Sia favori song for a soundtrack (made par Sia ou featuring her.)?

Pick one:
'Salted wound' from the 'Fifty shades of grey' soundtrack
"Elastic Heart" ft. The Weeknd (From The Hunger Games Catching Fire)
"Kill and Run" (From The Great Gatsby)
"One Candle" par J. Ralph & Sia (Original Song From Racing Extinction Soundtrack)
"Moonquake Lake" ft. Beck (From the Annie Soundtrack)
"You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" (From the Annie Soundtrack)
Opportunity (Sia Version) (From the Annie Soundtrack)
"California Dreamin'" (COVER) from San Andreas
"Guts over fear" par Eminem & Sia from "The equalizer" soundtrack (not included)
"Angel par The Wings" (from the movie "The Eagle Huntress")
Sia - Never Give Up (from the Lion Soundtrack)
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 geocen posted il y a plus d’un an
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