Severus Rogue DO NOT READ IF toi HAVE NOT SEEN THE DH 2 MOVIE!!!!!!!! (SPOILER)!!!!!!

Danea posted on Jul 13, 2011 at 07:34PM
MY EYES ARE DRY FROM ALL THE TEARS I'VE SHED!!!! My skeleton is lying in that cinema.

It was the most...I'm Speechless. Truly Speechless!

And to think of an better way to Start the Movie ... With Severus Snape in the Opening????!!!

Every Scene he did was Phenomenal , But then again He IS Phenomenal.

' The New Headmaster ' Scenes were Brilliant. All that Power he worked with is Spectacualar.
The duel with McGonagall is fantastic and of course , The Dissapiration of the Bat :)))

Snape Really... really Died the most Brutal Way possible out of all the HP Series. I Sat There with my 3-D Glasses full of tears, with my hand to my mouth. That kind you can't Help but Scream "NO!!!!" That kind were you have silent tears streaming warm down your face and you cannot Breath ...
Snape died Brutally with Voldemort first cutting his throat with on fast bloody Swipe. Nagini attacked him with full force against the walls of the boathouse... so much so that the glass almost broke. You just see a Black figure lying there ... Helpless

But I want to Kiss David Yates full on the mouth for what BEAUTIFUL Work he had done for the Character that is Severus Snape.

The scene where Harry Kneels At Snape's side is Very Beautifully done, with Sev's tear Streaming down his face, that holds the memories, he asks Harry to take it and pour it into the Pensieve.
Harry was holding on to the place where Nagini bit snape in the neck.
Alan's Voice when he says "Look at me" is just so sweet, innocent and perfect. His last words where "You have your mother's Eyes".

The Prince's Tale Is Absoloutly Phenomenal. I Could not ask For Better! I am Truly truly Proud of how it came out.
Yates captured it Perfectly. He motioned the scenes , just as it was in the book. Showing Every detail possible. Sev and Lily as kids, them as teenagers, and when it came down to the sorrow and most emotional work ... Speechless. HE MADE SEVERUS YOUNG AS EVER!!!! BEAUTIFULLY DONE!!!! You just want to touch Sev's Perfect Smooth face.
The Prophecy Scene is In... YES IT IS!!!! :)))
The conversation's he has with Dumbledore
The Doe
and The MOST LOVED of all time, "Anything" And "Always" is in aswell. Beautiful...

The Rumour which said that 'Severus is going to go into the Potter house and hold Lily '.. IS TRUE!!!!!! It is a Phenomenal Work Of Art... Literally Xxx The scenes that was in the 1st Trailer of DH 2 is not in the Movie... Maybe Deleted Scenes :)

I've blabberd enough now ... :) And my eyes are Dry from the Tears so... In My Opinion ... IT WAS ABSOLOUTLY PERFECT! You could not ask For Better. And it WAS Worth the Wait.


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il y a plus d’un an bri-marie said…
I thought it was phenomenal! I had very few issues with it, and the ones I do have are so tiny... My biggest problem was the people in the theater, but that's beside the point.

I loved how the Prince's Tale was put together. I actually think it went more smoothly in the film than in the book. I also loved how they managed to make Severus/Alan look so young without it being extremely obvious or awkwardly done.

I think my favorite part was the Flight of the Prince (is it sad that I have the corresponding chapter titles memorized?). You could practically see him choking on the words as he told everyone that anyone who helped Harry would be punished, and you could just feel the reluctance he had to fight McGonagall.

All in all it was simply amazing. A truly wonderful way to end the series.
il y a plus d’un an iceprincess7492 said…
I was sobbing soooo much and had stuffed my hands into my mouth to stop myself from screaming!!! Right from the scene when Snape comes to the boathouse till Harry leaves the pensieve i was completely mind-blown by the lovely, heart-breaking, genuine and pure acting that Alan Rickman put into the chatacter of Snape.... he is by far, Severus Snape!!!

The scene when he's dying and tells Harry to take his memories was bad.... and then he says "Look at me" and i truly felt pulled at that moment because Harry too was soooo pain-stricken that my heart nearly skipped a dozen beats... then was the scene in DD's office with the patronus and the ever famous line, "After all this time?" and Sev replies "Always..." but definitely the MOST, the BIGGEST moving scene that killed me with tears soooo badly that i thought my 3D glasses were gonna break (even though they were plastic :p) was the scene when Snape goes to the house.... it chokes me to even think about that scene.... Snape holding Lily and crying... and Harry crying in his crib....

Severus Snape truly was the bravest man I ever knew and I loved the fact that Harry's son is named Albus Severus!
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il y a plus d’un an makintosh said…
This is one of my favourite movie scenes.

Severus standing there all alone
 This is one of my favourite movie scenes. Severus standing there all alone
il y a plus d’un an BlackHound said…
When Severus realizes it's Harry's hand trying to staunch the flow of blood from his throat...

The look on Harry's face when Severus says, "you have your Mother's eyes"

The way Severus whispers "Expecto Patronum"

The exchange between Harry and Dumbledore regarding Nagini (paraphrased, of course, I've only seen the movie once)..."I told you once that help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it. I should like to amend my previous statement. Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who deserve it." "Sir, my Mother's patronus was a doe, exactly like Professor Snape's. Isn't that curious?" "No, I don't think that's curious at all."
il y a plus d’un an lovewar66 said…
i cried so hard threw the whole movie that my mom got up and left. wen Harry kneels beside Sev as he was dieing i felt like i waz choking and i was my throat sweled wailed louder. and then DD siad 'afrter this time' 'always' Sev replies, i put my hand on my mouth so iwouldnt scream like everyone else and i cried all the way home. my mom says used up a lot of tissues =(