l’amour there at Never Lake, I was only 8 years old the time and I was very eager to see if my tarot cards were right. I remember it like it was only yesterday…

I was at the lake looking at Little Planet chained to the Earth and looked really terrible with it being roboticized but I was so busy being sorry for the planet, I didn't noticed a blue blur zip past me. The wind blew so hard that it blew up my skirt! I quickly composed myself with my cheeks now red as a tomato. Fortunately, I saw the direction the blue blur was heading, Little Planet. I ran as fast as could on my own two legs until I made it to the chain that keeps the planet to Mobius. I looked up and saw how high it was, I admit I was nervous of the height but I decided to climb it anyway. When I got half way there I...
Fan fiction by lunawolfstar posted il y a plus d’un an
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One jour a beautiful princess was born. Her name was Amelia Lyn Rose daughter of Queen Lilly rose and king ivy rose. Her mom was a light blue hedgehog with rose eyes and long hair with 3 bangs and her father was a green hedgehog with brown eyes and quils like sonic's. They were happy until an evil Queen a volé, étole Amy and raised her like a maid and never told her she was a princess. That Queen had a daughter named sally. Sally was never treated right so she also became evil. Years later with it being Amy's 19th birthday she wanted to leave her accueil and go explore. One night she was watching out her window when she saw a dragon with a girl on it. The girl jumped off and stood infront of Amy.Amy:who are you? ??:why don't toi Rember me? Amy:come into the light. The girl showed to be a night sky color loup with hair that sparkles like the night sky and she wore a black and blue dress and a hodded cape. Her eyes were jade green with 3 eyelashes her bangs covered her one eye and with black bat wings. Amy:luna is that you? Luna:the one and only princess of the night. They both hug eachother and then they let go. Amy:why are toi here? Luna:I'm here to take toi away. Now hurry and climb on...
Fan fiction by Sonicfreak181 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Sonic and Amy got married earlier and they had 2 kids, the boys name was Turbo. he was orange with blue eyes( because sonic and sally did it) And the girls name was midnight and she was purple with green eyes and her hair was long with 3 bans at the front like amy.

One jour Amy came accueil from shcool and sonic was sprawled out on the canapé and amy got hungry an heure later so she went to get some Oreos and then she started yelling at sonic about the chili dog shaped cookie jar and sonic got angry easily and sonic shoved amy on the ground, grabbed a couteau and................................
Opinion by Goombagirl26694 posted il y a plus d’un an
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“Sonic…I-I l’amour you. Please, just please, don’t leave me!” I was looking at a bloody Sonic behind a transparent glass wall. It was sad to look at him, and pain kept coming to my heart. “A-Amy, I’ll be okay. I’m sûr, sans danger here, with you. Just don’t wor-” he didn’t even get to say the rest. Gun shots sounded, I closed my eyes, and them, BOOM! When I opened my eyes, thankfully, I was back in my room, and it was just a dream. I sighed. Just thinking of that dream almost made me have a cœur, coeur attack. I went to the bathroom to get some water, and looked in the mirror. I just didn’t seem the same, I was pale, and my eyes were getting watery. It was almost like the dream really happened; I was actually crying. I gulped the water down, rubbed my eyes, and went back to bed. Hopefully, I would get a good night’s rest for the suivant five hours.

“Tweet, tweet,” the birds woke me up at seven o’clock on the dot. While I was putting on my clothes, I just remember the dream. I called Sonic just in case to see if he was okay. “Oh uhh, hello Amy? It’s toi right?”
Fan fiction by love5 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Amy and Sonic are getting married but problems are happening Sally and Fiona are jelous and they team up together to break up Amy and Sonic Mina is feeling lonely and Sonic thinking seconde thoughts about his proposal will things turn out better ou will they get worse?!

