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 omg sonic is a girl!?!?!
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Source: well Sega 4 maken Sonic. And peoplz who made this
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Me: Again, anything toi wanna say?
Rouge: Could toi make a sexy story for all of us?
SHadow: I want plus action...
Sonic: toi know toi want me shads*tease*
Shadow: *blush* NO i don't!
Tails: SONIC! How could you?!
Me: Moving on...

(Next day, 10:23 am)

Shadow and the red echidna met up in the park, the lush green thriving from the glittering lake nearby the entrance. The few birds who resident there chirping and tweeting, robins, bluejays, and gwees. Sonic had to meet up with Tails in central square, qhich was only a few miles drom where our two boys are meeting.
Knuckles faced the ebony...
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