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So salut guys~ This is that 100th article that Ive been talking about for a while now and after discussing it out with Wanta and all, I think I finally got my thumb on what this will be about. The change and timeline of me through the near four years Ive been on Fanpop.

Naturally as some of toi may know, I like to self reflect a lot and I like to keep tabs on the key events in my life, but before I go on rambling lets ask some other people for their input on the change of Riku over time.

(Ps. Yes the images are aléatoire but I had them each select something of their choice so its their aléatoire choice.)


Outsider View:

(Note: This was sent out to the people I figured would be interested in écriture for this AND knew enough to write to the topic.)

Blackpanther666 - Kuro_Hyou666
What do toi have to say about the change Riku had from when toi first met her to present? What has changed through that time? Some bad things? Some good things? Were there any larger / dramatic changes? Any time periods toi could point out? Anything in particular about change?

So, the larger, dramatic change is something personal for me, perhaps. What has changed is that I know Riku a heck of a lot better now, than what I did then. When I first met her, I was plus of a RPer and I spent plus time doing that than contributing to clubs, ou talking to others much, so we never got much of a chance to talk, bar communicating on a RP (we both know which one, so I won't say anything plus than this XD). Riku didn't understand me and Wantadog at first, since we both had a strange way of communicating with each other and would often write little skits to get our points across in an amusing way. One thing that Riku does now, which she never used to do, is use the 'XD' a heck of a lot (like in basically every sentence XD), compared to when I first met her on Bleach: Generations (I don't even remember her using 'XD' a lot, whereas I used to use it a bit plus back then lol).

So, yeah, I met Riku on a aléatoire RP that I left and then her and Wantadog disappeared for over a an to go off onto the aléatoire RPing club and other places for RPing. She a volé, étole Wanta from us -_- MDR

Quite some time later, she began to appear plus and plus frequently on the aléatoire club, where I had always taken up residence and was beginning to lose interest a bit. But, I noticed that Wanta and Riku had changed a bit, not to mention they had literally become the best of friends, when précédant to this, neither of them really knew each other at all, especially when both of us went back to the Clan War after the unsuccessful attempt at joining another RP.

So, Riku had become a lot plus aléatoire than I had ever remembered her being on that RP... it was surprising, even, since I remembered her being plus like 'fodder' on that RP (though, I'm not really sure why 'fodder' suited, it just seemed like the right word lol). And, she used the 'XD' a heck of a lot.

Yeah, I would say that all of her changes have been good ones, as far as I'm aware. Especially the whole Bangtan Boys thing, which has been an amazingly fun time on Fanpop, having fun with the Bangtan Boys Fam.

There was also the acknowledgement article she wrote, that acknowledged certain people for certain things. So, I apparently helped Riku develop her writing. All I did was say that écriture short posts made RPing harder, IMO. But, yeah, I appreciated the sentiment, anyway, because I hadn't really heard from her in well over a an at that point and that article was written over a an ago, too. It actually came at a nice time, too, since I'd had something bad happen around that time and this kind of cheered me up.

What's changed is that I understand Riku. I came to realise that she was good at cheering people up, with that infectious hyperactivity and aléatoire posts on her mur and just generally being Riku. We weren't really Friends until like less than a an ago, but I'm glad we finally became 'friends' eventually. XD


This is going to be a long reply, so prepare xD And KookieMonster content because reasons. I first met Riku about 10 months il y a and boi. BOI. She is different now xD Nothing too crazy but it was a gradual, positive change. I mean in the grand scheme of things, I haven't even known Riku that long, but honestly, the amount of chatting we have done I feel like I've known her for a long time. The change I've seen in Riku since I met her has definitely strengthened our friendship because I feel like we were there for each other through the process as we were both going through some things. And I knew Riku had some close mates already and that I was new on the scene so it was a lil awkward, but eh, we clicked, I mean something happened and our friendship just kinda took off so quickly which is weird because socially awkward Zeppie doesn't make Friends easily xD aléatoire gif because reasons: link

