Fletcher Renn, Myra, Draco Lupus, Night Rock and China Sparrow arrived at the hid out. Tanith was after Fletcher so that she could use him to release Darquesse, who the team had found out to be Valkyrie Cain, Fletcher's ex. China looked around to see if anyone was watching them, no one so she knocked on the door and a dit "now guys, this is another person who Skulduggery doesn't like so..."
"Wait" a dit Fletcher "so if skull-head sees us with toi and the person in that house, he'll kill all four of us, me first"
"Oh yeah, toi should of thought of that China" a dit Draco "but we don't have time, we need to hid until Tanith leaves Dublin"
"Well then that means that we can leave the house at... 2020" a dit Night "she'll never leave until she knows your not here", at that point the door opened and Solomon Wreath stood there, with his necromancy Cain in hand "China Sparrow, Fletcher Renn and young Rock, how nice to see toi again, your not here to kill me?" He said
"No" a dit Fletcher "we need your help"
Inside Solomon's home
"So toi pretend to be a doctor in a university" a dit Fletcher as Solomon pored some cups of coffee for Fletcher, Draco, Myra and Night, China stood in the cuisine Lost in her thoughts "yeah it's sort of a double life" a dit Solomon
"Nice work" a dit Night "how much detail did toi put in the double life?"
"A lot, I spent hours trying to make up the perfect cover life; parents, education, relationships, toi name it, I planned it out" a dit Solomon.
The house inside was a lot cleaner then the outside, outside was riddled with graffiti but inside reminded China of her old library, destroyed two years il y a while her Friends abandoned her, they were right to of course, when she remembered that day, she hoped her new Friends wouldn't abandon her, she looked over to the rest of the team explaining he situation to Solomon, a few minutes later they stopped and he a dit "well it looks like your done for Fletcher, Tanith's not gonna quit until ya blood has stained her boots"
"Thank toi for summing that up(!)" a dit Fletcher
"So what do we do?" Asked Myra
"Not much" a dit Solomon "stay as much as toi want but she'll find you"
"Yeah, they have to get through the rest of us first" a dit Draco standing up, clicking his fingers and summoning a flame.
"I admire toi determination" a dit Solomon "but she'll kill toi within five secondes of the fight"
"Damn" a dit Night
"Yes, Damn indeed my dear" a dit China.
Tanith was really annoyed right now, Sanguine could see that in her face, she held tightly to her sword as she marched to the door "this is the house, the smiley whore China's car is here" she said, with one almighty kick the door went flying off the hinges, almost hitting Draco in the face "parties over" she said, just as Draco, Night and Fletcher got up to defend themselves Solomon tapped his Cain on the floor, shadows surrounded the team and they were gone "BLOODY SHADOW WALK!" She screamed.
"Shush" a dit Solomon pointing to the building with no door, Sanguine had just walked through it to comfort Tanith, the team slowly walked away to a nearby cafe, sat at two different tables and discussed.
"Ok guys this is big" a dit Fletcher "we need and idea and fast"
"We could um....." a dit Myra
"Get some protection form the Sanctuary" a dit China, everyone turned to her and Night a dit "you do know that three of us are people that Skulduggery doesn't like, that's half of this bloody group"
"So" a dit Draco "we need to find a way to get Tanith off our backs and..."
"Wow" a dit Myra out of the window "speak of the devil, hid guys", they all turned to see Tanith and Sanguine walking straight to the cafe, when they turned back Myra was hiding under the table, so they did the same, when Tanith bursted through the door, she quickly ran to to man at the till and sliced his head off his body, turned to where the team was hiding and a dit "ya know I've seen zombies hid better than that" after that the team came out form their hiding places and Draco lunged at Tanith but was grabbed par Sanguine and thrown back to Night "very well done" a dit Tanith "we could us a guy like you, what do ya say", Draco then go to his feet and a dit "the jour a rejoindre toi is the jour Hell freezes"
"That can be easily arranged" a dit Tanith
"Cut to the chase, Tanith" a dit Fletcher "if ya gonna kill me, make it fast"
"By it must be done in front of Val for it to work", then an idea formed in Myra's head, she grabbed a couteau and Fletcher and held the couteau to his throat "one plus déplacer from toi blonde and I'll turn his head into a plage ball", Tanith then stood back
"You don't have the guts" a dit Tanith
"Wanna bet on that" a dit Draco as he put a flame covered hand suivant to his brothers neck
"Yeah" a dit Night as a shadow couteau came form her ring and approached Fletcher neck, they all stood there in silent for a few moments when Sanguine threw his razor at Myra but Fletcher caught and brought it to his own throat "we're gonna offer a choice, let us go and don't bother us ou toi loss toi Darquesse Trigger" he said, Tanith lowered her sword and a dit "ya know Fletcher, I know about your old life, your double life and I know that it's coming for you, I guarantee toi in the suivant few weeks you'll be wishing that I killed toi know" she the put sword back on her ceinture and walked away, the feu in Draco's flickered out, the shadow couteau faded, Myra lowered the couteau and Fletcher threw the razor back at Sanguine as he walked out the door, Myra then turned to her boyfriend and a dit "what did she mean double life"
"Something that me and Draco here have been running from for years" a dit Fletcher
"If she's right about it catching up on us then we can expect a few weird things in the suivant few weeks" a dit Draco
"Like what?" Asked China, then the only things that Fletcher and Draco do was look at each other, look back at China and tap their noises.
"You'll just have to wait" a dit Fletcher.
suivant episode- Bite of the Red Blood Gang