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le choix des fans: Mizune?!?!??? also my fav
le choix des fans: Moka Akashiya (Inner)
le choix des fans: Shizuka (Cat teacher)
le choix des fans: yes of course!
le choix des fans: Tsukune
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Legend_Jared a dit …
Ahh The good old days me just remembering the good times. I've completed my manga set of the and the Blu-ray set of the animé The manga was way better IMO but I don't know I think the animé still has some charm but clear its a big advertisement for toi to buy the manga to see what actually happens. But anyway I just like to check up on things every an miss toi guys! posté il y a 25 jours
Legend_Jared a dit …
salut Guys small Update there is now a Blu-ray Box set Available for purchase through sentai filmworks go check it out! posté il y a plus d’un an
jiraiyaakashiya a dit …
Seems pretty dead here what a shame. Was looking vers l'avant, vers l’avant to new content. posté il y a plus d’un an
Legend_Jared commenté…
Yes unfortunately the page has been in the decline since the montrer was removed from Netflix. It also doesn't help that it seems fan pop is less active these days as well. il y a plus d’un an