Fletcher, Draco, Myra and Night all looked at the mutilated body in the ally "third one this week bro" a dit Draco looking at Fletcher, he nodded "another vampire attack" a dit Night, her fists clenched, she hated vamps, all the team members hated them, Fletcher pulled out his mobile, selected China's name and held it to his head.
"Yes dear" she said
"Inform the Elders, this vamp attack is getting too out of hand for us" a dit Fletcher
"Well I knew that after the seconde attack so I called someone to help a teen Elemental called Ignis Terra"
"Ok, when will this Ignis Terra get here?"
"He's right behind you" came a voice from the exit of the ally, the team looked up to see a 19 an old boy with short, brown hair, he wore back clothes and boots, a black rucksack was strapped to his back "names Ignis Terra" he a dit "and I'm a Vampire Slayer".
Zip-it hated being a vampire, he knew that he shouldn't but he did, he knew that Red Blood would kill him if he told anyone that so be kept his mouth shut and did the work, that's why the other vamps called his Zip-it.
"Oh Zip-it" came a voice from in the other room, it was the boss, Red Blood he called himself called his gang after himself, the red blood gang, a bunch of hungry vamps wanting a free meal and warm beds. Zip-it walked into the room to see his master, Red Blood looked to be in his 20's but was actual over 200 years old, started the gang in 1889 been roaming the shadows of Dublin since
"yes master?" He said
"You are aware the Ignis Terra has been sighted in Dublin along with Fletcher Renn and his posse of annoying investigators"
"What master?" a dit Zip-it, this was bad, but would be worse with Skulduggery and Valkyrie with them, luckily they were busy in England chasing Tanith and Sanguine
"We must act fast" a dit Red Blood
"What do toi mean sir"
"We attack their base tonight, we get the location from our spy and we shall find and drain them all"
"Yes master, I shall assemble some troops for the raid"
"Good, I shall be leading them to the destruction to Vampire Enemy Number One"
"Very good sir"
Sanctuary medical unit
Fletcher wonder for why Ignis had asked to come here was soon dealt with when he saw Ignis and Clarabelle run to each other and kiss, when the stopped Ignis turned to the team and a dit "right China told me that she and Solomon can't help toi on this one, their stuck in America, problems with the planes so they called me to help"
"So your a Vampire Slayer and going out with a nurse, who happens to know my boyfriend's ex" a dit Myra
"Wait have toi listened to what I just said"
"Yes, but I just can get to grasps with the whole relationship thing"
"Look if your worried about the skull brain and tough cookie don't worry, their busy chasing sword girl and no eyes in England" everyone somehow knew who he was talking about.
"So look do toi know who's behind all these attacks lately" a dit Draco
"Yes" a dit Ignis "a very old, very big vampire gang called the red blood gang, been terrorising the rue since the 19th century"
"And who runs it" a dit Night
"A vamp called Red Blood" a dit Ignis "been around a lot, been trying to get him for over five years now"
"Shame" a dit Fletcher
"But with your help, I can get him at last"
"Wait" a dit Myra " toi what us to help toi get a very strong and pissed off vampire"
"Yes" a dit Ignis
"We're in"
Later, at teams new HQ
the new HQ was just an old apartment, they all couldn't stay in China's home, she wouldn't like it so they had to get their own place, it was big enough to keep all four of them sûr, sans danger from most attacks, Fletcher checked the CCTV he installed so that they could see anyone trying to get in par the door ou the windows, nothing yet but he knew, everyone knew that the apartment would soon be having a few visitors.
"So how do we find this red blood gang?" Asked Clarabella, no one, even Ignis, knew why she came with them but still Ignis answered her question
"When they try to break in here, we'll follow them back to their base"
"What if one of us is badly hurt?" Asked Draco
"Then one of us will take them to a hospital and say a dog attacked them"
"Oh, ok" at that point there was a knock on the door, Night went to the hole in the door to see who it was, it was a man in his last 20s, suivant to him was a women and another man about the same age, she opened the door "hello" she said
"Who is it?" Came Draco's voice from the living room
"No one" she a dit then gestured the three to come in, the one in middle, probable the leader gave her a gun, she held it in one hand and a shadow came around her other ring covered hand and all four walked into the living room.
"Hello Ignis" a dit the leader
"Red Blood?" a dit Ignis as pistolets from the vamps and Night came to be pointed to the team and feu surrounded Draco's and Ignis's hands
"Night?" a dit Draco in shock
"Sorry sweetheart, but this guy here is paying me plus than what our little job as bounty hunters ever will" Draco was shocked but not surprised, out of any of the team Night was the one who hated the job the most, but now that didn't matter, all that mattered was getting everyone out of the situation alive.
"Nice to see toi again" a dit Ignis
"Same here" a dit Red Blood
"So looks like all the goods guys are gonna die now so toi might as well tell us the plan" a dit Fletcher
"Might as well" a dit Red Blood "the plan is to use the army that we have gained over the last 134 years and slowly but shortly bite everyone man, woman and child in Dunlin and any sorcerer that gets in our way will be executed"
"Oh no, but all my Friends besides toi guys are mortals" a dit Carabella
"134 years of planing and that's the best you've come with" a dit Draco
"We like killing" a dit the woman "a lot"
Fletcher then came up with a solution to get away, he grabbed Myra's hand, Draco saw this and grabbed Fletcher's arm, Ignis and Clarabella held hands and Ignis gabbed Fletcher's arm and they vanished.
But the moment before they vanished the three vamps and Night opened fire.
To be continued