Hello Copenhagen.
Hi everyone, I have heard a lot of nice things about Scandinavia, here are my reasons on why I would like to go there.

1. Denmark

My mother have been to Copenhagen and I would l’amour to go there. As well as other Danish cities like Aarhus, the famous Little Mermaid statue is the main tourist but sadly, it is the target of vandalism as time goes by.
I l’amour its history and the Royal Family, it also has some friendly people and it makes feel very homely while touring Copenhagen.

2. Sweden

I have a fanpop friend who is a Swedish, and she told me about her country and its culture. It also the accueil of IKEA and ABBA music. Stockholm is very country and city-like, I'm glad that preserve their historical sites!
Their royal family also fascinates me, and I'm glad that they still have strong bonds with their other Royal counterparts in Europe.

3. Finland

Historically, it was part of Sweden until it was annexed par the Russian Empire, before finally becoming an independent country after 1918. Helsinki is very homely like Ipoh and it's church overlook the city and it reminds me of Penang, in Malaysia.

4. Norway

Like Kuala Lumpur, Oslo is a very beautiful city and one think I would like to see plus is the museum and its fjord. They make very good saumon and food, I will definitely l’amour to go there soon!

5. Iceland

Reykjavik is near the mountainous side, it will be very calm and scenery for tourists and locals alike. A definite try out!

A Nordic Thank You

So there toi have it, I hope that toi enjoy lire and touring the place.
Oslo par night.
Reykjavik par night.