~Amy's Pov~

I Was sitting down watching the sun set with my Friends Cream,Mina,Cosmo,and Rouge It was nice to see the sun going down just when the sun was going to set Sonic Came speeding toward us he looked at me and said

"Ames Can we talk"
I Waited for sonic to say something until he looked at my Friends and a dit
I Giggled and my Friends did to Sonic picked me up bridal style and we sped off

~Normal Pov~
Sonic took Amy to a beautiful park noone was there the herbe was really green and toi could see the beautiful Orangy sun Setting Amy Looked at Sonic with a "so what is it"Look on her face
Sonic Put her down and held something behind his back he kneeled on one knee and looked at Amy
Fan fiction by love5 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Sonic kept on running from Amy she had been chasing him for hours and she still has been able to keep up with him

"Shit Amy just give it up"
Sonic thought still running soon he came to a cliff he stopped and looked back seeing Amy come really close he sweatdropped and When he sighed he felt Amy grab on to him and hug him panting and almost making Sonic and her fall off

"But Sonikku we finally have our own moment together"

As soon as Sonic and Amy knew they were falling down the cliff Sonic and Amy screamed Soon Amy grabbed Sonic's hand and before they could touch the ground Amy used her Hammer and they went flying somewhere else inside of the ditch Amy let go of Sonic's hand and they both fell sonic rubbing his rump

"Thanks for the save"
he a dit trying not to sound to great about it Amy sighed
"Now how will we get out of here"
Sonic sighed
"Follow me"
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted il y a plus d’un an
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At tails' house:
Tails: so what toi saying is that toi made the biggest mistake in your life and now toi need help.
Sonic: yep that's just about it
Tails:(gets up and punches sonic in the arm. Hard)
Sonic(grabs arm) ow
Tails: toi deserve it especially this isn't the first time this has happened.
Sonic:can toi tell me what to do
Tails: it's very simple. Change just like she did.
Sonic: toi mean
Tails: yes. ( goes into bathroom and brings out an orange dye)
Sonic:no way tails i like my color and why do toi have that
Tails: if toi dont then toi dont respect Amy, and my cousin left it here
Sonic: fine ( takes dye and goes to bathroom)
5minutes later:
Sonic:i feel stupid
Tails: come on it's for Amy
Sonic: fine but dont laugh
Sonic comes out of room
Tails:(tries to hold in laugh)
Sonic: i hate you
Tails: now go to her sonic
Sonic: ok you're starting to sound like those soap opera shows and shouldn't i change my name
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted il y a plus d’un an
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Sonic's POV: i saw a note on her door. It said," this was the her home, but she is now dead, so now Sandy rose lives here." Then a girl that looked like Amy, but had blond fourrure and jade eyes like amy.
Amy's POV: i heard the nosie of the paper as someone took it off to read. I had just finished dying my fur, when i opened the door. When i saw sonic, i slammed the door closed. He kept knocking on the door, until i opened the door. I asked who he was.
Sonic POV: when she a dit that, i heard the hatered in her voice. I felt my cœur, coeur break. I tried to say sorry, but she kept saying that she didn't know me. I ran to talk with Tails.
What will Tails suggest? Found out in chapter three
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted il y a plus d’un an
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Amy's Pov: i was looking for sonic to give him this bracelet made for him. Just then, i heard him laughing with Sally. I listened to what they were saying.
Sonic's POV: sals and i were on our rendez-vous amoureux, date when she brought up amy. She started to say," sonic when are going to tell her that you're mine?" I answered," soon. man i hate her, she follows me around man i wish she was dead." We laughed, just then amy came out of no where.
Amy's POV: when i heard him say that i felt my cœur, coeur break. I went to to tell him what i thought about him. I said," sonic how could you? I have always l’amour toi and this is how toi treat me behind my back? Fine! If toi want me dead fine! Amy rose is now dead! I never want to see toi again!" After i a dit that i threw the bracelet to the ground, breaking it. I said," i made that bracelet for toi but since toi want me dead, the bracelet doesn't exists." I ran away crying.
Sonic's POV: after she a dit that, i felt bad for saying that. I picked up the pieces of the bracelet and put them in my pocket. Sally said," good ridence." I couldnt believe my ears. Sally was so mean and cruel. I looked at her and told her that we were through. After that...
Opinion by sonicfanAG posted il y a plus d’un an
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Sonic was in the park with his dog Muttski,When a mysterious little boy ran to him.
Little boy:Daddy!
Little boy:Daddy, I Lost you, daddy.
Sonic:You must be mistaken little boy,because I'm not your daddy.
*Little boy takes gant off*
Little boy:Look!I have the same birthmark as toi have.
*Sonic takes off glove*
Sonic:What the......?
Little boy:See?!
*Sonic gasps*
Amy:Hi Sonic.
*little boy hugs Amy*
Little boy:Mommy!
Sonic:HUH!?IT CAN'T BE?!
Amy:Yes,Sonic meet your son Dash.
*Sonic starts to cry and hugs Dash*
Sonic:Where have toi been all my life?!
Amy:He's not the only one.
Amy:Sonic Jr.,Rosy,Susan,Speedy,Moonlight,come out here!
*6 little kids come out from Amy's car*
*Sonic starts to twitch*
Sonic:Your kidding right?
Fan fiction by SilverFanGirl posted il y a plus d’un an
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5 fans
Chapter One

