What makes Rob Pattinson so perfect?How much time do toi have?There are lots of things that make him perfect,not just to me but to lots of other girls and women.I know no one is perfect,but to me and I am sure to all of Rob's female fans,he is as close to perfect as toi can get.If toi were to ask any of his female fans why we l’amour him and put him on a pedestal,we could give toi a very long liste of reasons why we l’amour him and what makes him perfect to us.Well here are just SOME of those reasons...

-He is a gentleman,in every sense of the word.He's the kind of guy to open doors for you,pull out your chair,give toi his veste if toi are cold,etc.

-He makes toi feel like toi are the center of his attention.He makes toi feel like what toi say ou feel is important and listens attentively.

-His laugh and his smile are infectious.If toi are having a bad day,just hearing his laugh ou seeing his smile can make your jour so much better.

-He loves kids and is a family man.He would be an excellent dad to any kids he has in the future.

-He has the cœur, coeur and soul of a poet.When he loves,he loves with all of his cœur, coeur and soul.Any woman he loves is the luckiest woman in the world.

-He is talented,not just as an actor,but also as a musician.He can not only sing,but he can play the guitare and piano.He has a very soulful chant voice.

Here are some words that can be used to describe Robert...


There are plus words that can describe him,but these are the ones that come to my mind.I wish I had a guy like Robert in my life,and that he had the same qualities as Robert.I wish to meet and have a guy as wonderful as Robert in my life one day.If I can't have Robert,I wish for someone who has the same loving,gentlemanly qualities Robert has.To me that is the perfect guy.Robert possesses all those qualities and so much more.That is why Robert Pattinson is perfect,and always will be.