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le choix des fans: New things.
le choix des fans: A little bit busy.
le choix des fans: All of the above.
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Riku114 mur

Riku114 a dit …
Tomorrow I graduate for real. Wooooo.

Finally done with high school XD posté il y a 6 heures
Riku114 commenté…
Honestly tho kinda feels weird to be joining the fanpop College Kids Club cos Ive always been the like... little maknae of the people XD il y a 6 heures
JetBlack_ commenté…
link il y a 4 heures
TheLefteris24 commenté…
Also, I welcome toi to the Club XD !!!! il y a 4 heures
Riku114 a dit …
So i have my sims on Free Will and try not to intervene much out of guiding them to fufill wishes and I ended up on a rendez-vous amoureux, date with one of my RP characters since he asked me out

>character is known for being mentally unstable and psychotic / psychopathic
>arrives to a completely empty lot
>empty lot is par traverser, croix roads
>tries to watch a movie but instead goes to tour the theatre
>dumpster dives with date
>gets nauseous and vomits
>chases deer
>apparently the rendez-vous amoureux, date ended at some point posté il y a 6 heures
Riku114 commenté…
Meanwhile Wanta's rendez-vous amoureux, date with an RP character consisted of her complaining, them lookign at a painting, then splitting up il y a 6 heures
wantadog commenté…
XD il y a 6 heures
wantadog a dit …
Riku: "Dammit Wanta! I was expecting toi to say something serious!"

Wanta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WCFbdOOmOY posté il y a 13 heures
Riku114 commenté…
XD il y a 7 heures