First of all let's get some stuff out of the way first. I will be talking about some Amy couples like Shadamy, Silvamy ect. If toi are a fan of both of these couples, and do not want to see me hating them, toi should go back now.

Yes, I am talking about this subject now. I don't care what toi say, I'm doing it. Anyway, I would like to say some stuff about SonAmy to those who hate/dislike the couple. I've talked about a topic like this once, only it was about Amy Rose. Only this time I'll be talking about a very populaire couple among us Sonic fans: SonAmy.

I'm pretty sure toi know who Amy Rose is right? If toi don't, let me give toi some information.
Amy Rose is a 12 an old anthropomorphic hedgehog who has a huge crush on Sonic the Hedgehog. Now that's out of the way, let's talk about the couple itself: SonAmy is a very populaire couple among us fans of Sonic. The first shipping of the couple would be, if I'm correct, since Amy's debute in Sonic CD. Also, in Sonic X, episode 50, when Sonic meets Amy, after his Friends thought him to be dead, he gives her a rose. Then that's when everything kicked off.

But now I want to talk about those who dislike ou hate the couple. There are also two plus other couples I'd like to bring up. The first one is: ShadAmy. The shipping of Amy and Shadow the Hedgehog. There are SO many reasons why I really hate this couple. I'll liste these reasons below.

1. First off, it's a fake couple. Shadow and Amy only met twice in SA2. There is no way they could rendez-vous amoureux, date after meeting each other twice

2. SEGA never says anything about them being a couple at all. And still, toi people say it will happen, but I beg to differ.

Now that's done, I want to say a few words before I emballage, wrap this up: There is no reason to bash a couple that toi hate ou dislike. toi have to at least give your honest opinion before toi say anything. I gave my reasons why I hated ShadAmy so much. I will now finish off with this: Though I do not hate any of toi who dislike the couple, I just want toi to give your honest opinion first.

Thank you~