"Sonic!" Amy called. "Sonic!" She had her hands cupped around her mouth to shout out his name. No answer. She sighed. She stopped calling his name. She walked around Station Square, wondering where the blue hedgehog was. She gave up, but she saw him! She started running after him.
As Amy got closer, she saw him talking to..Rouge? What? Amy tackled Sonic. Sonic turned to face her.
"Amy get the hell off of me!" Shadow growled. The black hedgehog hated the rose girl.
"Oh, sorry, Shadow," Amy apologized. She got off of him. "I was looking for Sonic." Shadow nodded and crossed his arms.
Rouge just stood there, wondering what Shadow might say next. (I'm a Shadouge fan also, so no complaining if this seems Shadougeish too. XD)
Amy sighed. "See ya." She walked the other way. She sighed once plus and kept walking.
"Amy!" a familiar called.
Amy turned excitedly to see if Sonic was calling. "Sonic?"
Tails turned up. He shook his head. "Nope, its me, Tails."
Opinion by sonicfanAG posted il y a plus d’un an
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One jour the heroic hedgehog Sonic was yet again saving the jour when so-called girlfriend Amy arrives and pretends to come to the rescue:
Amy:Sonic dont worry I'll help
*Amy then gets out her hammer and starts hitting the enemy.*
Sonic:What do toi think you're doing?!
Amy:I'm here to rescue you!
*Amy then gets hit par the enemy*
Sonic:Amy what do toi think your?Are toi litterly trying to kill your self!?Amy go accueil I DONT WANT toi ANYMORE!!!
*Amy then runs of crying*
Shadow:I'm not even that mean
Silver:Cold dude.Cold.
Sonic then realises that forgot to tell Amy a really important thing so then Sonic goes running of to Amy's house hopeing that she's there.
While at Amy's house Amy hears a knock on her door:
Amy:If it's toi Sonic I don't ever want to see toi ever again!!!!!!
Shadow:It's not Sonic it's me Shadow.
Amy;Oh,please do come on in.
Shadow:I know what Sonic did told toi and that was just plain rude.
Opinion by sonicfanAG posted il y a plus d’un an
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Sonic was walking in the school's court yard when Amy runs up to him:
Amy:Sonic wait I have something to ask you
*sonic stops running*
Amy:Would toi like to go to prom with me?
*Amy blushes*
*Sonic looks down*
Amy:What?Is there something wrong?
Sonic:Well toi see I..uh already asked Sally.
*Sally walks from the main building*
Sally:Hi Sonic!How's my hedgehog doing?
*Sally kisses Sonic on the cheek and turns to look at Amy
Sally:What are toi looking at toi rat?!GET LOST!!
*Amy runs off crying*
*Sonic gets Sally's arm off of his back*
Sonic:First of all toi did'nt have to be mean!!
Sally:Why do toi care about that rat!!
Sonic:She is not a rat.I keep telling that to all my rivals."
Sonic:You are no longer my girlfriend.Amy is.
*Sonic runs of to look for Amy *
Sally:Who needs toi any way?
Fan fiction by MagicTheBunny35 posted il y a plus d’un an
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One day, Sonic was walking in the park when he saw Amy and Rouge sitting in the grass. Sonic hid behind a bush.
Amy: Rouge....
Rouge: Yeah?
Amy: I have a couple of questions to ask...
Rouge: About what?
Amy: Just listen...
Rouge: Well go ahead, I'm listening
Amy: Do toi think Sonic l-likes me?
Rouge: Uh....well, that's not something I know about...
Amy: Do toi think Sonic will Kiss m-me?
Rouge: Well same thing I a dit before......
Amy: *Says quietly* D-do toi t-think that Sonic will s-say that h-he loves me?
Rouge: Now THAT'S something I don't know!
Amy: *Starts to cry*
Rouge: Well.....I know!
Amy: *Stops crying and blinks* What?!?!?!?
Rouge:.......Uh....I'm hungry......
Amy: Its no use.......Sonic will never like me....
Sonic: Hmm...
Tails' Workshop
Sonic: salut buddy! *Waves at Tails*
Tails: Oh hi Sonic! I was just fixing up the X Tornado.
Sonic: Uh.... I'm just gonna look around your house for a bit...Is that ok with you?
Opinion by Ashley-Shadow posted il y a plus d’un an
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"AMY WHERE ARE U!" a dit Sonic.

