Robert Philip aka Patrick Mcdreamy Dempsey who in my opinion is hot.
On Robert

Robert Philip is played par Grey’s Anatomy étoile, star Patrick Dempsey who got the role in 2006. Kevin Lima described him as the perfect prince charming for the audiences. He hails from NYC and is a divorced father of one to a little girl named morgan Philip. He is a pessimistic as he doesn’t believe in romance at all but eventually we see a new side to him as he spends some quality time with the wide eyed princess Giselle.

Actors that were considered the part before Dempsey got it

We all know that Patrick got the part but here are a few actors that were considered the part but turned it down due to other film projects

Sean Penn
Tom Hanks
Tom Cruise
Val Kilmer
James Marsden(but he wanted to play Edward instead)
Keanu Reeves

Patrick on his charcther

‘His a straight guy who doesn’t believe in romance ou fairytales’.

Interesting fact

According to Dempsey the boots that he wears at the ball were made for him because his foot size is big.(8 ½ )

Favourite Robert moments

The chant in the park

‘I don’t dance,and I really don’t sing’ are toi sure about that now LOL. I like how he shakes his head when Giselle sings the song and he is so embarrassed he looks around as if to say oh man I wanna get out of Central Park.

The ballroom scene

Who knew that he could sing and dance with Giselle I knew there was a romantic side to this boring attorney.

The please don’t leave me line

This was taken off of Beauty & the Beast LOL. I like how his eyes are filling with tears even though he doesn’t cry but I like how he gets Giselle’s neck and kisses her as the clock strikes twelve.

The only when your around to catch me part

I loved how he shows off his million dollar smile and looks at Giselle as if he was going to say ‘Oh god I wanna Kiss toi know LOL.

My thoughts on Dempsey.

Sure his an overrated actor but I got the greatest shock of my life when I saw how good he was in this film. Ahw Patrick Dempsey is a charmer.
Ahw poor Robert MDR I loved this scene because he doesn’t know what to expect from Giselle’s chant in the park.
WOW look at that Kiss
Ahw Dempsey dancing with Adams I am jealous of her.
Look at that grin on his face man if I was her I’d Kiss him for hours LOL. salut I thought at one turn he was Sean Penn dunno why but they have the same features (long nose, dark hair, blue eyes)only Dempsey’s voice is like Woody Allen as its half girly