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The first time that I met Sebastian I was four. He was six years old. I thought that he was the most fascinating person, someone, a child merely two years older than me and was able to do whatever he pleased without anyone telling him what to do. Francis kept me away from Sebastian, telling me that I was to be wed him someday and that I shouldn’t keep my thoughts so focused on his older brother.

So when I saw him again, after all these years he had grown into a very handsome man and my cœur, coeur sped up when I saw him.

“Is that Francis?” Kenna asked me. I shook my head.

“No, that isn’t Francis, that’s his older brother. Sebastian.” I responded not taking my eyes off of him. My eyes moved behind Sebastian. Making his way towards us was Francis. “That’s Francis.”

He stood par his brother. I had managed to look at them now, all grown up. Sebastian still looked plus handsome than his brother. And I still held feelings for him.
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