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Us Weekly published a nebulous story of how Kristen cheated Rob with the director of SWATH. They even released a photo that was clearly mounted. I am telling toi this because I do not want toi to believe all the nonsense that newspapers are published. Here are the facts that are so obvious:

1) This picture was supposedly taken 17th July. Kristen spent that jour playing golf with her father in another state! And we have 1000 photos as proof!

2) Kristen has black hair in this photo. Kristen has not had black hair since May when she dyed it back to brown for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 reshoots.

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posted by KatiiCullen94
I turned to look at her, fearing for my imagination and humanity that she wasn't the girl that i dream of, the girl i never got to touch. Slowly twisting my neck to her direction , still cautious, would i turn to stone if i looked at her?
Then i saw her. She was young, younger then me, perhaps 17, almost 18. Her hair rested on her shoulders and her eyes were explorers, investigating the landscapes on my figure. i had to admit my eyes judged her body and found no faults. I tried to count all of my limps and see if any weren't numb. As she smiled i felt the blood rush back to my fingers through...
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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart has a lot of first to their names. Well, it is time to add one plus to the liste of firsts when all is a dit and done. According to récent chercher results they are the most searched couple of Hollywood.

According to Google Insights which tracks and compares chercher results, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart tops the liste of most searched celebrity couples. What is astounding is no other couple even comes close to Robert and Kristen. The closest competitor to Rob and Kristen are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, aka Brangelina. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are a distant third.

There is no denying that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have a huge fan following. But now it is confirmed that they are the most searched celebrity couple of Hollywood.
If humanity is divided between the party of “I wish but I can’t” and the party of “I could but I don’t want”, I propose Robert Pattinson as candidate of the seconde faction. 23 years old, vampire in spite of himself, unwillingly sexy icon, the boy with the case ( he has three of them, really, like the years that he spent among hotels ), he looks at the world from a porthole and thinks: “Boh?!”. But then he plays a DO, drinks a beer, crunches a Twix and goes on.

He admits that he never has had the sacred feu of art, but he was a cute guy, and the jouer la comédie school of Barnes Theatre...
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Even though R-Patz’s siblings had a hard time coming to terms with K-Stew’s shocking affair, has all of the EXCLUSIVE details about why they have forgiven her! Robert Pattinson‘s sisters Lizzy and Victoria Pattinson famously turned a cold shoulder to Kristen Stewart after she was caught cheating. But they seem to have had a change of heart! Kristen, 22, has proven to 26-year-old Rob’s family that she can remain faithful to her man. “It was really important for Kristen to win back the l’amour and trust of Rob’s family, and she has done just that,” a friend of Kristen’s...
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posted by ebcullen4ever
Well it is official.Robsten is back together.Do toi wanna know how I feel about them getting back together?Okay this is how I feel

over the moon

There are so many words to describe how I feel about them getting back together.I hoped and prayed it would happen and it did.I l’amour them together.I think they make a very beautiful couple.I can see the l’amour in their eyes every time they look at each other.They make each other laugh.They bring a sense of fulfillment to each other's lives.Their l’amour is strong and it will only get stronger each and every day.The whole cheating...
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I really like this one







Theres thousands of articles :( some that ive read make it sound better and some make it sound worse :(


Read this one...i think its pretty good and all true...
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posted by twilighter4evr
 Robsten on the Red Carpet
Robsten on the Red Carpet
Even though Robsten maybe over, throughout the past 3 years they have brought two of my favori novel characters to life on the big screen in one of the best ways I've ever seen in a film to this day. I noticed the magic between Rob & Kristen from the beginning it was clear to me that they had plus then what normal movie co-stars montrer at public appearances the looks, the gestures were beyond a friendship. It saddens me that this betrayal will/could ruin one of my favori on & off screen couples but it doesn't change the one think I'll always have...Belward, to now know that the relationship was real all this time let's me know everytime I'll watch a Twilight film Robsten was something amazing beyond the screen a closeness that I believe even if they are apart will last forever.
 Robsten at an awards montrer
Robsten at an awards show
 icone made par me of Edward & Bella in BD1
icon made by me of Edward & Bella in BD1
 icone made par me of Bella saving Edward in NM
icon made by me of Bella saving Edward in NM
 one of my favori scenes in Eclipse
one of my favorite scenes in Eclipse
 the last Kiss in Twilight
the last kiss in Twilight
 Robsten Photoshoot
Robsten Photoshoot
Guys, I know ALOT of us want Robsten to stay together no matter what and want to think all this is fake ou whatever...Im one of those people that dont really know what to think and frankly Im trying to stay off the internet because of it. Im trying not to read anymore on it ou anything...the truth will come out in the end and this is just getting to be a big problem to fans and Robsten and Ruperts family. I heard a fan killed themself over this. Now thats obsered. Its really none of our buisness in the first place. We are all jouer la comédie like we know we lived with them ou we worked on...
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posted by ebcullen4ever
As the whole world has learned par now,Rob is going through a really hard time right now,but I will not address that except to say this,I could see the l’amour he has for Kristen in every picture.Yes,I a dit love,not loved.I believe in their l’amour and it will take time but I believe they are meant to be together and will be together again.I believe in the saying,"if toi l’amour someone ou something enough toi have to let it go,if it doesn't come back to you,then it wasn't yours to begin with and if it does come back to toi it will be yours forever.I believe they will find their way together again and their l’amour will be even stronger.I believe in l’amour and a l’amour as strong as Rob and Kristen's doesn't go away.Love is a very powerful thing and they can and will overcome this.Other celebrity couples have survived this similar thing and they are still together.If they can overcome it,so can Robsten.
As the whole world knows par now there has been a story published about Kristen "cheating" on Rob.Some people believe it and some,like myself,don't believe it.Kristen and Rob are not the first couple to deal with this topic,nor will they be the last.It's not just celebrity couples that cheat.I believe in Kristen,despite these pics,which are photo shopped,and the "statements" which are just written and could have come from anyone.Kristen is innocent,I stand par her and believe in her 100%!!! plus importantly I believe in Robsten and their love.Their l’amour is strong and deep and will continue to grow.I know that they can and will overcome this and anything else that comes their way and their l’amour will just get stronger.The only thing this story will succeed in doing is to prove to all Robsten fans that the l’amour they have is stronger than anything the magazines come up with.I BELIEVE IN ROBSTEN AND IN THEIR LOVE,NOW AND FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by kristenfan10109
I sang this song in choir my sophomore an maybe it will help toi keep strong and have faith in Robsten

