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This SasuSaku fan-art might contain portrait, headshot, gros plan, and closeup.

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One sunny morning in konoha there stood a walking couple.... err #cough#soon to be couple#cough#.Their names were Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno .
Sasuke's p.o.v.
"blah..blah,blah" she keeps on talking this is so annoying"blah blah..blah blah" ugh can't she shut up? "blah blah blah blah" ugh this is the last straw! "You know what!? your really annoying aren't you???" i a dit to sakura "sasuke-...kun??" she a dit "ehhh?" OH NO!! SHE'S HANGING HER HEAD LOW IN SADNESS WHAT DO I DO AND.. wait a minute why am i panicking and i just notice she's following me...not..talking "UGH toi KNOW WHAT YOUR SO ANNOYING WHEN..y-you're not talking t-t-to m-me o-of course /blush\" why am i stuttering !? uchiha's don't stutter and blush! "sasuke-kun??" she a dit "sasuke-kuuuun,!!!!!" great.. she's talking plus but he didn't notice that he was blushing so much that can put a tomate to shame
"Ugh watch where your going"Sasuke and Sakura a dit at the same time."They slowly raised their head and saw karin."Ugh not you"said sakura.""Ahem,in case toi didn't notice,he is my man so get away from him."said karin."Really?Does that explain when me and sasuke kissed?"asked sakura in a sassy way.Karin couldn't talk.Her mouth was wide open.We quickly made a run for it."Great acting".said sasuke blushing."Thanks" I a dit smiling."We quickly made it to class.Actually,we were the first ones there!"Welcome,you may choose your seats!"said Kakashi sensei."you know that we are the only ones here,right?"i...
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