My sister Sanja (19) and I (25), we went out of our city another country and another town, because I got the job that I found on the internet. We went to San Diego. Two of us we are left alone, parents died one after the other. From their death was the difference just six months. Difficult we coped with that, Sanja was thirteen years, and I twenty-two when it happened. So I decided to leave our city and to begin our lives in a better place and to pull her sister out of the crisis in which it was. Because it is very difficult to with- stand the fact that we have Lost both parents, and she was very attached to both bodies, particularly for the mother. She Lost her mother when she most needed in life. So I told her I replaced the mother and father. And I'm really proud of yourself, because I was raised in a very nice girl, good, cultural, and what was most important of good students. She was an excellent student in school. Every jour we brought praise from professors that had been written in the notebook. One jour she asked me:
S: Sister, what do toi think toi would Mom and Dad were proud of me, that they are alive?
I have to admit I'm a bit confused with that issue and saddened. With tears in his eyes told her she replied:
S: My dear, they are very proud of toi and if toi are not with us. Our favoris are always with us.
S: How?
S: They are in our hearts, so that they are always with us and with us. And with us are happy,when we are happy,with us are sad,when we are sad, with us laugh when we laugh, cry with us, when we cry. And it all happens in our heart.
She started crying and crying and told me:
S: So we are missing. Why did they have to die?
S: Everyone dies someday. I nom two'll die someday. And do not worry'll meet them all again. When toi go to a better and plus beautiful place.
S: Do toi think that they are now in a better and plus beautiful place?
S: Of course. And many are proud of you.
S: And you, toi know. Not only to me.
I kissed her face and I am very hugged. She was everything to me in life. We had so many loved. I mean, that kind of l’amour between sisters nowhere existed. We both loved the group One Direction, she liked Harry and I Louis. And we hoped that we will one jour meet.
And when they held a concert in one city are ten days, because hold three to four concerts.
    I've had a really nice job and I made good money, and the dream is changed school, so we moved. Frankly, I was afraid that the new environment affect her and the learning. But for nothing I was afraid, she is still my excellent student, is still praised the professor. One jour I decided to go to her school and to meet her class teacher that she liked then. When I arrived, I asked Professor Diana. I did a lot of waiting, quickly came.
S: Good afternoon. I am the sister of Sanja. I just came to see what was in school.
Professor looked at me, smiled and said:
Q: I promise you. There is no need to arrive more. Sanja was my best student. I really would like to rest a little look up to her. She does not have any low rating. It has all the fives.
S: Then I am very proud sister.
Q: I need to be. Excellent me, unlike what happened in your family.
S: Yes. I thought it would affect her and the school, but he did not and I'm glad about that.
Q: Can toi say that toi are very well brought up. She's very smart girl and cultural.
S: I know. And I'm proud of it.
Q: I need toi to be. toi no longer need to come to school, because I have nothing bad to tell toi about Sanja. Just be the best, and toi know all this. And only toi can tell that you're still proud of it, and keep and me. Because she is a very dear girl.
S: Thank toi for the nice words.
Q: You're welcome. See you.
S: I'll see you.
    I got out of school very proud. I think my smile was from ear to ear. While I was going accueil on a plateau, I saw a poster pasted from our favori band One Direction, to come to San Diego to play a concert. I decided to surprise my good students. I took two tickets for One Direction concert. The concert was for two days. I took the card and put it in the bag, I looked suivant to me was himself Louis Tomlinson. I could not believe. After a few steps he turned back to me and smiled winked at me. I'm a little left in wonder, and I have donné him back a smile. I walked toward the house. I could not wait to see his sister to tell her what happened. I entered the apartment Sanja was sitting on the canapé with a smile asked me.
S: And what did she say to homeroom teacher? Am I a good student?
S: Oh, class teacher is great, toi know I told toi I do not need to come to school, because there is no need. She told me that she would like to get even some students look up to you. I'm very proud of you.
S: Thank you, sis. Oh, you're the best sister.
Very hugged me. I looked at her with a smile and told her:
S: toi will not believe who I saw.
S: Who?
S: Louis Tomlinson.
S: What?
S: Yes!
S: toi just saw him. No one else.
S: Yeah, just him.
S: Sis, they must have been here. Is react?
S: He walked past me and after a few steps, turned and winked at me.
S: Against me familiar with the legs.
S: Corrup you.
S: I did not. Just saying. I see that and he sees what it should be.
S: Hahaha. And I have a surprise for you.
S: What?
S: His good and exemplary student, I bought something. What will really please.
S: Speak !! I can not wait for more.
S: Close your eyes and stretched arms.
    So she did, and I told her to put her hand ticket for the concert of One Direction.
S: Open now.
When she saw, first screamed with joy, then it's really cried and hugged me.
S: toi see that I was right when I a dit that here. Oh, you're the best sister in the world.
S: Of course. Thank you. And toi also.
S: Well, I guess I will myself go.
