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posted by ShadowFan100
Name: Savage the Hedgehog
Age: ??
DOB: ?/?/?
fourrure colors: Yellow with blue designs
Powers: Negative energy and Chaos energy

Savage was once Malice's apprentice. he was order to killed Whirlwind's old girlfriend Geney. But after Malice's death, he now claims to be his own villain--more powerful and evil then Malice ever was. Malice betrayed Savage--and he now hates Malice because of it. Everyone thought Savage died in the massive wave of Chaos energy that Malice created--but he didn't. All that Chaos energy collided with his powers and drastically changed him forever. After that event, he no longer feels anything. His whole body is completely numb. He is also incapable of sleeping and he never gets tired--he gets stronger. Because he now has Chaos energy inside him, he is also bale to become Chaos energy. Over a an after the death of Malice, Savage returned. He is after all 8 emeralds. His plan is to completely destroy them all. Can Shock stop him?