Five years ago

Morinund walked through the ruins of Roarhaven. His brothers and sisters were all dead and when he got the news he came running. He did his best to help the residents of Roarhaven. He then came across a young kid. About 15. He was siting against a mur switching violently with a dead body suivant to him. A couteau in his hand
Morinund: kids?
The kids turned to face Morinund. His veins and lips were black
Morinund: how'd toi survive?
Morinund: you're not a disgrace. You're a survivor
Morinund: we both know that's not true (hold out hand) come with me
Blake thought about it. He wanted nothing plus than to kill but some small part of him still felt... Human. He knew what he had done
Blake: (thought) maybe it's time to change
Blake took Morinund's hand.

Present day

Fletcher woke up to find that his wound had been treated. It was ok for the time being but it'll need looking at properly soon ou he'll be in a lot of trouble.
He rose from the sofa to see that the rest of the team were preparing there weapons. Tanith was cleaning her sword. Blake was waiting for China to finish drawing symbols on the blade of his scythe. Valkyrie had the God-killing bow with a quiver of arrows strapped to her waist and Skulduggery had the spear
China: (finishing symbols) there, now if when the symbols are active. If anything touches the blade, they'll get electrocuted. Like Valkyrie's old stick
Valkyrie: oh yeah, what happened to it?
Skulduggery: nothing. It's in storage
Valkyrie: wow. Cool. Can't wait to have it back (smiles)
Tanith: we all need a weapon to define us. For me it's my sword. For Skulduggery it's his revolver. For toi it's your stick. For Blake it's his gauntlet, for China it's her skill and for Fletcher.....
Skulduggery: umm. He's ok on his own
Fletcher: what?
Skulduggery then picked the dagger up from the coffee table, tableau and gave it to Fletcher
Skulduggery: you'll need it
Fletcher: (takes dagger) cool
Blake: so what's the plan?
Skulduggery: we attack hard and fast. Me, Valkyrie and Fletcher will go for Jack, The Rake and Slenderman. toi lot deal with Eliza
Valkyrie: we'll all have to work together to kill Slenderman. He'll be the main challenge. Take him down and Eliza's powerless
Tanith: I hope so
Fletcher: yeah. ou we're dead (sarcastic smile)

Two years ago

Blake and Moribund shadow-walked into Blake's penthouse and Moribund was begin dragged onto the sofa of par Blake. A bullet wound in his stomach. Tears were running down Blake's cheeks as he scrambled around his belonging looking for something to help Moribund's chances improve.
Moribund: (gasps) Blake. Come (gasps) here
Blake then scrambled. His veins and lips were black
Blake: what? What do toi need?
Moribund: for... You... To... Continue... Without me
Blake: no. I can't lose you. You've still got too much to help me with
Moribund: you... Have... To... Do... That... Yourself.......
Moribund stopped breathing
Blake: moribund.... MORIBUND!
Blake then broke into even plus tears then before because now he stood there alone.

The Last of The Remnants.

Present day, outside Roarhaven

Blake and Tanith drove towards the gates of Roarhaven, their weapons strapped to their bodies as they drove their motorbikes. Blake threw a shadow towards the gates, splitting them from their hinges. Tanith jumped from her bike a onto a nearby wall. Using her wall-walking ability to stay in place as Blake shadow-walked off, he landed on the path close bye, combat rolling to the ground. The two bikes crashing in so of Eliza's people. Another group of Eliza's people running towards the two intruders, Tanith removed her sword from her waist and Blake removed his scythe from his back. Shadows surrounding it as he held held it.
Tanith: (to Blake) let's do our job (turns to Eliza's people, smiles) come and have a go if toi think you're hard enough
Blake: what she a dit (smiles)

The Sanctuary

Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Fletcher and China teleported in the Old Sanctuary to avoid detection, hoping that the distraction was working. No alarms were raised when they arrived so they were sûr, sans danger so they made their way towards the Room of Prisms.
Skulduggery: (whispers) when we get to the Room, we'll have to attack hard and fast to take down Jack, The Rake and Slenderman
Valkyrie: agreed
China: just leave Eliza to me
The team left the Old Sanctuary and entered the New one. So far no one was present, which was a good sign. Until they reached the hallway that held the door to the Room of Prisms where The Rake and Eyeless Jack stood guard.
Fletcher: where's Slenderman?
Skulduggery: he must be outside. Fletcher, get to Tanith and Blake. They'll need warning
Fletcher: gotcha
Valkyrie: (swaps the bow and quiver for the dagger) get these to Tanith and keep your distance from Slenderman and Blake
Fletcher: if Tanith can't take possession of them. Blake will need them then
Skulduggery: no. If Tanith can't use it. toi use it
Fletcher teleported and the three remaining members approached the middle of the hallway. Skulduggery and Valkyrie stood side par side whilst China stood behind them. The Rake and Eyeless Jack turned their heads. The Rake snarled and ran at the team. Skulduggery swung the bow and hit it's head. Valkyrie ran at Jack.