Mean while back where Amy and Shadow are. Shadow please bring me back. Amy a dit with tears in her eyes. "Why why do u want to go back Amy is because of sonic". Shadow went on one knee in front of Amy. "To tell u the truth Amy he never loves u". SHUT UP SHADOW! Your ling.

Back where Sonic is. I looked everywhere where could she be? two old women walked par talking and sonic over heard them. That little black hedgehog was being mean to that cute little rose hedgehog. i know i think she was crying. sonic ran up to them. "a black and rose hedgehog did the black one have red stripes?" "Yes why?" the old women a dit with her lazy eye. "Well what way where they going?" "up to the old camp." "thanks i got to run bye." Sonic ran out of there in ten seconds.

Back where Amy and Shadow where.
"Shadow what are u going to do to me." Amy said.
Shadow walked up to Amy where there noise where touching and picked her up and brought her in to a lit room and placed her on to the lit and got on haut, retour au début of her. "Shadow get off of me SONIC HELP." Amy yelled as loud as she can. "SHUT UP your giving me a head ace. So u...
Opinion by Ashley-Shadow posted il y a plus d’un an
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Amy was running from Shadow but she had to stop because she had ran into a cliff, and par the looks of it, it was a long way down. Shadow a dit "give up that émeraude ou I'm going to have to take it from you" he a dit in a very calm but demanding voice. Amy a dit "no, I'll never let toi get this emerald! Shadow stepped slowly to her step par step, Amy was starting to panic as she stepped back further and further to the edge of the cliff. Shadow on the other hand was making his way slowly to her until their faces were so close to one another that they could feel each others breath then Shadow a dit "I'm taking toi and the emerald" Amy thought "why didn't he just kill me ou just take the émeraude on the spot, ou was there something plus he was after. He brought her closer to him closing the distance between them. "Stay away from her Shadow!" Sonic said. "SONIC!" Amy said. Sonic gave the trade mark thumbs up to her along with his cocky smile. Shadow growled at the sound of that fakers name. Shadow then a dit "well faker I see you're on time to save your girlfriend. Sonic a dit "she's not my girlfriend," Amy was Lost on what was going then Shadow said" Lets battle, if I win I get Amy and...
Fan fiction by hunter2450 posted il y a plus d’un an
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THREE HOURS LATER AT THE MOBIUS CARE CENTER 5:30PM.Amy glares at sonic "do toi have ANY idea what you've just done?you've donné me your condition,and it's incurable!it's over sonic!"
sonic stutters "B-But-But i didn't..."
amy screams "GET OUT!Get out of my hospital room,out of my house,and OUT OF MY LIFE!"
sonic hangs his head and walks out of the room and i stop sonic from leaving "hold it!"
amy screams "YOU GET OUT!"
i scream at her "SHUT UP!"
"i went you're house to make sense of this madness you're place was all smashed destroyed so i went to the construction site and borrow some newspapers."
sonic asks me "who are you?"
"my name is hunter."
sonic continues "i dont get it hunter.i mean how can this be happening?its like im in hell ou something.
"no.Amy's got you're condition although i can not imagine hell benig much worse."
"obivusly,the bite conditions had went to Amy's muscels and went across them."
sonic speaks "english hunter."
Article by SailorStar122 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Amy Rose crying oh so gracefully.
Wondering what she did wrong.
Sonic...did she l’amour him ou not?
She seemed so sure in the start.
But when will he pop the question?
These questions buzzed in Amy's head.
They have been dating for 6 years.
Then she saw before here the blue hedgehog.
"Amy,I l’amour you,will toi marry me?"
Amy Rose now Amy the Hedgehog had a great wedding.
They had two kids and lived happily ever after.
par Sailor étoile, star Edited par Computer