S: So toi would not guess released in this great city to go alone.
S: So you're coming with me?
S: Of course I am.
S: I'll introduce Harry. Yay !! Can I ask toi something?
S: Can. Shoot, doll.
S: Will toi contact Louis?
S: What do toi mean "you want to call him"?
S: So the concert.
S: What do I tell him. "Hey Louis, I'm the one toi some jour winked" every girl he winked. toi think I would remember me?
S: Well, if toi laughed and winked, surely wondering who toi are, where you're from. Plunged him about about, I'm sure one hundred percent.
S: toi think ?!
S: You'll see. Time will tell.
S: Yes, time will tell.
    Finally that jour to go to a concert. So we started to get dressed when I came accueil from work. I am wearing my black tank haut, retour au début (because it was summer, and two of us we lived at sea) tight black and gray jeans, sneakers (that can not jump) and tied her long blond hair in a ponytail. Sanja is put on, a white tank top, blue jeans tight, shoes and committed long brown hair in a ponytail. Makeup we are, take tickets and came out of the apartment. We neared the stadium where they had a concert. Sanja told me:
S: Sis, I'm so excited, I'm going to see them.
S: I believe me. Just do not cry when they get out on stage.
S: Why?
S: Do toi like makeup does not smear.
S: Very funny.
We came in order to montrer tickets . Securitate as he stood at the door and scanned the tickets told me:
Q: Young lady stop!
I turned around and asked:
S: Why ?! Something is wrong with the tickets?
P: No, with tickets is all okay. But vases girls have been getting a reward.
S: Award! What reward?
Q: This award, which will later when guys are finished with the concert, will be in position and learns behind stage to meet them and take a picture with them. And maybe for a drink, go.
S: You're kidding me.
Q: I'm not kidding you. Turn the ticket and you'll see.
    I turned my back on the ticket and the ticket that said, "Congratulations" !!! I could not believe.
S: Okay, thank toi for this.
Q: You're welcome. Good Luck.
Sanja was overjoyed. Hopped around me and said:
S: I'll introduce Harry, I'll introduce Harry !!!
S: Okay, okay, you'll meet him. Let's stop now to stage.
S: Let's go, let's go !!!
I've never seen one, she was overjoyed. Support band was just boring. They sang five songs, is now was the order of the favori band in the world. All were screaming, some of them weeping. To me all this was very sweet. The boys went to the stage, it is not known which of which was nicer. They sang, illusions are just as they know it. The concert lasted plus than three hours. When they first went, we went back to them and then they sang two songs. When they had finished the song, they stood side par side, Louis took the microphone and addressed the fans.
L: Dear fans! toi know that every concert we have competition. We draw two winners, now that the numbers read these two fan will come behind stage to get acquainted with us, take pictures. If we like, who knows where we will be this summer evening drive.
He laughed.
L: The numbers are: 1456786 and the seconde number is: 1456787 These are the two tickets purchased at the same time. fans waiting for toi behind stage.
We of course were we. Both of us were shaking from nervousness, out of luck. As we walked towards stage, one of us is a girl stopped me and said:
D: You're very lucky. I congratulate you!
S: Thank you. Do not give up either. toi and your chosen one.
D: Thank you.
I shook my head, that's fine.
    Securitate stopped us at the door, entry behind stage, they asked me to montrer them the tickets. We have shown and they were released. We heard them talking five, Sanja me at one point, took my hand, looked at her and asked:
S: What is? Are toi all right?
S: Did I just can not believe it. God hear Harry's voice.
S: It's okay. Calm down. It is not easy for me, this is a surprise either.
S: Yes. And I still can not believe it.
S: I can not either. Let slowly. Do not wait for us, will change his mind..
She laughed. Now comes the most beautiful moment in our lives. We went through a door that read, One Direction, there they were. When we saw them, I almost did not collapse. I saw that our Louis approached, my legs were shaking, I do not know how I managed to stand.
L: Hello. toi must be the girl that won the award.
S: Yes, we did. I commented.
L: Great. To begin with I am Louis - gave me a hand
S: I'm glad. I'm Saxony. And this is my sister Sanja.
L: Nice to meet you, meet you. Let the boys to meet them.
S: Let's go.
We met other. All are very sweet and dear. Sanja is the most time spent with Harry, which was to be expected. Liam approached me, asked me were are toi from. When I told him that we are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, could not believe it. He asked me:
Li: What did toi come here for the sake of the montrer or?
I laughed and said:
S: I do not. We live here some fifteen days. I've got a job, I handed over the internet.
Li: Super. Congratulations. I hope toi like it here?
S: Of course, yes. It's very nice here.
Li San Diego is a beautiful city.
S: San Diego is my town, dreams. So many times have I seen here, to live.
Lee: toi know dreams are sometimes achievable.
S: You're right.
Li: And have toi ever dreamed to meet us.
For I laughed.
S: Of course I did. And I'm glad to be here.
