toi know toi are a Sherlockian when...

liste par criminalminds15

1. …you are bored (BORED. Bored!!).
2. …you are on FIRE!
3. …you ponder the best way to destroy all self-check machines for the sake of your sanity and mankind.
4. …you hate those bloody self check out machines.
5. …body parts in your fridge, microwave ou other cuisine appliances is just de rigueur.
6. …the idea of body parts in the fridge/microwave doesn't seem like a deal-breaker for a flatmate.
7. …you do experimentation's using your microwave and your fridge as part of the methodology.
8. …flogging a corpse with a riding crop just seems the thing to do.
9. …you scour the net/high rue looking for a riding crop.
10. …safety orange trauma blankets have become the new "black".
11. …your text message notification is Sherlock saying "What now? I'm in shock - look I've got a blanket."
12. …you don't see anything wrong with hacking your flatmate's laptop just because toi can't be bothered to get your own out of the bedroom.
13. …you start hacking cell phones just to tell people how "Wrong" the police are.
14. …you have a housekeeper, not a landlady.
15. …oatmeal colored jumpers become hotter to toi than "Lesbian Asian Triplets" night on the Playboy Network.
16. …you have the urge to aquire a blue scarf and wear it everywhere.
17. …you've got out your long wool manteau and keep wearing it *in the middle of summer*. *With a scarf*. *And gloves*.
18. …you are wishing away the summer with one eye on your long wool coat.
19. …you're filled with the sudden, irrational desire to buy and then wear thick, woolly sweaters. In the middle of a hot Californian summer.
20. …you're filled with the sudden, irrational desire to buy and then wear tailored, dashing suits. Even if you're just sitting around at home.
21. …you want nothing plus than have certain roomates rip the aforementioned sweaters and Suits – Avocats sur Mesure off of each other.
22. …you start ripping off your friend's clothes in a darkened swimming pool.
23. …you crash your housemate's rendez-vous amoureux, date without realising how awkward it might be.
24. tell your flatmate to "Come at once, if convenient" and it starts to mean something altogether different.
25. …"Asexual" starts to mean "John!sexual".
26. …"get my phone, it's in my pocket" means "I want to have your babies”.
27. …you constantly correct everyone's grammar. Out loud.
28. …you call it an aeroplane, not an airplane.
29. …you begin to use British vernacular even though toi live claque, smack dab in the middle of the States (hooray for jumpers, mobiles and aeroplanes).
30. …Taxis > Rooftops > Walking.
31. …you start winking at people whilst making that 'click' sound.
32. …you try to look pompous and serious while Tweeting something silly from your mobile.
33. …you vehemently deny that toi are a psychopath and would prefer to be known as a highly-functioning sociopath.
34. …you see anyone who looks like Anderson toi tell them to stop thinking since they're lowering the IQ of the whole street.
35. …other people’s stupidity really annoys you.
36. …you refer to your sibling as your 'arch enemy'.
37. …you see a man with a long umbrella and immedietely think he may be dangerous.
38. …you buy an umbrella and toi are never seen using it; just twirling it.
39. …Browning Service revolvers become the favori creative tool of your inner tortured genius/artist.
40. ...eating becomes that thing that "other" people do.
41. …you're a true musical savant and yet your violin playing STILL sounds like an agonizingly dying cat.
42. …when toi tell people toi know that you'll "Catch. Them. Later."
43. …postmortem spit coagulation becomes plus germane to your daily life than Earth's place in the larger solar system.
44. …the very first thing toi buy with your very first paycheck is a thick hardbound copy of The Complete Sherlock Holmes.
45. …you spend your jour off having a Sherlock day, going to the big bookshop to see what Sherlock livres they have, then on to baker rue and the Sherlock museum, speedys cafe, and then to see the Sherlock play currently in the westend.
46. …you acquire a comely sidekick and a crazy arch nemesis (other than your brother) all in one week.
47. …you're walking down the street/in the mall/anywhere public & toi start eyeing people, trying to deduce who they are & how they live their lives.
48. …you want to kill everyone for a cigarette!
49. …you start chargement up your arms with nicotine patches claiming "this is a three patch problem".
50. …you want to get nicotine patches (whether toi smoke ou not).
51. …you have a mug of thé at work because something is "a two brew problem".
52. …you can't seem to watch the shows, fanvids and clips on Youtube without craving Chinese take out.
53. …crime reports come on the news and toi have to tell yourself "Do not Giggle! It's a crime scene!"
54. …end your texts with your initials.
55. …you miss your skull from osteology class and seriously start looking around to buy a new one.
56. …you start finding criminal activities plus interesting than bad.
57. …you think the best skin colour is milky white.
58. …you learn to swordfight.
59. …you forget irrelevant information.
60. …you start imagining special effects every time toi look at a text ou make an observation.
61. …you steeple your hands when toi think ou give great explanations.
62. …in a cafe toi transfixedly stare at the l’espace around toi with your hands put together, barely paying attention to your friend talking.
63. …you say "obvious" to any fact, obvious ou otherwise.
64. tell someone to turn around because they're putting toi off.
65. tell people to come anyway, even if inconvenient.
66. ...your favourite body part of your friend is the fact they're shorter than you