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This Sonadow fan-art might contain anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

posted by Tokyo-The-Cat
Me: Heeeellloooo guys. Yes, yes I am back, and now my filthy haters are GONE!! So, without anymore delay I shall begin. BUT: I have gotten way better at writing, and I can almost guarantee that the style will be slightly altered. But in a good way...

Shadow's Mansion (10:33 p.m.)

Shadow and his lover, Sonic, were laying on the lit in the vastness of Sonic's room. The TV was blaring, and the couple were talking endlessly about their past.
"Ha ha! Remember that time, when, when I thought toi killed Amy? HAHA! I was sooo pissed!" Sonic yelled.
Shadow growled. Of course he remembered, because that...
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Sonic's POV
Shads hasn't been at accueil for a while now. I can't believe he's gone to all that trouble just for me.
Anyways, I'm hungry. I'll go out and get a chilli dog ou something.

Normal POV
Sonic opened the door. It was a bright sunny day, and all of the neighbors kids were playing outside. Tails was fixing a poor kid's broken bike. "Hey Sonic! Long time no see!" Tails yelled, as he stopped his work to wave at Sonic. Sonic examined him, as he looked strangely different. "Hey Tails!" he began, sprinting towards him. "Did toi do something with your hair?"
Tails' ear twitched. "No, it's always...
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posted by KitsuneFanGurl
They arrive at Shadow's home, (which is actually mine, Sonic doesn't know this yet)...Sonic lets go of Shadow because he has keys, but he sees a familiar rose hover-board in the driveway; so he knocks on the door. >knock-knock< An abnormally cute human with hedgehog traits opens the door and is surprised. "Oh Shadow, you're home! I've been wondering when toi would get home....oh? Sonic came over for a visit?"
"Yes, Yasaki. Sonic came to visit today, please let us in?" "Sure, Shadster! Come on in toi two. It's almost dîner and it's COLD OUT HERE!!!!!" The two hedgehogs enter...
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posted by Sonadow_perv
Shadow: *drinking*

Waitress: "Hey hunky!"

Shadow: "Sorry, not intrested."

Waitress: "ya sureee sweetheart?" *her breats jiggle*

Shadow: "I'm sure."

Waitress: "guh, fine! salut sonic! Come er and serve this man with bad taste In Women!" *Walks away*
Sonic: "Hello sir, I am sonic, I'll be your Waiter this evening. Anything to drink?"

Shadow: "uhh, yeah. Can I have another bière please?" *looks at him while drooling a little bit*

Sonic: "Sure thing sir, right away!" *Walks into the kitchen*

Shadow: "No! He's a guy! And I'm a guy, I shouldn't think he's hot. There are plenty of women I like here, like, that...
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posted by warriorlover40
Sonic ran through greenhill zone. Alone. He always did. He wasn't scared of anything out here. He stopped at a tree.

Shadows was behind the same arbre Sonic stopped at. He was watching the blue hedgehog. Shadow may have had a crush on the blue blurr. Shadow stepped out from behind the tree. Sonic jumped.

"Hey Shadow." Sonic a dit calmly.

"Hello, facker." Shadow smirked.

"Why are toi out here?"

"A walk. You?"

"A run. It's nice to see toi again."

"Here." Shadow handed sonic a blue rose." It's for you."

"Th-thanks." Sonic took the rose and tucked in his book bag.

"Bye." Shadow a dit before he ran off.

To be ...
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