The Rose,
Some say l’amour it is a river that drowns the tender reed,
Some says l’amour it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed
Some say l’amour it hunger is an endless aching need
It's the one who won't be taken who can not seem to give
And the soul afraid of dying never that learns to live;

When the night has been to lonely and the road seems to long and toi think that is only for the lucky the strong;

Just remember far the winter snow, lies the seed that with the suns l’amour becomes the rose the rose
So this one is smaller and I don't particulary l’amour it but... Anyways there toi go:

I came back accueil that night pretty pissed off. My mind was rambling while I slowly drove my MiniCoop home, through the still crowded streets. I may have irritated some drivers according to the annoying horns I heard behind me. I heard it’s not so properly a dit in fact. Because the only think I could really hear were my thoughts. Finally I arrived accueil and when I was about to get my car into the garage my phone rang. Crap, I almost hit the dumpster. I exhaled and put my head onto the wheel. This was no time...
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posted by doctorwhofan33
Is anyone as exsited as I am about Robert and Kristen getting married? I l’amour them together their my OTP, I really hope that us fans will get to see some photo's. It's their wedding so they won't like papparazzi being their and I hope it's a magical jour but I do really want to see at least a few photo's anyone agree? But it will also be a little wierd calling Kristen- Krsiten Pattison but thier in l’amour *shruggs*. Anyways I wish them a wonderful, happy life and I will keep toi updated if I hear anything about thier wedding. All my Love.
KRISTEN Stewart is worried Robert Pattinson will kick her to the curb when they finish filming the Twilight films — according to a new report.

Kristen, 20, has reportedly told the hunky Brit she fears for the future of their relationship after a series of jealous rows.

“When they were apart this summer, it was extremely hard on them both,” a source told the UK’s Now magazine.

“Rob was in LA working with Reese Witherspoon on Water For Elephants and if he went out for an evening and didn’t answer his phone, Kristen would be in tears, convinced he was with Reese.

“Then she was in Montreal...
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ROBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart aren’t afraid to montrer a little bit of affection!

The Twilight stars — who are widely believed to be dating — were seen getting cozy during a récent dîner rendez-vous amoureux, date at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar. Sources say the pair arrived at the venue hand in hand.

“It was a lot of the cast and crew. They were in the private back room and seemed in great spirits. Everyone had a really great time,” a source said.

“They were sitting down and talking together most of the dinner. Wherever Kristen was, he was, and vice-versa. Rob and Kristen were holding...
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Twilight fans are anxiously anticipating the release of Twilight: Breaking Dawn and how can toi not be excited to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart heat things up on screen once again?

This time around, Rob and Kristen get very “erotic” in their sex scenes and, according to Rob, it’s hard to keep their on-screen chemistry strictly professional.

Rob told Now Magazine “When we start the s’embrasser scenes I forget we’re surrounded par a load of people. I actually end up getting really carried away.

“It’s only when the Kiss is finished that my mind registers there’s actually a set full of people around, and I just walk away embarrassed.”

And his infatuation with his costar doesn’t end when they’re finished filming for the day. Pattinson admitted that he dreamt about Kristen the night before the interview! Looks like things are heating up on AND off-screen.

Do toi think Rob and Kristen make a good couple in real life?
Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart too hot for the teen screen?

A few reports have surfaced about how steamy Robsten's l’amour scenes got down in Brazil, and while we dished to toi a while il y a the script does call for a bit plus nudity than the précédant flicks...

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Sources at the studio tell us B.D. ain't gonna get an R rating.

"We will be aiming for a PG-13 rating," our source says, who has always emphasized this will be "key."

The way Bill Condon works is that he'd rather have plus material than less—as we have stated before.

Bring on the sex! Bring on the nudity!...
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Twilight actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are supposed l’amour birds both on and off screen. While there’s no denying their on-screen l’amour in the form of the passionate romance between vampire Edward Cullen and demure gal Bella Swan, their real life relationship has never been publicly admitted.

But there are some laws to their relationship typically framed par Queen KStew. Kristen doesn’t desire any pressures on their relationship and has, therefore, asked Rob not to discuss anything intimate about them. Rob has also been commanded to keep his lips zipped about her quirky habits....
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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be surrounded par tighter security while filming the remaining scenes from Breaking Dawn in Baton Rouge, LA. After a fan was able to break into the Brazilian estate where filming was taking place on the honeymoon scenes, security for Breaking Dawn stateside has increased par 600 percent.

"We'll have on property at all times a forty-eight man force," Winston Achee, who is the chief of security for the Celtic Corporation, commented. "We are not taking security on this property lightly."

If you're a fan hoping to be able to catch a glimpse at filming, think...
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