We’re concert Live! and we are so excited to announce that Sia has asked us to record three dates of her European leg: Copenhagen, Berlin and London. We will be recording all three gigs live with her on the night. toi will be able to get these brilliant CDs straight after the shows (you can pre-order online) so that toi can listen to the spectacular cabriolet, gig toi have just been to straight after the last note has been played. At the concerts, Sia will perform a number of songs of her forthcoming album “We Are Born” as well as older tracks. She has designed the entire art work on the CDs and the two case digipack with her own flair, it looks incredible. As Sia made all the art work especially for us toi won’t find this one anywhere else
The best thing, toi can already pre-order it now to make sure toi get one of these limited edition collector’s items on our website www.concertlive.co.uk so toi won’t have to worry about missing out ou taking money to the gig.
Folks, these are rare two-case digipacks with the design exclusively made par Sia herself, with new and old tracks and they are the ultimate collectors items. They will be amazing, so make sure toi get one!