One jour a beautiful princess was born. Her name was Amelia Lyn Rose daughter of Queen Lilly rose and king ivy rose. Her mom was a light blue hedgehog with rose eyes and long hair with 3 bangs and her father was a green hedgehog with brown eyes and quils like sonic's. They were happy until an evil Queen a volé, étole Amy and raised her like a maid and never told her she was a princess. That Queen had a daughter named sally. Sally was never treated right so she also became evil. Years later with it being Amy's 19th birthday she wanted to leave her accueil and go explore. One night she was watching out her window when she saw a dragon with a girl on it. The girl jumped off and stood infront of Amy.Amy:who are you? ??:why don't toi Rember me? Amy:come into the light. The girl showed to be a night sky color loup with hair that sparkles like the night sky and she wore a black and blue dress and a hodded cape. Her eyes were jade green with 3 eyelashes her bangs covered her one eye and with black bat wings. Amy:luna is that you? Luna:the one and only princess of the night. They both hug eachother and then they let go. Amy:why are toi here? Luna:I'm here to take toi away. Now hurry and climb on iris(the dragon). Amy jumps on after Luna and they both fly away. Amy:where are toi taking me? Luna:to my château where the other princes and princesses are waiting. They landedvand when they got inside everyone gasped. Blaze:its the missing princess! Silver:it really is! Cream:she's back she's back! Amy:what??!! Luna:your the missing princess of nature daughter of king ivy and Queen Lilly! Amy:you mean i really have parents!! I'm a princess!!?? Everyone:yes!!!!!!! Luna:just look at this *showing Amy her right shoulder that has a rose mark on it* toi even have powers to speak to animaux and cure plants. Just then a blue hedgehog ran in the doors. Amy:whose that? Luna:thats prince sonic,princess of the blue wind.sonic walks up to luna and amy. Sonic:Luna I want to know who this is and why she's here. Luna:you shouldn't talk to the princess of the night like that. Sonic:sorry Luna who is this girl? Luna:sonic this is princess amelia Lyn rose daughter of king ivy and Queen lily. Sonic:hello princess I am prince sonic, prince of the blue wind *bows*. Amy:oh uh I am princess amelia lyn rose, princess of nature *bows*. Luna:ok everyone *flies up* we now have the Lost princess with us her parents told me if we find her.. protect her like we do to eachother and treat with her with respect!*flies down* . Don't worry Amy *hugs her with tears in her eyes* I will never loose my best friend ever again. Amy:its ok Luna I'm here and I'm staying for good. Luna:*lets go of Amy* come on toi can sleep in my room with all of the girls. Amy:so is your room like really big? Luna:yea its big enough to even hold the boys but I don't wanna take any chances. Both of the girls start laughing. Sonic:*sighs* theres something special about Amy. Nightshade:I think your in l’amour *chuckles*. Nighshade is a black loup with bangs and ocean blue eyes. Sonic:shut up. Nightshade:what toi made fun of me when i a dit i am in l’amour with luna. Shadow:and the same with me and rouge until I found out she wasn't the one for me *sighs* ill never find the one I love. Everyone goes out of their rooms and sits in the living room. *Knock knock*. Luna:ill get it*she opens the door to see a beautiful . black hedgehog with blue stripes 5 bangs long hair jade green eyes wore a hodded cape with a torn dress. Luna:why hello who are you? ??:I'm princess nightmare sky rose daughter of Queen Lilly and king ivy. I have been looking for my sister amelia lyn rose. Why do toi look so familar? Luna:nightmare its me Luna. Nightmare:it is you. I have to keep looking for my sis...Luna:wait Amy is here. Nightmare:hu?*looks around and sees Amy. Amy? Amy:nightmare?both run twords eachother and hug with tears in their eyes. Nightmare:I thought i Lost you. The last time I saw toi was on your 5 birthday. Amy:i know its been 14 years. Nightmare:me and Luna went looking for toi when we went our seprate ways and I thought I Lost both of you. In backround. Sonic:hey shadow do toi know that black hedgehog? Shadow:no I thought toi knew. Silver:stop hiding and let's go meet her *pushes them both over to the girls*. Luna:oh boys I want toi to meet princess nightmare sky rose, princess OF nightmares. Luna:this is prince silver prince of (i dunno) prince sonic, prince of the blue wind and prince shadow, prince OF shadows. Nightmare:oh cool shadow your name is of what your a prince of like mine except I'm nightmare and a princess. I confuse my self alot *starts laughing*. Shadow:*stars laughing too* (wow she is beautiful and her laugh is adorible if only I was Rebelle enough to tell her but we just met!) Nightmare:(wow he is so handsome and his laugh is cute What am I thinking nightmare we just met can he be the one I mean hes 21 I'm 20 maybe we can get to know eachother better)Shadow:um nightmare would toi like to go to the garden and get to know eachother better. (shadow toi just blew it I know she's going to say no) Nightmare:id l’amour to shadow. Shadow:(phew) Luna:alright everyone I got the dragons and guards on watch so everyone to the rooms and good night. Everyone:goodnight. They all go to the rooms and get dresses for bed. Cream:luna arnt toi going to go to sleep? Luna:no cream I got to protect everyone who is sleeping but thanks for asking. Cream:no problem Luna goodnight. Luna goodnight, *sigh* goodnight mother goodnight father and sis. *sees everyone asleep think all of the boys are asleep and sneaks out of the castle* .*is walking and doesn't know morelle noire, morelle is following her. morelle noire, morelle *sees Luna stand infront of a lake*(what is she doing) *hides in hole in arbre and watches. Luna:*starts singing* Ohhhh aohhhh ahhh ahhhhaha when the moon rises up and the stars sing the princess leaves her accueil she dances in the spot of the moonlight where the Heroes have faught the fight *pulls out sword* all of the bravery they have done for all I could run the war of light and dark I stand where the bravest have fallen the champion blood flows. Through my veins from all of the pain I remember that very jour when the pain washed away and I saw my very friend Failllllll. *starts crying but sees dragons come around her she puts down her sword and starts to speak* there's no reason to be afraid I won't hurt toi toi can trust me *holds out her hand* the dragon looks into her eyes and sees the princess who saves all dragon kind and puts its head agents her hand Luna:*sees what time it is and gives the dragon nourriture then leaves* Nightshade:*sees Luna leaving and runs back to the château and acts like hes asleep. The suivant morning when at breakfast shadow and nightmare already left. Sonic:amy I have something I want to montrer toi come with me. Amy:ok sonic. They start walking and stop at a lake. Sonic:we are here. Amy:*gasp* sonic its beautiful. Sonic:not as beautiful as toi amelia. Amy:O///O toi mean it sonic? Sonic:yes of course I do