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A small patch of sun coming through the gloom outside woke me from my sleep. I had about an heure until we all had to leave, so I decided to straighten my hair. I rarely did because I always woke up so late, but I go to sleep early last night. Just as I picked up the iron to do the first piece of my hair, Alice burst through the door.
"DON'T toi DARE STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR!!!!! RENESMEE CULLEN!!!" she screamed, which made me jump.
"Uhhhh...why?" I asked.
"Because toi have the best curly hair in the world and toi want to STRAIGHTEN IT?!?!" she yelled again.
"Alice, I barely ever to this, its like a...
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posted by NessieCrAzY
"WHY does the first game have to be against La Push High School?" I whined to Maddy as we were going to her house before the football game.
As I a dit earlier, I was trying out for the cheerleading squad at school, and I made it! But since it was most of us girls from FDA, they changed it to a dance/cheerleading squad!
Maddy got on the squad as well, while Olivia didn't make it. Shes still really mad and hasn't talked to either of us in two weeks...scary.
Anyways, I was going over to Maddy's house to get ready for the game together. And of course, the first game just HAD to be against La Push...
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posted by NessieCrAzY
"Mom. Mom seriously STOP IT!" I a dit as my mom was trying to get something off of my face.
"Okay, okay sorry." she took her hands off of my face and backed away.
I took a deep breath and shook my head.
"Looks like someone's teenage years are starting." she joked.
"No Mom, I went through my teen stage when I was five years old, I'm definetly past that par now. I'm just so over being treated like a baby." I tucked my hair behind my ear and walked upstairs.
"You'll always be my baby." my Mom called after me.
"Yeah, thats the problem." I mumbled under my breath, then continued up the stairs to my roomk...
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posted by NessieCrAzY
Waking UpApparently, I had been out cold for 12 hours until I started hearing things again. At first everything only sounded like beeping noises and light whispers, the sounds scared me until I could hear everything completely again.
'Daddy?' I thought.
"Bella, Bella! I hear her, she is waking up." he said.
"Edward what is she thinking?" it was Grandpa who asked.
"She just asked for me, thats all."
"Renesmee, honey? If toi can hear me, tell Daddy." a dit Momma.
'I can hear her, I can hear all of you.' I thought.
''She a dit that she can hear all of us." a dit Daddy.
"Renesmee is awake?" The voice I had...
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"Renesmee honey? Are toi alright?" It was Momma, I recognized her voice.
"Momma, how come there are two of you?" I asked.
"Carlisle! She's seeing double!" She shouted. Grandpa was coming to help me...good. I thought.
My head felt heavy, like it was 200 pounds, and my neck couldn't withstand it anymore. I fell to one side and everything went black.
All I could hear was the soft murmuring of voices and a few beeping sounds. Then after a while, nothing.
I kept thinking thoughts so that Daddy could tell I was still alive. It felt like years until I could hear things again, my hearing ability came back...
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"Hey Jakey? Why do I recognize that head of reddish-brown hair? Do we know her?" My head shot up just as Taylor the sl^t who thought we was my new girlfriend because the attacked me a dit that.
"Reddish-brown hair? Where? Is it curly?" I asked, craning my head over my classmates.
"Right there, in the middle. Shes really pale and is a cheerleader."
"A CHEERLEADER?! Which one again?" I asked.
"The one in the middle. Pale, with curly reddish-brown hair. Geeze Jakey, how many times do I have to tell you?" Taylot put her arm through mine and put her head on my shoulder.
'Gross..' I thought, then ripped...
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