Fletcher arrived to see that Slenderman didn't want Eliza's people having all the fun. The group of people lay dead in it's many tentacles, it's faceless head turned at Blake with his black veins and lips and Tanith. Blake held his now broke scythe, the parts of the blade had been replaced par shadow but they weren't effective against the advancing tentacles. Tanith's sword was still in one piece. Fletcher tried running at Slenderman but a tentacle came flying at him, sending him hurdling into a wall. He quickly got up as Blake caught his gaze. Fletcher knew he was told not to but he had no choice. He teleported to Blake and gave him the bow and quiver.


Skulduggery swung the spear at The Rake but once again it moved too quickly and the spear hit the mur behind it. Valkyrie had made some good advances on Jack's hoodie but not his blue skin. China was throwing streams of energy from her symbols on her hands towards Eliza who was using a symbol to create a shield. The Rake then swung it's claws at Skulduggery but he moved away just in time to avoid getting his suit ripped. Skulduggery then sent the spear towards The Rake but this time it nicked The Rakes right arm, a The Rake then screamed. With it's last moments of life it tried to take someone with it. It tuned to Valkyrie and ran but she quickly dodged it and it collided to with Jack and died. Jack quickly shoved the body away and was about to attack Valkyrie again but she sent white lighting towards Jack, it didn't kill Jack but it did put him on his knees again and Valkyrie drove the dagger into his chest.
Skulduggery: it's all up to Tanith now
Fletcher: well it's up to Blake
Valkyrie: what!?
Fletcher: he needs it plus than Tanith does


Tanith took another balançoire, swing of her sword, it cut through Slendermans torso but it quickly healed and it kicked her away, Blake ran at Slenderman, the Arrow in the bow aiming for any part of Slendermans body. He stopped, an idea had arisen. He used his necromancy to lift him off the ground so his head was level with Slenderman's, shadows crawled from his gauntlet and up his back and created a few shadow tentacles like Slenderman and put the spear into the grasp of one of the shadow tentacles, he kept his veins and lips black for effect. Tanith quickly got up to see what he'd become, he looked terrifying. The tentacles then attacked each other. The two beings then charged at each other. Then it was all a blur of darkness. Tanith couldn't see who was winning. Slenderman then threw Blake across the road. He was desperate to keep hold of that spear. He then held it with his hand and ran head first towards Slenderman. Tanith then thought of an idea. She looked around and saw that one of Eliza's dead people had a gun. She ran to it, grabbed it and fired at Slenderman constantly, Slenderman left his attention of Blake and turned to Tanith. Blake jumped and released the Arrow into Slendermans head. The two fell to the ground but only Blake was left alive.

Skulduggery Valkyrie and Fletcher ran into the Room of Prisms to see that China had caught Eliza in a headlock. She was close to breaking her neck but when she caught sight of the others she dropped Eliza and kicked her in the head to insure unconscious.
China: Jack? The Rake?
Skulduggery: dead
Valkyrie: but Blake has the bow
China: well get it back then. And if Slenderman is still alive. Kill him
Fletcher quickly grabbed Skulduggery and Valkyrie and teleported to where Blake and Tanith were fighting Slenderman. Tanith stood alone over Slendermans body
Fletcher: toi do that?
Tanith shock her head
Valkyrie: where the bow?
Tanith: gone. Blake shadow-walked before I could get it
Skulduggery: damn. Now a Remnant has a God-killer


Valkyrie and Fletcher were catching up on the last five years in the hallways of the Old Sanctuary. Fletcher and Bane had to go to America to deal with an ogre problem, they maybe working with the Irish Sanctuary but they were still Monster Hunters.
Valkyrie: when will toi be back?
Fletcher: a few weeks. Ogres are tough
Valkyrie: sure are
Fletcher: now what. What will happen with Blake
Valkyrie: me, Tanith and Skulduggery will begin hunting Blake. We've already gotten to his penthouse. But he won't be there
Blake: no because I'm here
Valkyrie and Fletcher turned to see Blake. His grey, cleaver manteau was open and the bow was strapped to his back, his gauntlet and the darkness of the corridors made it look like he had a gap in his arm. A quiver of arrows around his waist.
Fletcher: here to kill us?
Blake: no. I'm here to tell toi I'm still on your side. If either of toi need me, just call
Valkyrie: us having your number give us a chance to catch you
Blake: I'll only help if I don't think toi can cope on your own (smiles)
Valkyrie: we'll catch you
Blake: I don't think so, us Remnants are hide and seek masters (turns to Fletcher) Stephanie would be proud of you
Fletcher: (coldly) thanks
Valkyrie: look, toi helped Skulduggery so here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna give toi an hours head start
Blake: wow. Thanks. I don't think toi would. I thought the seconde I talked to toi I was done (smiles) but nothing will stop me seeing my Friends
Fletcher: don't push your luck. Just go
Blake: fine, fine. I'm going
Valkyrie: wait. Give us the bow
Blake: no. The gauntlet can only get me so far
Valkyrie: give it to me
Blake: no, I may need it

Blake smiled and ran off. Valkyrie turned to Fletcher and Fletcher turned to Valkyrie and smiled and ran after him.

The end