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le choix des fans: Nah I've been seeing toi around plenty despite it
le choix des fans: I suppose, could be taking care of myself better though.
le choix des fans: Scizor
le choix des fans: Somebody to Die For - Hurts
le choix des fans: Intro to Animal Science 2
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Riku114 a dit …
Imma ramble about some just aléatoire DID stuff I've been thinking about lately and its nothing important so dont bother too much with this unless toi are reaaaaallly bored but anyways here I go posté il y a 21 heures
Riku114 commenté…
So like, there is this thing that apparently a lot of people with DID have that I know I KINDA have and that I USED To have back when I thought I just had an overactive imagination and what not called "inner worlds" where the alters can manifest and occasionally interact and what not and sometimes they are actually kinda like big environments and what not il y a 21 heures
Riku114 commenté…
Also since I KNOW at least one of them checks my fanpop when he is out sometimes, yes this is at toi :v :v :v Fight me and don't use my account to redact ou revise what I am saying here :v this is completely valid for me to post on here :v il y a 21 heures
Riku114 commenté…
inb4 he doesnt front anytime soon and this post just gets Lost in time il y a 21 heures
Riku114 a dit …
Oh salut dude! I have a haut, retour au début Contributor thing now on my club's accueil page! Thats actually pretty cool XD posté il y a 9 jours
Riku114 a dit …
Its kind of nice being accueil and what not. I get some good time with my fiance and I can kind of relax and pull the breaks a bit. Its pretty good - donné my middle sister isnt also accueil posté il y a 25 jours