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26: Dark Horse

Jack and Rosalie were sitting outside, away from the cave, away from everything else. The moon was high and bright, full. The forest was silent. “So quiet” Rosalie said.
“Still of the night” Jack answered, leaning her closer on his body. She turned her gaze to the sky. Jack followed it, seeing the sky littered with thousands, millions of stars, and the moon like a giant eye that watched all down on earth.
“What really happened with David and John?” she asked Jack. His reaction was about what she had expected: his body turned stiff, his eyes found something above...
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22: Way of the World

The hours took forever, the seconde longest night Jack had lived through. Well, plus ou less lived through. At long last, the sun started a steady climb in the Ohio sky, soon to be replaced with West Virginia. It didn’t take long for Tristan to wake, he needed less sleep than an average human to get by. Jack and Rosalie were changed from what they had been in before-he in simple black pantalon, pantalons sport and a white shirt, she in light blue jeans and a black tank top. Tristan was back to looking like a Greek god again-his hair golden, his eyes rich blue. “Can toi do that at will?...
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