Sometimes, they say l’amour is blind. It can send your cœur, coeur to heaven, but then crush it in the end. This is not that type of love.

If toi don't know who I already am, let me introduce myself. My name is Amelia Rose. But my Friends call me Amy. And, though I don't want to admit it right now, I'm in l’amour with the most renowned hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. Oh, how I l’amour him so much! But, because of how I act whenever I'm around him, he always runs away. If only he knew how I truly felt. But, I guess now that I'm much plus older, I've learned that l’amour doesn't come to toi that easily. Especially when toi can't keep up with it.

I was having a walk through town, just getting back from shopping. I was walking along, holding my bags, until I saw something go par me so very fast. Almost a blur. A blue blur. My mind immediately clicked, realizing what that blur was. "Sonic...". My cœur, coeur started skipping every beat hearing the mention of his name. I followed to where the blur was going, picking up the pace plus and more. I was about to see my true l’amour again! After all of these years! Finally...

I finally made it to where Sonic had stopped, under a arbre in the middle of a park somewhere located in town. "Sonic?" I called out the blue hedgehog's name. "Sonic!" I sighed, realizing it was just my imagination. "It's obvious it wasn't him. It was just my imagination. Again! How could I be so stupid?!" My eyes started to fill with tears as I sat underneath the tree. Then, I broke down, sobbing with my hands on my face. I then heard footsteps approaching me. "Hey. Are toi OK?" A male voice spoke out. I sniffled, and replied, "Go away! I want to be alone!" "But, toi don't need to cry." "Why not?" I a dit through sniffles. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder, a comforting touch. "Because..." I put my head up, and my cœur, coeur skipped again as I stared into those enchanting émeraude eyes. He winked and said, "Hey there, Ames!" I broke out into happy tears as I hugged the azure hedgehog. "Sonic! I'm so happy your here! I've missed toi so much!" Sonic chuckled and said, "I know. I've missed toi too." I broke away from him, a surprised expression hit my face. "Y-you did?" He nodded. And, admittedly, a blush formed it's way on my rosy cheeks. "So, how you've been?" I shook away my blush and replied, "I've been fine. What about you? I bet you're out beating Robotnik again, huh?" Now a blush formed on HIS cheeks. "Actually, no. I've been... thinking about you, Amy." His response left me floored. He's been thinking about me? Could I be hallucinating? No way. He was really telling the truth. Another blush formed and I said, "R-really? Well, I've been thinking about toi too, Sonic." He seemed to smile at this. But then he turned his head away, almost as if he didn't want to tell me anything. Like he was keeping a secret. "Sonic? Is... something wrong?" He shook his head, still keeping his gaze away from mine. It was silent for a moment before he finally sighed and said, "Amy, the reason I've been thinking about toi is... well... something has been on my mind for a long time now. And..." He turned his gaze back to me, his émeraude eyes seemed to shine in the moonlight. "What is it Sonic?" I asked him. He reached behind his back for something, but I couldn't tell what it was. Now I was really eager. He sighed again and said, "I don't know if this isn't the proper way of saying this, but..." From behind his back, a white rose was in his hand. I was absolutely starstruck. Could he really be? Yes! He was! "Sonic..." He smiled at me and cupped his hand in my chin, making my eyes stare right at his. "Amy Rose... I... l’amour you." He finally kissed me right then and there. After a week that had happened, Sonic and I are still together. We are now planning to get married soon. And, after all these years, I still have that white rose with me.