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posted by BlackShadowC
Section 2/ watch your words, they become your actions
We all went to the professor’s home. He does not live far, just the other side of knothole. His accueil is a museum, the historical museum of Mobius and beyond. His house is the small room on the far left, it is just a bedroom.
He was in his private study, in the back of the museum. We knocked on the door, there was no answer. We knocked again, this time he replied, “it is open!” we entered. Everything in the room was perfect, almost too perfect. He stood up and greeted us.
Professor cornichon, pickle is not that tall, only 5’ 10”. He has large...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The cast for this story is all Sonic characters, with the exception of Jack Nicholson, and Erik Estrada playing as two of the characters. I promise toi guys will like Shadow's character, as well as the entire fan fiction.

 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.

Song (Start at 0:46):

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A Sonic The Hedgehog fan Fiction

Bad Auditions par Bad Actors

Starring Sally Acorn as the Casting Director
Silver The Hedgehog as Roger
Amy Rose as Melissa
Sonic as Melissa's jouer la comédie Coach...
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posted by BlackShadowC
Section 1/ watch your thought, they become your words

I was in the GUN headquarters, Watching TV with my team, Rouge, Hope and Omega. We were in the lounging room with 3 other soldiers, who were playing ping pong. Then the phone rang.

It was Sally Acorn, the ground squirrel. "Um, what do toi need help with?" "The computer NICOLE has a glitch, could toi come help, please?" She sounded ever so slightly suspicious, but I was willing to trust her. "Sure, I'll be right over."

the freedom fighter’s headquarters was not too far from GUN headquarters. Just a hop, skip, and a teleport away. It is a burrow...
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posted by lightingjolt1
aww I see my baby up a dit shadow
as he pick up young lighting
mommy a dit young lighting cuddling to
shadow aww a dit sonic as he blush
yawn foins, hay ya daddy a dit young lighting
wow blue boy toi change huh a dit shadow
sonic add ice blue in his quills like lighting
ice blue round his émeraude green eyes
chest tummy fourrure like silver
ice blue wind marks on his arms legs
ice white émeraude red inhibitor rings silver marks on
emerald red ice white silver marks hover shoes
shoes like both shadow and singe zero mix together
sonic age 15/in HIGHT 5.0
hermaphrodite /ageless/immortal
wow shads toi change as well a dit sonic...
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posted by lightingjolt1
sonic was on his morning run
round the ocean plage wen out of a flash of light
come a hoodie little hedgehog
wow there little one a dit sonic were have toi come from the little hedgehog a dit
from a papillon de nuit in the future
the future huh a dit sonic do toi no silver
yep he my twin the silver toi meet the teenage one
I am age 4 my name is lighting jolt
wow a dit sonic your mine and shads kid huh
said sonic yes daddy toi and mommy
in my timeline both are ageless/immortal
hermaphrodite oh a dit sonic as he blush
I got some blood from mommy to give toi daddy
but first I have a gift for ya a dit young lighting
and what...
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posted by ladyhedgie
lady: m-my name i-i-is lady!
shadow: your freezing.come, i will take toi to my house.
*shadows house*
lady: thank y-you.
shadow: your still cold?i will give toi my blanket to keep warm.
*shadow lays down on carpet and goes to sleep*
lady(thinking):[he seems cold as well]
*goes to lie down with him*
shadow(whispering): ...good night.


lady: ..........
shadow: she's kind of cute when she's asleep.ill make breakfast.
lady: are toi making eggs?
shadow: ...yes.
lady: toi do know that eggs come from birds, right?
shadow: 0_0
lady: (giggles)

*evening at the cliff*

lady: the sunset is beautiful!
shadow: lady?...
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posted by ladyhedgie
lady slipper was going outside to buy slushies but then
sonic: salut freak!
lady: what?
[sally trips lady]
lady: ow! what was that for?!
[blaze picks lady up and throw her into a brick wall]
*the mur didnt break though*
blaze: because we are stronger than toi and can do anything.
lady: ...
[sonic sally blaze walk away laughing like a maniac]
*raining*[lady gets up slowly gets up and runs fast]
lady: what did i ever do to you..?*not crying though*
[falls down]
???: here,let me give toi a hand.[grabs hand]
lady: who are you?
???: my name is shadow the hedgehog.
posted by shadowsis98
Searching....As the wind blew through my dark messy hair,i looked around my surroundings feeling the pressure was plus and plus uncertain.It has been a some painfull years have i bared to search.......and suddenly i found them...what did i find actually ? to answer that such of question was.....