I looked to her right, since it is from that side stood Louis, looked at Liam, in his eyes was some anger. As far as I could figure out that he was not all the same as Liam talk to me. He walked toward us put a hand on Liam and said:
L: Is the companion, have toi told !?
Li: What is your problem, Louis?
L: Beginner. I just wondered if toi apologized to the girl.
Liam looked at him dark look, he turned to me:
Li: I'm sorry, but I'm now familiar with your sister. We'll see toi and me still.
L: Dream on buddy!
Just I was uncomfortable because of what Louis did Liam. I asked him:
S: I'm sorry, I do not want to argue. But what was that ?!
L: What?
S: This now what toi did to Liam!
L: I'm not Liamu,nothing made. The boy went to meet with your sister.
S: I do not. Louis, chased him!
L: Okay, I did. So what.
S: Well, that's not nice, toi know! I feel stupid about it.
L: Listen to me. He did not go because of you, but I am chased from you.
S: And why? If I may know.
L: Can I ask toi something?
S: I'm listening.
L: Are toi some jour come here to buy tickets, ou plus precisely three days ago?
S: Yes, but.
L: Well, if you've noticed that I passed toi that I laughed and winked you. I missed toi smile back.
I looked at him sidelong.
S: I do not remember that. I went to meet with Harry, Niall, Zayn, because my sister was with them.
Louis remained behind me, without comment, but commenté to himself:
L: This is my girl, really like what this joker. It turns me on. She will be mine ou God.
Later joined us and he. We stayed with them for an heure ou more, I do not remember the time just flew. Then Harry followed up:
H: Guys, could we go to the plage toi take a bottle of wine, Niall will take and the guitar, and we will be wilder.
I then said:
S: Okay, toi guys have a nice time. And we have toi retained a lot.
H: No, toi go with us.
H: Well, I do not know Harry too.
Sanja looked at me sadly, I saw in her eyes that she wants to go with them, then I said:
S: Okay, if toi want to rejoindre you.
Louis stepped on my left side hugged me around the neck and said:
L: Of course, we want that doll.
I looked at him and took his hand from his neck and blew air out of his mouth as if we had all been all the same as he fights for me and what kind of want to know that I am near him. Him nothing was clear. I wanted it to him up to annoy you, but I wanted so much to himself.
They bought a bottle of wine and a few beers and some snacks, again we sat in the car and drove to the beach. It was really something special. We lit a small decorative fresh and we all lined up in a circle, Niall played guitar, and around us was a rushing sea and the sky stars were one to the other, and the moon shone like the sun, however something absolutely fascinating. It can not be described in words, it has to be experienced. Luck was that the suivant jour was a weekend, so I did not go to work, and even Sanja in school, so that we could stay as long as we wanted. I am so fond of the sea, that at one point she said:
S: I'm sorry guys, but I'm gonna go for a walk on the beach.
H: Are toi okay? We are not boring?
S: No, Harry, you're not boring and everything is great, I do not know if I like this felt good. But just want a little walk along the beach.
H: Do not be long I'll see you.
S: Of course.
Liam stood up for me and asked me:
Li: Would toi have any objection if I rejoindre you.
S: Of course not, we're going.
Li: Let's go.
We did not even notice when Louis got up and headed for us, what about this, they intended to do not know. Liam and I are walking talking, laughing.
Lee: toi know, Saxony, you're very kind, and polite.
I laughed, and he supplements:
Li: toi have beautiful smile, and really liked you.
S: Thank toi for the kind words. And toi are dear to me.
Li: Do toi like me?
S: Of course I like you. All toi sweet in their own way.
Li: I did not think so. But if toi are like me, as a person. Because toi me really likes toi and wants toi to toi something plus that I have.
S: I do not know. Do I like toi as a person, that. And we have something plus I'm not sure.
We sat on the sand, far from all, but we did not know that Louis was there nearby.
Li: Did toi have a link so toi being upset or.
S: I did not have any connection. And believe me really I like toi ..
Li: Now it goes but ..
S: But I want toi to be just good friends.
Li: Just friends.
S: Yes, if that's all right with your hand.
Lee: Well, not exactly.
S: Why?
Lee: Because I like you, really like you. Can I ask toi something?
S: Of course.
Li: Do toi believe in l’amour at first sight?
S: Sweet question. Of course I do.
Lee: Well, I think that this happened to me.
S: Oh, Liam.
I caught him under the arms and put her head on his shoulder and looked at the sea which reflect the month. At that moment we heard Louis's voice:
L: lovebirds, how sweet toi are.
Liam winced.
Li: Louis, what are toi doing here? toi followed us.
L: Of course.
Li: What is your problem, Louis?
L: I just want toi to know that this girl belongs to me, not you.
S: I'm sorry, Louis, but I do not belong to anyone.
L: We'll see.
Liam stood up, brushed the sand from his trousers and said:
Li: I'll go!
S: Liam, stop!
Li: I do not. toi obviously belong to him.
