hope toi like this! ok so
Demi is 15
Dallas is 17
Selena is 15 and
Madison is 5
Demi sat out side looking at the stars feeling sad. Her dream just came true she just finished filming Camp Rock,befriended the Jonas Brothers and just got the part of Sonny in Sonny with a chance. So why did she feel so empty? Oh yeah that's right her BFF Selena Gomez and her just had a major fight!
She felt all along all the paparazi were asking her if there friend ship was over and she really didn't know. Selena had been spending a lot of time with Taylor rapide, swift and Justin Bieber. Well Demi had been hanging with Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers.
Demi picked up a scrap book that her and Selena made. She felt tears rolling down her cheek. "Demi are toi sad" Madison asked rubbing her eyes. Demi quickly wiped her tears away. "No maddy i'm fine... wait what are toi doing up it's" looks at her watch "10:00!"
"I wanna be like you! I wanna stay up late!"Madison yelled "So toi wanna stay up late?" Demi asked. "Yup!" Madison said. "Well toi can do that but well your up your stuffed animaux are helpless to burglers!".
Madisons smile faded "W-wait toi mean they will take Mr. Stuffy! I don't wanna stay up late, I don't wanna be like you! Don't worry Mr. stuffy mama is comming" and with that Maddy was gone.
Demi laghed she loved messing with her little sis. Just like how Dallas would do with her. Then a door slammed it was Dallas then Madison came runing up to her and yelled " I can't sleep and now the mean people are coming for Mr. stuffy!"
Madison ran back to her room. Dallas walked out side "Ok what did toi do to her?"Dallas asked laughing. "She told me she wanted to stay up really late so i told her people would take her stuffed animals." Demi a dit laghing with her sis. "Hey remember that time me and Selena put a fake araign? e, araignée on your bed."Dallas a dit bursting out laghing.
"Yeah" Demi a dit looking down. Dallas noticed that Demi was sad. "I'm sorry" Dallas a dit putting a hand on Demi's shoulder. "It's ok" Demi a dit quitly. "Are toi and Selena still friends?" Dallas asked.
that was my 1st episode please tell me what toi think.