" has been awhile"the dark ebony hedgehog greeted..yes,as toi all may know this hedgehog is not an ordinary hedgehog..he was named with a name that a few may shivers upon hearing him..His name is SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG,the world's ultimate lifeform.

" have" i answered politely."where is rouge...
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posted by shadowsis98
it was quiet sunny that..a normal sunny saturday..i was was currently sitting on my old lit listening to i sang along through
the beats with my pale rose headphone.I heard some rustling nearby the window,quickly snaps my head toward the sound opening my headphone.'hmph maybe just imagination..'as i thought continueing my rêverie about sonic.yes,it was true i'm one of the blue speedster fan yet i'm not the so called 'crazed' one no i wasn't, sure i l’amour him but not until to marry him,kidnap him ou as such.

"psst" a voice called."h-huh?" again opening my headphone from my ears,you...
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posted by AkuaEmerald
Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow The Hedgehog
Many people are confused about Shadow, like his game. It's confused many people so I'm here to explain. Just so toi know it was very confusing for me too, it took me 2-3 freaking years to figure it out mostly because I was just a little kid.
Shadow's history
Shadow is the ultimate life, created par Professor Gerald Robotnik. His first appearance in the games was SA2. (Sonic Adventure 2) But sadly he "died" to keep a promise to Maria Robotnik.
Shadow reappeared in Sonic Heroes, but the game hinted that he was a "android". Now let's think logical here. He is the ultimate life form, that was in SUPER...
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"NO!" Shadow yelled.

"My babies!" I screamed.

He then got ready to chop. I heard screams from the kids, until the unthinkable happened. "THE FUCK?!?!?" Shadow cursed out loud, "Reverse, what are toi thinking?!?!?" Reverse jumped in front of the kids, taking the hit. He wailed in pain and the kids fell on the ground hard. I heard a scream of pain come from Trinity, who had a scrape on her knee, and it bled. Shadow rushed over to them, picked them up, and held them out to me. I closed me eyes and cried into their heads, "Oh my goodness! Thank the Miza your okay!" Platinum told me not to worry...
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 I just l’amour this picture. Sorry! ☺️
I just love this picture. Sorry! ☺️
(Okay, this will be a citron chapter! If toi are a fanpop user which is under the age of 15, DO NOT read. If you're older and a bit wanting for a lemon, go straight on ahead. Note: there will be lots of cursing and fighting in the suivant chapter, for all y'all roughhouse people. Now enjoy my Friends and please read my other 104 articles! 😀 And lastly, there will be another sequel maybe depending on my mood. ENJOY AGAIN!)

