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Okay,,, toi guys... Please tell me toi know a really nice SasuSaku fanfic involving older Sasuke and Sakura... I really those in my life right now..

Because like Wattpad is full of younger SasuSaku AU fanfic.. I don't mind AU but I like older SasuSaku better
Also, I don't mind smut...

I'd be super greatful if toi posté a link... ^///^ (I'll write toi a SasuSaku)
 pokemonfan909 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Neko_Princess said:
Hope toi don't mind lire from Fanfiction.net, but I know a few sasusaku stories that are great.


The stories name is Blind. It's complete and although it's a bit long it is par far the best written sasusaku fic that I have read.

Also there is another incomplete story that is worth a shot, but it's an AU, if toi want something like that.


If these do not interest toi check out fanfiction.net and filter your searches, you'll definitely find a fic that you're looking for.
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
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