L: Go, toi do not need us !!
He sat down suivant to me.
L: Well finally alone.
S: What are toi doing?
L: What do I do?
S: You've chased him for the seconde time tonight.
L: I drove it, because I want to fight for you. I want to be with you.
S: Well, I do not want to be with you.
I started to get up and get back to the others, but he pulled me par the hand and said:
L: I do not believe you. What toi just said.
S: What did I say?
L: Do not toi wanna be with me.
S: I do not want.
L: I know toi do. When I saw toi three days ago. Why do toi think I turned around and laughed at toi and toi winked.
S: I do not know. Maybe me pour myself some hope that something might be.
L: toi do not have any instil hope. Because we can be together.
S: I do not want to be with you!
L: I know toi do.
He was right, I really wanted to be with him, to hug him and kiss. He tried to Kiss me, I have pushed of yourself.
S: No. Louis, do not.
L: Young lady very wrong.
S: Why am I wrong?
L: I can not believe that toi do not want to be with me.
S: toi know why I do not want.
L: Please tell me!
S: Because I have a girlfriend for a long time. I do not want her to hurt, because I am sure that toi really like.
He smiled at me on it.
L: You're not going to hurt anybody.
S: How could I not?
L: You're not. Because we two of us broke up.
S: I did not know. Sorry honestly.
L: Do not be.
S: What happened?
L: Nothing to book. Before we break off we had a fight. I broke up.
S: I'm sorry, I did not know.
L: I'm sorry I am. But life goes on.
S: Exactly.
L: How old are you?
S: 25th
L: I hope toi do not mind, I'm two years younger.
S: They are not the essential. It is essential if the two honest love, nothing important, ou even years.
L: I think so. But tell me a little about yourself.
S: What do toi specifically want to know?
L: Let's see. Where are toi from? How in San Diego? How long will toi stay here? And if I have a chance with you?
On this last question I smiled.
S: To order. From Bosnia and Herzegovina alone. San Diego I am about my job. I'm staying here forever, because I live here. And as for the third question, it ends alone.
L: You're a really tough nut to crack.
S: toi do not like hard nuts.
L: I love. But they are hard to break and peel off.
S: That toi leave. To try to break and peel the tough nut to crack.
He smiled at me and said:
L: I'll smash him sooner ou later, and will not peel quickly. I want everything to go slowly. Nowhere do not hurry, because toi could steal someone else the nut and end up where I started.
S: I like the way toi think.
L: I like you, too.
I looked at him sidelong. Commented:
L: We could be back at the others, certainly are concerned about where we are so far.
S: I agree.
He got up shook the sand from his trousers, gave me a hand:
L: Let me help toi up!
S: Thank you.
So I was very attracted, that I flew into his embrace. I looked at his chest, he grabbed my head and raised his eyes met mine, our lips were so close that I could feel his breathing and he mine. We watched for a while, he had the beautiful eyes. I bite my lip and he made the same. Only commented:
L: I want to Kiss you.
S: What are toi waiting for.
We kissed. It was the best Kiss ever. I could not believe what had just happened. We did neither were aware of what had just happened.
S: What does this make?
L: Believe me, if I do not know. It happened spontaneously.
S: That should not have happened.
L: Why. I thought toi liked it and that toi enjoy, ou at least I thought so.
S: Everything was great. But I'm not that kind of girl.
L: What type?
S: Yes to the first meeting Kiss a guy.
L: My dear, my. For everything there is a first time.
S: For me not. Sorry.
L: If you're afraid you'll take advantage of the leave. Do not be afraid, because I will not. I like toi and want to be with toi a serious relationship.
S: I do not. Forgive me.
I ran from him, he ran after me, grabbed me par the arm:
L: Wait wait! What's this all about? What to forgive? Have toi had a bad experience. Can toi tell me anything. I may be a bastard and a jerk, but I listen and I give some good advice. Please tell me what's wrong. Something with my hand.
I sat down on the sand and I cried. Louis, nothing was clear what was going on. He sat down suivant to me, my left arm was put around his neck, and my right forefinger raised his head, taking my chin.
L: Please, tell me, what's going on. Why are toi crying.
Through tears I told him.
S: For no one knows, not even my sister, even parents who do not have more.
L: Oh, I did not know that toi have Lost parents. I'm sorry.
S: And how will i know when we first met.
L: Yes. But tell me what just happened. Do not cry about parents, I'm sure.
S: toi know, we will be hard to talk to toi about what I'll say.
L: Do not worry, it will not be difficult to talk about, because toi can tell me everything. Absolutely everything.