Shadow kissed my forehead and gently caressed my cheek. I moaned softly into his lips and he smiled. Shadow planted sweet papillon kisses over my face, especially my muzzle....
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 toi guys better save me soon! Joking!
You guys better save me soon! Joking!
Shadow and the rest jumped into the red portal and arrived at hell. It was worse than how the black hedgehog saw it before. Bushes were on fire, stains of blood masked the lava scent, stains were screaming and running. Shadow felt as if he was having cœur, coeur palpitations due to this. What if I was dead? Shadow felt tears of worry come to his eyes and he turned to everyone else. Espio looked worried as hell too, and he clutched the golden locket very tightly and sobbed, "Oh my sister, I have failed you....why couldn't I see the destruction that this hedgehog brought?" Shadow started to feel like...
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At Reverse's castle, I sat there in his bedroom. I was a bit plus sober now, staying quiet and answering him every time he threw me a question. He actually thought I was starting to fall in l’amour with him because I didn't use force on him anymore. I told him no angrily every time and that my cœur, coeur would always remain with my beloved Shadow. However, Reverse didn't so much as think that and sat suivant to me in his devil bedroom one day. I looked at him with an annoyed glare and a dit harshly, "What do toi want? I'm kind of busy writing, if toi don't mind. Go kill some people ou something...." Reverse...
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 Pissed off beyond compression. Tell me if toi think I'll make it!
Pissed off beyond compression. Tell me if you think I'll make it!
S.O.A.P. was a master plan Espio planned when we were little, just in case to save me from the evil emperor's clutches. Some how, Espio had the intelligence of a young professor that aced the Harvard Academy. S.O.A.P. stands for Saving On Any Perimeter. That meant no matter how harsh the person that kidnapped me was, they would save me. No mater what kind of cost it was. Shadow was worried to death now, bringing the kids along with him to Hell would be death-defying and they would surely be exterminated. Espio saw the nervous look at Shadow and closed his eyes for a brief moment, "Zoe's kids...
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posted by Hellowittykitty
 How Shadow looked everyday he forgot I wasn't with him....
How Shadow looked everyday he forgot I wasn't with him....
Shadow was tired of crying after losing me. This was hard for him to take. The only words he muttered were, "I failed....she's gone....I'm not the Ultimate Life Form, I'm the Ultimate Idiot. I've let her and the kids down...." The children, on the other hand, had cried themselves to sleep. They sleep talked very often and they kept on muttering, "Mommy, cwome bwack pwease." Shadow thought that was highly touching and that made him feel even worse. Why didn't he do anything? I was his true love! He was just too slow enough to grab me away from his brother, Reverse. Shadow couldn't take it anymore;...
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Reverse Grimm smiled wickedly and devilishly. He sashayed towards Shadow while the kids screamed. I was rushing towards them, but Reverse's magical field restricted me from going any closer. Shadow yelled plenty of curse words at Reverse, that the kids promised never to say. I felt very scared and my blood ran cold. Quietly, I whispered a prayer of help to my ancient Miza ancestors that some guardian would come and save me. I was Eggman's ultimate weapon, I should be able to free myself from this prison. "Help SHADOW!!!!!!" I screamed. "MY LOVE!" Shadow yelled again and ran towards the field...
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Shadow, the kids, and I went to the park. Although, something felt ominous when we arrived. Like something devilishly was watching over me like a stork. Shadow saw me shivering slightly in my bubbled white manteau and he held my hand reassuringly. "I'm alright, Shadow. It's just that....don't toi fell the presence of hell watching over you?" Shadow looked at me like I was thinking suicidal thoughts and asked the kids to go play while me and him had a little talk. We sat on a nearby park bench and looked up at the cerulean blue sky. Shadow tapped my shoulder and whispered quietly, "You've never...
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E-123 Omega has not made an appearance in a Sonic game for too long. Not counting cameos and spin-offs, he hasn't been seen since the DS version of Sonic Colors! And if toi don't have a hand-held, than toi haven't seen him since Sonic 06! He has been gone since 2010 in the Sonicverse, and Shadow disappeared too. toi see, Kirk Thornton is NOT Shadow, and that isn't just because of his voice. Kirk has a whole different personality. Let me explain; Remember how Shadow was a G.U.N. agent and everything? Fuck that, Kirk doesn't care, ou even seem to remember. Pretty much as soon as he came onstage,...
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I woke up to hear banging on Shadow and my bedroom's door. I smiled and Shadow groaned exhaustedly. We saw our little angels, staring at me with chiot eyes. I gave them a Kiss on the forehead good morning, and waited for them to start complaining about each other and what they did wrong. Shadow placed his hand around my waist and a dit softly, "Alright, tell Mommy and me why toi are up at 9:30 in the morning and at our door." Trinity giggled softly and clutched her Amber Doll in her hand. Platinum shifted his feet worriedly, afraid Shadow was going to scold the living wits out of him. Dusk yawned...
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