Severus Rogue The haut, retour au début Ten Things That Go Through Snape's Head

BlackHound posted on Feb 06, 2011 at 05:49AM
Found this on a pic of him at the sorting ceremony from Chamber of Secrets, laughed so hard I thought I was going to cry, decided to share.

10) Why am I tearching here?

9) Is it true Miss Granger is going out with POTTER?

8) I wonder what's for lunch.

7) I wonder how many people notice I (the picture cut off so I couldn't read the rest)

6) Remember to take 10 points away from Gryffindor.

5) WHAT the HELL did Dumbledore just say?

4) Why the F**K is Quirrel wearing a towel on his head??

3) Am I the only one who notices how gay Dumbledore is?

2) I miss Lily.

1) My robes are sexier than everyone elses.

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il y a plus d’un an frostydragon said…
LOL Thats good.
il y a plus d’un an lilith84 said…
hahahahaha, oh this is good!
il y a plus d’un an BlackHound said…
My favorite one is #4. Why the F**K is Quirrel wearing a towel on his head??

il y a plus d’un an karenmiller1972 said…
Oh that is hilarious! Someone ought to start a 'caption' contest on her for a picture every now and then to see what answers are given....LOL
il y a plus d’un an snapeinmymind said…
Thats funny! Sexy robes and gay Dumbledore - that fits. My first laugh within hours today.
il y a plus d’un an lilysev1134e said…
il y a plus d’un an AbbieCoast said…
It'd be sexier if he weren't wearing the robes...
il y a plus d’un an karenmiller1972 said…
Snape: "Hagrid snuck a dragon egg into Hogwarts???? GOOD, maybe it will eat Potter....."

"......I still can't believe he named that uncontrolable, oversized, overly aggressive Cerberus 'fluffy'..."
il y a plus d’un an vampiregirl92 said…
big smile
Lol! Thank you for this!
il y a plus d’un an snape_always said…
my number one for him would be Lily even though hi robes are sexy I don think he would b thinking it