So I'm one of those people that will sit through a 2 and a half heure movie and come out thinking and talking of just one divisé, split second. It's usually something other's find completely insignificant but I just see the whole movie summed up in that small section, like in Pride and Prejudice when Darcy helps Elizabeth into the carriage, (if toi don't know what i'm talking about I've added a clip: link)It's the most simple flex of the hand but it expresses everything that he and the audience are going through. It's beautiful.

Why? Probably coz I'm a hopeless romantic and I l’amour how they can produce such a great emotion ou feeling in such a small amount of time.

It's that one moment that gives toi the hope and feeling that toi leave the cinema, canapé ou chair with, and carry around all day, and that's why we all have such a passion for the film's we love.

<33 EclecticFan xo
p.s there's a spot devoted to celebrating all those moments that make your cœur, coeur flutter: Romantic Movie Moments