S: Thank you. toi know when we lived in our city, I had a great relationship. This guy I really like. We met when I was seventeen years old, and started up. Parents are normally know about it. He came into my flat, my very fond of him, they become expensive. We were going out, hanging out, everything was perfect. But I was not ready to sleep with him, I was a minor, when we first met. We were together for five years, we were just coming out, socialize. We did not sleep these five years can, he understood it. My parents got sick and what happened, happened to them. He was with me. I thought it all makes because he loves me, but I was wrong, very wrong. There fatal evening we went out. We were in a club, we danced it was great. When he was closing time at the club, we sat in the car, I thought it would take me home. But he took me out into a grove of trees, asked him: "What are we doing here?", And he replied that he wanted to sleep with me. I a dit I do not want it for a while yet. He started to Kiss me on the force, I struggled, normally that he was stronger than me, I have him in this fight hit, then he is where I have no idea pulled out a gun and told me: "Or are toi gonna sleep with me ou I'll kill you"! Coercion me to have sex. As he did twitching my gun above his head. The whole time I was crying and I was just waiting for it before this nightmare ends. When it was over he threw me out of the car, as well as garbage and drove away. And since then he disappeared without a trace. I had no idea how I got home. Right away I went into the bath to take off that disgusting smell from his body. No I did as soon as she scrubbed. And since then I do not think any one man. Actually, somehow I'm afraid of them.
L: Why have not toi reported to the police?
S: Four years nobody knew about it. You're the first one I said.
L: Okay, I know. But toi should have to rapporter it.
S: I could not with anyone talk about it. It was hard.
L: I know. Come on.
He embraced me tightly.
L: I'm so sorry that happened to you, but know that he has to pay, what toi did.
S: I can not. I can not tell a soul.
L: Well, toi told me. Now toi can tell the police.
S: I can not go through this again. Through these memories.
L: toi have to put him where he belongs.
S: Louis, I was very afraid of him. Who knows when he's ready.
L: Do not worry I'll be there for you.
S: Oh no. I do not want anything happen to you. I do not want to pull in it.
L: It's over, but I buy into all this situation.
S: I did not want.
L: I know. toi are not to blame. But as toi told me about it. I am ready to do everything for you.
S: So toi like me.
L: Too many. Frankly, I'm glad toi told me.
S: I feel better when I tell you.
L: I'm glad to hear it. I want toi to feel secure with me.
S: I already did. And I know that I'm with toi certain that we are going to be hurt. But I am afraid that would be toi could something happen.
L: Do not be afraid. I am ready for anything.
He kissed me on the cheek.
When we got to where we are gathered, there was no one, they left.
S: Where is everybody?
L: I do not know. It seems to have gone.
S: That is not a concern for us, and left us to look for.
L: I do not know I do not. Liam them safely say that we are together.
S: Nothing I'll call my sister, to see where they are.
L: Call.
I turned my sister's number, rang and rang, did not answer.
S: My God is not reported! To them it is not something happened.
L: I'll call Harry.
S: Please.
Louis, has turned Harry and number for him rang, he did not even answer it.
L: Neither he does not answer.
S: God, where are.
L: Calm down, we'll find them.
Louis was later turned, Liam, Niall, Zayn, but he is not one of them did not answer. Worried we are.
L: I do not know what is going on. This is crazy.
S: I'll try again Sanju.
The cloche, bell rang for a long time, someone answered.
S: Oh, Sanja, thank God toi called.
D: Hello love.
At the moment I pale, Louis looked at me with concern:
L: Are toi ok.
I showed him a hand to hear.
S: Dalibor, it. Where is my sister?
D: Your sister is good and all the others are good, tell her new boyfriend.
S: What are toi doing? How did toi learned I was here?
D: Darling, toi know I know all I want.
S: Sister we do not touch, monkeys, moron !!!!
D: Hello, hello calm down! Do not toi listen to me, which I will tell toi now. And toi can say goodbye to her sister, and her new guy can say that toi can say goodbye to his friends.
S: Say what toi want.
D: I heard that toi make good,you will gather 200.0000 dollars within 72 hours. If toi do not get the money for a certain time, sister went with mommy and daddy.
S: How do toi think I find that kind of money. I do not have that kind of money.
D: Do toi have. Standing suivant to you.
S: Oh no. It will not bring this to you. This is between me and you.
D: I said. Not Blackout toi money for 72 hours, say hello to my sister.
He ended the call. I looked in the phone and said:
S: I can not believe.
L: What happened? Are toi Sanja occurred?
S: Sanja and all others are kidnapped !?
L: What !!!! Who? Who did that?
S: Louis, my ex-boyfriend is here. He did it.
L: How did he know you're here?
S: I do not want to say. But he told me that all he finds out when he wants to!
L: Somebody told him. Think about who it might be?
S: Never mind that, on this we will consider later. But we have a bigger problem.
L: What?
S: Find a ransom for the five of them.
L: How much asking?
S: $ 200.0000.
L: What? Is it normal?
S: toi see it is not. I a dit if we do not bring him money for 72 hours, we can say goodbye to them. I do not want to kill my sister. I can not lose her.
He pulled me par the hand, really hugged me, said:
L: You're not gonna lose. toi will not lose anyone. Nor will I lose my friends.