When I first met Riku (or should I say when Riku stalked me on Youtube then hunted me down on fanpop :v) We just talked about KH. But then we talked about family, friends, identity, our vues on just anything really... and I slowly just got to see plus about Riku and that she was hiding some troubles. There was a lot of inner turmoil going on with this girl and I wanted to guide her since there were too many thoughts racing around that one person alone couldn't cope with. I wouldn't let her slip back into a state that people told her was ok to be in, because it wasn't ok. I ain't enabling that ish :v I saw traces of fluff so I was determined to unleash her fluffiness xD And so we just talked things out, so many things that it's hard to pinpoint specific conversations xD I could see that Riku was weighed down par a lot of negativity so I wanted to make her happy and to try make her see things in a different perspective. Cos the girl already knows how to analyse things..... to an incredible detail.. xD But I wanted to try and just let her know that she wasn't alone and that she has support that will not expect anything from her and wont be a toxic influence. KookieMonster cos reasons: link

Angst aside! After a while I started to see Riku develop into a far plus bubbly person that gives off good vibes, is kind and still has her sass xD She was suddenly in control and stable with her identity. I think she acknowledged the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships over time and it made her grow and learn to not feel guilty... and just not be afraid to be a fluffball instead of trying to cover it up xD Riku changed and started to montrer her weird side, her funny side, her obsessive tendencies (lel they were always there tho)... and even her Tired-Riku side (oh lordy xD). aléatoire inappropriate gif is inappropriate: link

Any bad changes? WELP she swears like a trooper now lmao it gradually became common place xD plus bad things? She got way plus perverted than me and she's too young!!! PROTECT THE INNOCENCE :v MDR but it's amusing xD But in all seriousness, I haven't noticed any bad changes in Riku since I met her. Hopefully I am a good influence :v Do your homework and stuff :v (do homework 5 mins before class) Get enough sleep and stuff :v (fuck sleep, I want Tired-Riku, I'm planning our all-nighter) Focus on the important issues in life and stuff :v (I WILL MAKE toi Bangtan Boys TRASH INSTEAD, TAKE A KOOKIE).... good influence :D link

The BIGGEST change....is that she's Bangtan Boys trash now xD

Hmmmm..... I think I'm done here xD LONG STORY SHORT, toi have changed for the better and it is heart-warming to see x3 Cos u r the oppa to my seagull :v
Cheesy-Zeppie out.


Well when I first MET Riku, I didn't pay her much attention cuz of how shy I was. It wasn't until quite a bit later, when we both joined the Pokemon Trainer Academy RP that I actually took notice.

Just like Riku now, she was alot plus mature than others in her age group.(Way plus mature than I was) Looking back on it, it feels a bit plus like she was TRYING to look that way. She was alot plus reserved and got shy when people pointed out the wacky side of her personality. (EG: Ball of fluff)

It wasn't really a bad thing, but she's definitely alot plus comfortable and WAY plus in touch with her aléatoire side. It also showed in her writing. It felt plus technical back then, with the emotional bits not coming through as clearly, which was identical to mine, I might add. Yet now, she can do things like Page 189 which physically hurts me to read due to how invested I can get into the characters. Regardless to how much I loved PTA, I never once felt truly sad when something happened to the characters.

This could lead to some bad things as Riku would sometimes overreach ou try too hard to help someone who clearly was not a good influence. I think everyone lire this can guess who I'm referring to. Even now it sometimes kicks back up.

Another big change in Riku is how much plus comfortable she is with things like voice ou video chat. That's not to say she's totally fine with it, but definitely a big improvement from the Riku of 3 years ago.

So ya...that's some good things, some bad things, large dramatic changes, and a couple time periods. All that is left is to discuss change in general.

