Favourite song
This version is on Il était une fois so enjoy. réponses are down below the article and the questions are up on top.

Q1 Favourite male character in Enchanted?

Q2 Favourite haut, retour au début 3 characters in Il était une fois and why?

Q3 Favourite song in the movie and why?

Q4 Favourite couple in this movie and why?

Q5 What scene from Il était une fois Ma Sorcière Bien Aimée me and why do I l’amour that scene?

Q6 Favourite sidekick in Enchanted?

Q7 What do I think will happen in the sequel?

Q8 Favourite Villain?

Q9 Favourite ending?

Q10 Favourite funny moment in Enchanted?

Q11 Favourite romantic moment in Enchanted?

Q12 Favourite entrance from Enchanted

Q13 Favourite part with Giselle and Robert(any 3)

Q14 Favourite Giselle dress

Q15Favourite Robert & Giselle kiss


Q1 I have to say Edward as he was so hilarious and witty. James Marsden was very good pulling off that Jim Carrey stunt (with the facial expressions).

Q2 Giselle because she is so innocent and sweet
    Robert because he is so cynical yet he has a romantic side to him.
Edward(again)because he is funny.

Q3 Oh this is a tie breaker im afraid either Ever Ever After(which is used in the end) ou the That’s how toi know song(I l’amour this song as I always sing along to Amy Adams).

Q4 Giselle & Robert because they remind me so much of Ariel & Eric except Robert is cynical and boring(yet he has another side to his personality) and Giselle is like Ariel(there both optimistic and lovestruck). I l’amour how the two of them are so different and they are perfect for one another.

Q5 The ballroom scene I l’amour how Robert(aka Patrick Dempsey) pours his cœur, coeur out to Giselle and the dancing choreography is so magical my eyes are glued to the TV set every time I watch that scene.

Q6 Im going for Pip cause he is so cute and cuddly I wanna hug that little fourrure ball.

Q7 I think Giselle will marry Robert and meet his parents and I suppose someone gets kidnapped and Giselle has to go back to Andalasia along with someone else to rescue that person(only time will tell suivant year).

Q8 Narissa was so evil. Susan Sarandon reminded me of Lady GaGa in a way(hmm maybe she wanted to be like her for this film LOL).

Q9 I l’amour the one with Giselle & Robert living in the apartment and having fun. Man if only real life was like that.

Q10 I laughed at the part where Edward knocks on every door and the part where it showed the gay biker and his smiling at Edward MDR that was such a hilarious scene.

Q11 Again the ballroom scene because I have seen that scene so many times I have Lost track on how many times I have watched that scene on YouTube. ou the part where Robert & Giselle share true love’s Kiss on the roof of the Woolworth Building.

Q12 I l’amour the part where Giselle is montrer off her new look to Robert and his all shocked about it and she’s all flirty par turning her head to the left and then giving a smile after that.

Q13 * The part where she gets angry at him
    * The ball(again)
    * Their first meeting(ROFL)

Q14 I l’amour the curtain dress because I l’amour the colour and the design of the dress.

Q15 The one where they Kiss on the roof I could cry my eyes out.
Favourite romantic moment
Fav entrance
Fav dress
Fav Kiss
Fav ending