We're embraced. We cried both. He had me from the embrace, wiped the tears and said:
L: We'll get the money.
S: Where did us so much money?
L: Do not worry, I'll get the money.
Again I drew myself into his arms.
We were worried confused, we did not we know what has befallen us. How is that even possible. I knew that it just exists in the movies, but in real life ..... No commentaires alone.
I looked at Louis and asked him:
S: How do I get the money? Where did us so much money? We do not have to!
L: Do not worry. Are not we now have a concert. Go to the bank tomorrow, and I will pick up your part and cu away him money. So will toi let them.
S: I can not I have that, to give up his part, Lou!
L: I'm not that important. I want to save your sister and your friends.
S: You're really adorable. I want and I give one part.
L: No, that's not an option. toi need one. toi have a sister, on which toi need to worry, love. Because of toi to give up everything.
S: Honey my !!!
L: And you're my.
We went to my apartment. We did not sleep all night. I am constantly thinking of his sister, and Louis was with me, and a lot of his thanks for that. I do not know that we did not care, I do not know what would. Finally the morning light. Two of us,we immediately headed for the bank. I am waiting for him outside the bank. When he came out:
S: Do toi have money?
L: I do not have.
S: What !!!
L: We do not steam plus firmly. He says not for two ou three days. Desio them a failure.
I held her head.
S: Louis God what do we do now. He will kill my sister.
L: It will not. We'll get the money.
S: How? Where? Menu wage only goes to lit for fifteen days. No, no, no, no !!
I started to scream, cry. He kept me calm.
L: Here we go again with you, it may be called.
S: And what I wanted him to know. I have no money. Immediately kill someone.
L: It will not.
S: He wants Louis, I do not know him.
L: Let's go to the police.
S: What police? He a dit that the police do not Interfere in this. Please do not.
L: Okay, okay, calm down. We'll think of something.
S: You're so calm. I do not know how toi stand it. But there comes, my sister's life and your friends.
L: I can not stand it at all. I try to be calm, because of you.
S: Louis, she is only nineteen years. What if toi try it with the same thing is with me.
L: Do not worry, guys are there, will not allow that he comes around.
S: I do not know him.
L: Would toi know where he is?
S: How do I know it. Yes I went to get her alone, would not toi seeping.
L: salut do not say that. I am with toi until the end, okay.
S: Okay.
Rang my phone. I answered:
S: Hello!
D: Do toi have money?
S: Yes, Daniel got the money. As far as I know it has not gone 72 hours.
D: It's not. I changed my mind, that I took earlier.
S: Okay. Let's get it and we're done. Where are we?
D: Come to that stage, where they had a concert yesterday.
S: Okay. When?
D: I'll meet toi at midnight there.
S: Okay.
He hung up. Louis looked at me and commented:
L: Are toi crazy?
S: Yes. Why Do?
L: toi know I do not have the money. Why did toi say toi have?
S: I know toi do not have, just want this to be over.
L: Is completed. How To? With the death of five innocent people.
S: Let them leave, and take me.
L: You're crazy! I will not let that happen. How do toi mean? To take you. toi think I will not let them go?
S: I do not know, Louis. I know nothing. How will end. If toi need some slay me, only my sister alone.
L: Making it worse. When toi see that the bag has no money, he is going crazy. They'll kill us all.
S: I do not know what I did. I do not know any plus what I'm doing? Crazy !!
L: Give me one of your travel bag.
S: What do toi need?
L: Well to put the steam which do not have.
We were packed travel bag, full of paper. Closer to midnight. We got out of the apartment, I was so afraid of how this would end. When we arrived, he had not yet arrived. We were waiting for him. Finally appears the car. From this car out Daniel.
S: Daniel, where my sister and stopping, guys.
D: And hello to you. Nice to see toi again after so many years. , You're beautiful than before.
S: Daniel, stop that. Where are they?
D: They're safe.
S: I want to see them!
D: First steam!
S: First, they and toi will get money !!
D: I a dit the first steam, and toi will see them.
S: I do not !!
D: Who are toi kidding? Give me the bag.
S: I will not give. First they, and you'll get the bag.
He took out a gun pointed it at us.
D: toi do not know who I am !!
S: Well I know who toi are !!
D: I do not know. He has three cold-blooded murder. Killing people in cold blood, so we will not be hard to kill one of the two vases. Vapours !!!!
S: Okay.
I tried to throw the bag, but Louis grabbed me par the arm and said:
L: Stop !!
I turned toward him.
S: What are toi doing?
L: I do not. If toi figure out if there is no money there, it's just paper, they'll kill you. Not to with- stand to lose.
S: Louis, stop !!
Is Daniel heard that the bag has no money.
D: There's no money in the bag.
Loaded a gun and pointed it at me, and for him. Louis ran out in front of me, and the bullet hit him, he fell to the ground. Daniel ran away. I threw myself to the ground.
S: Louiiiiiiiiiiisssss !! Louiiiiiiiiiisssssssss !!!!! Nooooooooooo !!!!!
