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 Selena's styles
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Those r my fav pic of her outfits...she looks so gorgeous...and I l’amour her hair and adorable face!!
Selena Gomez
1.) She is about the best celebrity that can express themself. (So is Katy Perry ♥)
2.) She can audition for ANY part and make it look like its real life, not fake.
3.) She isn't in rehab. (LOL)
4.) Selena is a sweet, fun-loving, cheerful, goofy, gorgeous teenager.
5.) She has an AMAZING voice.
6.) When she breaks up with somebody, she doesn't just go searching for another boyfriend.

Selena Gomez is my idol. I've looked up to her since I was 13 ♥ I hope toi agree with this article.
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i think that selena gomez has a natural beauty but also the physical aspect of personality.
and she never was the beginning of those célébrités who does everything well but then do poorly. therefore it is a good model to follow.
it is a great actress and she sings so well, I'm a big fan of it I have posters on every mur of my room and I advise toi to be too because she is amazing!
miley VS selena:
selena the study, those who need help, has pictures and has lots of gay friends
miley the smoke, he sells his body and have naked pictures on the Internet
I do not like miley because she is a liar!
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 Selena is very pretty in pictures
Selena is very pretty in pictures
Selena Gomez is a great role model for kids. And she has not done bad things like Miley Cyrus and Lindsey Lohan. So I think that Selena Gomez should be considered a role model!
She is also a very funny,friendly like person who can be very nice to people. Selena says,"Usually, I am a very normal teenager." She has a funny story of a time she went someplace and a little girl behind her said,"Selena Gomez is right in front of us!" and her friend said," No thats not her. Selena Gomez is always dressed up not normal looking." So my point is is that Selena can be very funny (even funny looking) and responsible instead of irresponsible and posing nude in front of everyone (like some other celebraties).
 Three Selenas! Wow!
Three Selenas! Wow!
 Awsome Photo!
Awsome Photo!
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Selena Gomez being NASTY Mikayla on Hannah Montana
Selena Gomez
Hannah Montana
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