Riku's definitely grown up since I met her...but has also not matured in the slightest. Sounds cliche but some things are never gonna change. She'll still manage to fall to her death in any video game she plays, she'll still go on wild bursts of fangirlism over the most aléatoire things, and she'll always have me following behind her with big ol bucket of sweat. Feel free to exclude that last mushy bit if toi want. #ShyWantadog


Personal View:

Okay so now it’s my turn to explain how I saw my changes… Damn there is a lot to cover here. All toi TLDR people will be suffering scrolling through this all XD But okay so lets see. Ill probably write this somewhat informally like a ‘Just Me’ cause essentially that’s what this is XD Uh… so Im probably gonna alternate paragraphs of like “My fanpop Lyfe” story parts, and then explanations on how I was like there. So those not interested in the story and plus in the actual personality changes (or vice versa) read almost every other paragraph.

So generally, I can definitely say there has been quite the change from way back then in 2012 and today in 2016, even if the changes were slow like most changes. So to begin, lets start with when I first came on Fanpop.

When I first came on Fanpop, I had joined the Bleach animé club as, at the time, I thought it was the only good animé in existence with the exception of Naruto that I think I might have thought was a really good cartoon. So upon first joining, I quickly found myself in the Bleach RPs, starting with just a aléatoire one with Unohana, and later, to the plus important and relevant one here, Bleach New Generations RP. *shivers* Man I don’t want to talk about this cringe worthy time, but it serves as the entrance to fanpop and the beginning of the RP era so I have to. It was in this RP that I actually grew an interest in RPing itself to the level of making new characters and playing through a unique story. This set the foundation for the RPs that would later keep me in fanpop for a couple years and was also the original meeting place for two of the three people participating in this article, BlackPather666 (Now Kuro_Hyou666) and Wantadog.

So during this time… How do I say this nicely… I was a… brat..? Honestly that’s the nicest way I could put it in my eyes. Like I don’t know how BP and Wanta didn’t strangle me at this point of time and never look at me again, cause like… that’s how bad I was. Maybe its me being way too self critical ou something, but take immaturity, add it to know it all, add it to general brattiness and keep my current cockiness and put it in one big soupe of shit. That’s how I was like then. I actually got along so poorly with BP there but that patched up eventually as toi may have noticed. Wanta really didn’t set a bad ou good impression at that time as he was clearly too shy to actually take a side ou state his opinion with definite words. (ie. Without words like “I think” and “Maybe”)

Either way, that RP died and all after BP left and CaptainBen randomly disappeared into thin air without telling me. (Like dude. toi were like my best pal. Wae dude. Wae.) … Also before I continue, this won’t be “Riku’s RP Life”… I swear… Its just how my first two years on fanpop went. Back to the story. After that RP died, I went bouncing from RP to RP trying to find something to do and I was honestly half considering getting leaving fanpop due to the lack of things to do and the lack of people I could interact with cause Wanta was actually a bit right in his. I wasn’t the most open to people and wasn’t really interested in being so up front like I am now, so it was hard to find people to get along with. But then Pokemon Trainer Academy came along and I was like “HOLY SHIT. A POKEMON RP. BUT THAT’S NOT IT. I RECOGNIZE A PERSON” (Wanta) which was actually a really huge plus since I really didn’t want to have to settle into somewhere new without knowing anyone. I mean, I was a bit hesitant cause I wasn’t sure if Wanta disliked me from that Bleach RP issue with BP but I figured itd be a fair last try in Fanpop. And hey. It worked, Pokemon Trainer Academy (PTA) kicked off like a charm and if it didn’t, I probably wouldn’t be on fanpop at the current moment.

This period of time pretty much cemented be staying in fanpop for as long as I did as its what kept me in. As toi may have guessed PTA was where the wonderful ambidextrous duo of me and Wanta that toi guys are all familiar with had begun to flourish which, as toi may have guessed, is one of the largest reasons I put up with a lot of the BS that goes on fanpop occasionally. Its also through PTA that my original ‘friend group’ (I say lightly as it was plus of “We don’t like eachother but since toi are Riku’s Friend and we are in an RP together, Ill put up with you”) which centered me around other RPs in the future and permitted me to actually get plus comfortable with the online world of communications. Thanks to some of the good friendships that formed here, it was easier to get a bit plus comfortable and warm around people on fanpop and communicating with them and all.