I picked up his head, he was wounded, a lot of bleeding. I called an ambulance, came quickly. We went into the ambulance, I sat suivant to Louis, I held his hand, he was still conscious.
S: I'm sorry, I do not know what I did. toi did not deserve this, forgive me.
He began to lose consciousness. I yelled,
S: Louis !!!!! No !! Do not, leave me !! Do not leave me !!.
The doctors he immediately joined the oxygen, his pulse was very weak. I sat, motionless, tears were streaming down his face. I was talking to himself,
S: Do not leave me, do not leave me. It's my fault.
We came to the hospital. Doctors are immediately downloaded it.
S: Doctor, wants to be okay?
D: Let's go right par operational room. His life is at stake.
I cried. I sat down on a chair.
S: What was I going to do? I can not lose! God, I l’amour him too. He flew in front of a bullet to save me. What if she dies! I do not want toi to be able to forgive never. Daniel, damn you. God will give that toi burn in hell !!!!
After a few hours the doctor came out. He came to me
S: Doctor, how?
D: He had a serious operation. In a coma. And when will toi wake up, I do not know. And that nobody would ever wake up.
S: Oh, God.
D: I'm sorry !!
S: Can I see it, please.
A: Of course. But only briefly.
S: Okay.
D: My sister, Phoebe, will introduce toi to.
S: Thank you.
I went with my sister who took me to Louis room. When I walked in, he was hooked, in many appliances. My cœur, coeur was pounding. I pulled up a chair suivant to his bed, I sat down, I sort of catch him par the arm.
S: Oh, God. Do not take it. Louis, I know toi can hear me, please, I hope that toi could forgive one. I did not want this. toi should not have to throw in front of the bullet. That bullet was judged me, not you. I'm so sorry. I do not know how I'm gonna make this right. But I know one thing, that I find that bastard, I'll rapporter it to the police, and will return to his sister, and our friend. I promise toi that. She came into the room sister Phoebe, and she told me:
F: I'm sorry, but are we supposed to leave the room.
I got up from his chair, walked over to him, I passed his hand through his hair, leaned over him, kissed him on the cheek and told him:
S: Love, avenge the bastard.
I walked out of the room, I turned to the nurse and she asked:
S: Could toi come back tomorrow. I want to be with this guy, I mean a lot?
F: Of course.
S: Thank you.
F: You're welcome.
I went to my apartment, I lay on the bed, way back like a movie of the event two hours ago. Louis miss so much. Without him I was powerless. She spoke to myself.
S: Do not worry, dear. We'll find him and everything will be as before. And I just hope that we will be able to one jour forgive. Why did toi do, why?
I fell asleep, woke me up the phone.
D: I'll give toi another joke, until the suivant jour to bring me money, if toi do not have, departed friend. Tell that its a fool.
S: Daniel'll be sorry for this. He is in hospital in a coma, and because of you.
D: So when is crazy, he threw in front of the bullet. So to protect his beloved.
S: toi bastard stop !! This is not over. rapporter toi to the police !!
D: Just try it. toi want to immediately say goodbye to my sister !!!
He hung up. I did not know what to do without Louis I was powerless. I thought about what he would do. Surely would have gone to the police. I thought the police, but the five lives were at stake. Really I was not smart what to do. Money what we had. Danijel I called again for two days.
D: Money !!
S: Daniel I have no money. I do not have that kind of money.
D: I do not care, go rob a bank, something works. If toi do not want to lose your sisters and friends
My Louis, was still in a coma. He moved around. I was afraid for him. It's been a month, there is no progress. Every jour I go to the hospital, she told him. One jour I came to the hospital. I was all jour with him. Around the afternoon I left the room, have a coffee, the doctor stopped me in the hallway and told me:
D: We have to say something?
S: I'm listening.
D: It will not be easy, when toi say this. But we decided to Mr. Louis, turn off appliances. In a coma for plus than a month. So toi can see that there is no progress.
S: Wait you. toi want to kill him.
D: I do not want to kill him.
S: It's murder.
I ran into the room, I could not believe what's happening to me. Doctors wanted to kill him. I walked over to his bed, took his hand.
S: Dear, doctors want to turn off appliances, they want to kill you. But them I will not allow it. I can not ours to take away the person toi l’amour so much.
As I talked to him so I cried. I lowered my head on his hand, I suddenly felt his grip.
S: Oh, God, Louis, do toi hear me! Love, can toi hear me.
Again I felt his grip. I called my sister, immediately came.
F: What's going on?
S: He is twice shook hands.
F: What did toi say, what did toi do?
S: I just told him that my love, and I l’amour him.
Again I felt the squeeze. It is seen and sister, now is he called the doctor.
D: What's going on?
F: A guy wakes up.
The doctor told me:
D: Please get a little ahead, I'll call you.
