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Recoloring Amy Rose to Shadow the Hedgehog :D
amy rose
starter recoloring
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Um i need help on my sonic dating sim game. I have a total of 10 charaters but I havent thought of a story line yet for them. My only story line is that toi have 30 days left to find true l’amour and at the end toi will be boyfriend and girlfriend. Prime the renard is tails big sister but she needs a story line. Shes grey and has a purple dress.Amy needs a story line. Blaze needs a story line. Tiny the renard needs a story line shes 9 and is creamy yellow. Shes smaller than Tails but has two tiny fluffy tails that cant fly yet.Bonnie the dog needs a story line. Shes brownish or and has a aléatoire outfit on. (Havent thought of any cloths yet.)Monnlight the loup needs a story line.Hese white and grey has a very long tail that can be very useful for gliding since hese a power type. Has yellow eyes. Silver needs a story line. Tails needs a story line. Sonic needs a story line. And shadow needs a story line. That is all.
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I made this video.
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STOP! If toi haven't read chapters 1,2,3 and 4 this may not make sense, so read them all 1st!

Rocha's POV:
I finally got settled into the warm, cozy lit under the red blankets. I closed my eyes for a few moments until I heard footsteps then felt Shadow crawl onto the lit beside me. He must have thought that I was sleeping because he didn't even take the blanket from me. "It's okay Shadow... I'm awake." I saw him gladly take the blanket in the bright moonlight, then we just lay there staring at eachother. "Shadow..."
"Yeah." he said, bringing his hand under his head.
"I need to talk to you."
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Shadow the Hedgehog is bringing "sexy" back!
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