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chapter 2-BACK IN..FUR?
Before them was a green cat, two, vertical, rose scars on its peach-colored stomach, with white paws and a collar. par closer examination the collier was black, with flames studding the sides. “Scourge?” The cat licked a paw and drew it over its whiskers, which were twitching with contempt. “Yeah?” Sonic pointed at him. “What in the name of-But how-Why the he-?” That was the cat could get out as he looked at himself. Scourge then became conscious that they were still watching.”-I totally knew that I was a cat. I was only seeing if toi guys believed me.”...
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 I hope toi guys like it!~Author's Note
I hope you guys like it!~Author's Note



This couldn't be happening! I can't be pregnant! I'm just a young fox! I'm still in high school! And god only knows what damn grade Scourge is. I covered my mouth and let tears flow down my eyes. Scourge immediately rushed toward me and shot Mindy a mean glare. "You think it's funny when my whole world has CANCER?" Mindy scowled. I knew in her mind she was sticking the middle finger at Scourge. I sobbed, full of happiness, sadness, and confusion. What was next? Scourge was probably going to dump me. Just like my prom rendez-vous amoureux, date Brian the écureuil dumped me at the last minute in the ballroom....
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Her small form twirled in front of her husband, who stared at the girl with that amused signature smile on his lips, before stopping , clasped her hands together and cat walked towards him.

“Do toi like it~? I bought it just so I can twirl in it~!” She shot him a lustful smirk before twirling around once plus and were halted par a sudden grasp of her wrist, a push up against the mur and his hands gripping at her hips; her lips curled immediately as his body slammed against hers.

The illusionist leans in towards her flushed face, brushed his lips across hers (sending that anxious tingle down her spine) and tilts his head, lips curling to whispers at her ear. “Or toi could have bought them just to seduce me?”

She forms a Victorious smirk. “Ohoho~ only you~♥”
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Scourge the Hedgehog. Three things to describe him:
1. Bad
2. Different
3. Mean!

Some people call him the "Scourge of the Human Race" ou some other junky name similar to that. But very few people call him a rapist. (This is the first time I use sexual slang in my articles DX. I had to!) But one cat actually WANTED some share of the lust. Scourge knew this girl noticed him every time he appeared a few feet from her. Scourge had his eyes on her for a while, but doing something with her felt....wrong somehow. So he just waited until she told him how she felt about their current relationship. But when...
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posted by archiecomics
"hello people its me sonic sonic the hedgehog and the crazy girl suivant to me is amy rose"


sonic:"......uhm....lovely girl"

amy: oow. anyway we read some stuff here and people are saying that scourge raping them o.o

sonic: so we asked scourge to come here and talk about his little probleem come on green"

scourge:*going to sit suivant to amy* whats this about?

amy: scourge we just heard that toi rape people

scourge: WHAT!? who a dit that

sonic: so toi don't know anything about it *give scourge a book called he's back par sexyluna34*

scourge:*grab it and read it*

some minutes...
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posted by sexyluna34
i was only 13 when i met him.... jeez.....heres what happened i was alone at my house wathcing tv..i had the phone suivant to me and the news came on:

tv: in other news..a rapist hedgehog has been running around raping 13-16 an olds while no one is in there house-

luna:*spits out coca i just drank*

luna: ..the hell?


luna:*feels eyes watching her*

i then felt someones hands one my shoulders...i got scared and i turned around.

tv: this hedgehog is green with blue eyes and has a if anyone sees this man call-

????: salut there....wanna party?

luna: *gets out piko hammer that rosy...
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posted by silverstruelove
Chapter two: the drug
Magic:(talking in her sleep) no. No.NO! (Wakes up in a cold sweat) oh it was only a dream
3 years ago, i was almost raped par Scourge, a convicted rapist and child molester. Ever since then, i have had nightmares about him. I was scared to being alone, but this time i was, because my parents had to go a meeting, and my brother had to go to a football meeting in a city 5,000 miles away, so they won't be back for a week. I got up to drink some lait to make me fall asleep. I slowly closed my eyes. An heure later, i felt a sharp pain in my neck. I opened my eyes to see silver in front of me. It wasn't even silver, that pain i felt was a needle filled with a liquid that made a person hallucinations and made that person's sex hormones grow. He smiled at me sexually, and said," salut beautiful did toi miss me?" I smiled at him, and said," yes i have sexy"
To find out what happens read part 3

To find out what happened
posted by SilverFanGirl
Kat-'Cause toi do.
Scourge-I do not! That pile of shit wants to like me, fine! I won't like him!
Kat-What if he hugged you?
Scourge-*glares* Never will he touch me.
Kat-Do toi mean now?
Sonic-*hugs Scourge* How's this Kat?
Kat-*laughs* Perfect!
Scourge-Get off me! *shakes Sonic off*
Kat-*gets up, walks to Scourge, pulls Sonic off* Better?
Kat-Want him to hug toi again?
Scourge-Shut up!
Kat-What if I hugged you?
Kat-*hugs Scourge*
Scourge-*lays ears down*
Sonic-Awwwww, GROUP HUG! *hugs*
Sonic and Kat-*lets go* Sonic sits while Kat stands.
Scourge-*stands there blankly*
Kat-Hey, greenie, sit down par your boyfriend.
Scourge-*glares then sits*
Sonic-lays hand on ground and waits for Scourge to put his hand on Sonic's*
Scourge-*stares at hand then...*
To Be Continued...
posted by sexyluna34
when i woke up the suivant morning..i found a note.

note: luna....look behind ya..and your gonna find something to make your morning great.

i turned and saw scourge...he slept near me...he then hugged me while sleeping...i blushed.....then.. i just didnt move....i started to déplacer my hand on his face....i saw his scars..i thought:poor guy. i then licked his stomahc as if doing that may make them dissapear...i then heard a laugh ...i looked up and scourge was smiling at me.

scourge: morning...that was a nice little good seems that your taking interest in me...dont ya think?

i then lost...
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posted by sexyluna34
luna:aaaagh dont touch me there!!!

scourge: i can touch toi werever i want!! *rubs crotch*

luna: nngh!!! stop it!!! toi even want to know how i got out?

luna: h-how?

scourge: i killed everyone there...i showed no mercy! and now....*keeps rubbing my crotch* i have toi to have "fun" with! heheheh!!

luna:i..said..... STOP!! *wacks him with piko hammer and runs to jakes house*

luna: *opens door and runs into jake and kisses him*

jake: ....*breaks kiss* what happened?

luna: hes*pant* back! *pant*

jake: *eyes widen* what did he do??

luna: h-he found me a-and he ran at me...and...he ....touched...
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posted by sexyluna34
nazo:s-scourge!!..hey there...i was just paying luna a visit.

scourge: toi were gonna rape her.. *walks over to nazo*

nazo then graabed luna and teleported....


nazo:*teleported to base* *puts luna on the bed* this time...we wont be intrupted par that green pest...heh. *touches lunas face*

luna:*opens eyes* w-what the?

nazo:hello my princess...did toi have a decent rest? *smiles*

luna: where the hell am i???

nazo: your in my about toi and i
mess around. *pervylook*

luna:0_0 HELL NO!!! *punches nazo in the stomach and runs to the bathroom*

nazo then ran after...
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