I went out the front door. I was very happy. I decided, immediately go to the police and rapporter Dalibor, the rape of four years ago, and for kidnapping, blackmail, montrer them the calls that sent me, because I have every call, when Louis ended up in a coma, was shot to have evidence for police. After fifteen minutes, the doctor goes out of his bedroom.
D: I'm sorry, what I have a dit it. Do we need appliances, made the big mistake. Forgive me, please.
S: Okay. I forgive you. But how is he now.
D: Slowly comes consciousness. toi can not see it now, come tomorrow. It will be much better. Basically his life is no longer threatened.
S: Okay. Thank you, Doctor lot.
D: You're welcome.
When I left the hospital, I went immediately to police to rapporter Dalibor. When I arrived I asked for the main police officer.
Q: Good afternoon. How can I help you?
S: I would have to rapporter one person, who was raped me holding a gun above his head, and for many things.
Q. Okay all toi hear.
I told the police everything. When I finished the story, the policeman asked me:
Q: Please tell me the name of that guy.
S: Dalibor.
The police stopped me:
Q: Is not a Dalibor Trbic?
S: Yes that's him.
Q: Dalibor was arrested last night. We have a warrant for arrest, because in Los Angeles, killed three policemen, when they attempted to arrest him. And here is the last night arrested, in a small town, where he held five people, which is kidnapping.
S: And where are they now?
Q: Do not worry, toi are safe. Do toi know them?
S: Yes. Four of them are my friends, and the girl she was with them, my sister.
Q: Do not worry, they'll take toi to my colleagues to them.
S: Thank toi very much, thank you.
Q: You're welcome.
I went with a police officer to take me where they are. We parked in front of my house, where we lived.
Q: There has told us little girl, to live with her sister, so we brought them here.
S: Yes I live here. I am her sister. Thank you, once again.
Q: You're welcome.
I got out of the car have the police, I could not wait to see them all. When I entered the house, my Sanja we rushed into his arms, she was crying, she was afraid.
S: Do not worry I'm here now. No one will not take from me.
We went into the living room, where were the others, they all hugged me, they were very happy because they are free again.
Liam asked me:
Li: Where Louis?
S: Louis, is in the hospital.
H: How? Why Do?
S: When we want to save toi from a man who kidnapped you. He asked for money from us to let toi go. He asked for $ 200,000. We are not able to collect the money. We wanted to cheat, the one we bag, insert the paper, that seems to have money in the bag. How did he know, if he heard me and Louis to talk to him, we want to cheat, just to save you. Then he tried to kill me, fired a gun, and Louis threw himself in front of the bullet. He was in critical condition, but is now out of the coma and tomorrow will be much better.
H: Tomorrow we go with him to visit. This is my friend, always be saved someone's life, and his to compromise.
Z: I very much like this, boy.
N: Louis, is the best.
Li: Louis, is a Rebelle person.
Liam approached me and told me:
Li: It did, because he loves you. Deserves and each other.
S: Thank toi Liam. And I would have done the same for him. I l’amour him.
I was overjoyed. I could not wait to go to the hospital tomorrow to surprise him. But I agreed with them, that Louis holding something. Than that in the first room I enter, and when I called out, to enter.
And so it was. In the morning we went to the hospital. They are all waiting outside his room and waited for my signal. I entered the room, and he was already sitting in bed. I approached him, I sat on his bed, because he asked for it.
L: Thank you, you've been par my side, while I was in a coma. It meant a lot.
S: I know.
L: I'm sorry, I have not finished. Both know that's not your fault for what happened to me, yet I escaped with his life. I threw myself in front of a bullet to keep toi safe, toi do not get hurt. I know that I did it because I l’amour you, and I'd do it again.
S: Oh, Louis. l’amour toi to.
We kissed.
L: I know toi told me many times repeated. But tell me, what do we do with that fool.
S: Fool's all settled.
L: How?
S: When I went away from you, when toi woke up, then I decided to go to the police and all of them admit. What I experienced from him, that kidnapping my sister and our friends. I talked for an hour, maybe more. To me poloceman at the end of it all, he a dit that he was arrested. If they get a tip and an arrest warrant, because it is in Los Angeles killed three policemen. They found out where it is found him, and they found my sister and boys.
L: They are free.
S: Yes, they are free. And I have another surprise for you.
L: What?
S: This. Come in.
When they entered the room and saw Louis, ran his all into his arms, all loved him hugged, and he was very happy, because it all ended well. When he approached Liam said:
L: Liam, I'm sorry for the way I treated you. But toi know that I am this person wanted for himself.
Li: I know. And there is no need to apologize. Only toi can say that toi have prepared. It's a gift from heaven.
L: Thank you. And of course I'll keep it, I l’amour it.
All we sat down with him on the bed, each is something talked, and Louis is just listened. I laughed. All of us at the end were happy, because everything ended well. And no one was hurt. What is and could happen. A Dalibor in court received a penalty, death. The bastard got what he deserved.

T H E E N D! ! !