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posted by jefferyw52
ok hiya everyone its me, jefferyw52 so i have a little idea.

I think we should have another party for what happened here link what happened was that cute20k wanted the aléatoire spot icone to be changed so she made a pick asking what new icone we should and someone made an option saying she wants the old icone back link so the majority of the people picked that they wanted the old icone back

so she just chose her personal favori icone that hardly anyone picked (its named: wakawaka random)
so she told the f4 that the creator jonapello23(whom we found as the aléatoire spot creator last year) was inactive...
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posted by AnimeFan66
I know what toi guys are thinking, "Why would toi do that?" Well, I have a reason why I'm doing this....

This is going to sound crazy to toi guys, but for a jour now, jedigal1990 and I have been having fights like it was unknown and I think the reason why I'm suddenly turning againist her is these parties toi guys are planning. Please do not take my word seriously OK? I did l’amour these parties at once, but now these things are like drving myself insane and it's also making me turn down against all of toi guys and I don't want that.

But, it doesn't mean I am not coming to the last half of our halloween...
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salut everyone! Its me. Ok the current party thats going on is the 3rd friendship party and almost no one here is coming there. Isn't this spot about joining parties? What's the point for having parties here if no one here is coming to the parties. Plus, the parties aren't as fun as they used to be. People just think its a chat room and it doesnt even feel like a party to me. Trust me, I go to the 3rd friendship party often. So if people even read this then we should have some kind of party for the summer which begins on monday june 21st. And people here should come to the party and make it a real party not a boring chat room. The 3rd friendship party is so boring because people treat it like a chat room. Lets make this fun. I will make the party either on sunday ou monday.