So the experience in PTA kept me around long enough for me to gain an interest in other RPs which led me to aléatoire Role Playing club, the club where Id spend the suivant an ou two in. Besides my precious baby of an RP being formed (called Banished), I met a fair amount of cool people and it got me used to talking to other people (not necessarily open with them, but I could handle going places alone and being fine with that). Nothing too big happened from PTA to this time with the exception of my écriture style getting much better, an improving relationship with a few of my friends, and slowly getting plus mature (and opening up to animé besides Bleach majorly thanks to Wanta), but there is one HUGE era that I have to mention but probably wont go too in depth as its fairly personal and I promised to drop the situation. (I was conflicted about mentioning it at all in this article because I a dit for mutual benefit we wouldn’t talk about it publically, so I cant give any details on any of the scenario, though there is still a good bit I can explain)

So during this era it was like… a really bad time for a lot of people in the friend group. Personally, it was highlighted par a long chain of psychological, mental, emotional, and reality crisises lined up in a huge boiling pot of hell and is notable par a lot of strange delusions I picked up from places, notably Tumblr. (Incase any of toi were wondering where my huge distaste for Tumblr came from) This time actually lasted like… 9 months? About that. Give ou take a few months, but about that. Really during this time everything was really bad and I practically avoided talking to people that weren’t already in my friend group because I was busy enough with other things.

Although in the last few months of that era, I had come to rejoindre aléatoire Club. (:D Yay~ This is where most of toi found out about my existence!) So Im pretty sure that when I joined this club I was greeted par Tamore, Zanhar(?), and Blind arguing and discussing gender in a chain of articles which was a pretty interesting first impression as I like arguing and at the time I was really interested in the concept of gender rather than having such a distaste for it like now. And upon first look, the people in the club seemed interesting and I was looking for plus people to add to my friend group less for the “I had no reason” but plus of the reason that I figured a larger friend group meant a larger web of support and care that I would be able to both receive and give out. So I quickly took to getting into the aléatoire Club where I put some effort into communicating with other people. Still I was a bit hesitant and closed off at first as the bad era was still going on for a while.

Marking around the tail end of the bad era, was me stumbling upon Zeppie around the same time I was gaining distance from a toxic friend of mine. And as much as I would like to not pick on the fine details, me finding Zeppie on Youtube and later befriending her was a key point in this story as she ended up becoming the final push that changed “I really need to fix the issues but I cant” during the bad era to “I really need to fix the issues and I can, but I don’t want to, but I have to.” And that change permitted Wanta, who had been poking me with the opportunity to fix it (but got a lot of rejections lmao), to enable me and give me the opportunity to actually escape it all.

I honestly cant say it was as clean cut as that, but generally I mark that as the end of the bad era and it began the era of my fanpop life that is plus towards the present. It was at that point that I started making reformations and started to work on just having fun and enjoying aléatoire once again. And that meant talking and getting along with new people (which was very easy thanks to the whole Uaan incident and everyone talking about it). And naturally everything was going really well at that point on so with constantly improving relationships, constantly growing friend circles, a better irl life, and a whole bunch of other things that mixed into it, I was capable of becoming as open as I am now.

At some point in the time, I figured that aléatoire was getting annoying so I moved to my personal club so that me and Wanta could just like chill in a place where no one was annoying us and eventually people started to flock around there and it became like a mutual accueil rather than just my hide out. And just from there everything went up hill. With a happier Riku came plus socialization and plus socialization came plus comfortability plus comfortability lead to a happier Riku which led back into the constant cercle of good.

Oh and I suppose Zeppie demands I mention this. She dragged me into Bangtan Boys like… 4 months il y a and Ive been Trash since.

But I think that sums a lot of things up a lot of things and describes my Life on fanpop pretty darn well. XD

Oh and since we are aléatoire imaging here. Heres a aléatoire image
 Sleep well I guess?
Sleep well I guess?
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