Skins Skins Season 3!

RainbowGeek819 posted on Jun 25, 2008 at 11:48AM
Im so gutted about season 3.........

I mean Effy Really?!?!

I like and all but

A whole season with her!


I want Maxxie back =[

They should of followed there life as adults

Like 1 epi it can be about Maxxie getting kick out every musical and doing some things he not pround of to actly get in one! but not the main part

And the next cassie would have to make the choice of Adam or sid

and Tony female form can come back and hunt him!

But I really cnt see skins doing it all about effy!

Sorry Skins but No!

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il y a plus d’un an sarah_16 said…
yeah maxxie needs to come back!!!
and i didnt realise it was ALL about effy
i wanted to know if sid found cassie!!
i'm also quite sad chris died in the last
i actually loved him

il y a plus d’un an RainbowGeek819 said…
Yeh We shall ALL miss chris!
il y a plus d’un an lisarogers123 said…
I loved maxxie!
Wish he was still in skins he was hot :)
il y a plus d’un an beckyx3 said…
love skins series 3, its fitt ;)
especiallyy cook hes fitt & funnyy as tbh ;)
il y a plus d’un an iwina said…
love skins season 1 and 2, hate three... i mean ... what the f ??? effy???? we all loved sid and cassy nd all of them. they should have used the actors and do something with them. or change the name of the show at least... i m so pissed off of that ... they should do something about it ... many people are dissapointed. the story was left hanging in season 2. at least they could make one episode to see what happens next ... f it ...
il y a plus d’un an JackcOoL said…
skins! the best show ever:) season 1 was so gooood, it was so fun in the beginning, but then at the end it was very dark! but I love Skins for that, because that is the real teen life, it's not always fun and party!... the season 2 was very dark and sad, but the actors were so good, and the stories of the episodes are so clever that for me this is THE BEST SEASON OF SKINS!... Season 3 brought new cast... and they are not bad at all, but it's not the same! maybe in the new season someone from the old gang will come back! that would be so great! maybe Cassie or Sid?
il y a plus d’un an kirky23 said…
best show ever! Effy and Freddie are such a cute couple too bad tragedy strikes!